• Published 19th Jul 2020
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Sunset's Trial - Zerocool7785

It's just after the Fall Formal and Sunset Shimmer must come to terms with everything she has done.

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The Aftermath

Author's Note:

First off the Super Genintari is an actual video game console, that someone did actually invent. Other than that I hope you like this. Also I don't condone what Luna intended to do, but I will expand on her decision more next chapter.

Sunset’s head pounded like a freight train; she hadn’t felt this bed since the night of the Fall Formal about two weeks ago. She was sloppily washing Chrysalis’s Kawaski Ninja, when she saw Chrys walking out to her on the driveway. She already gave her the bucket with soapy water now what did she want?

"Probably want me to wax the bike when I'm done." Sunset thought, still feeling terrible, though her hangover had let up just a little bit.

“Sunset honey there is a robe in the bathroom, go take a shower and put the robe on, I’ll put the clothes in the wash when I’m done washing the bike.” Chrys said gently.

“But I thought you wanted me to wash your bike?” Sunset asked.

“I was wrong to yell at you like that. I was mad and I calmed down and see you're having trouble with this. I’ll finish, you go shower put the robe on and lay on my couch, or my bed and sleep ok? Here I’ll walk you to the door c’mon hun.” Chrys said putting her arm around Sunset and walking her to the door and into the house.

Sunset walked over to the bathroom, and then turned and looked at Chrys.

“I’m a little dizzy. I just want to lay down.” Sunset said.

“One second hun.” Chrys said disappearing down the hall. She came back a minute later with the robe and tossed it to Sunset.

“Here get changed, let me pull my bike in the garage.” Chrys said running out the door.

Sunset took off her clothes, even her bra and panties and threw everything on the floor and put Chrys’s robe on. After that she lay down on the couch, a second later Chrys came back in, the house.

“Sunset I will let you rest for a little bit but, you need to drink something.” Chrys told her kneeling by Sunset on the couch.

“Chrys drinking something got me in this mess.” Sunset replied.

“Here let me get you some water, one sec honey.” Chrys said, walking over to the kitchen. She filled a glass with water and came back where Sunset was laying on the couch, passed out. Chrys just put the water on the coffee table for Sunset and let her sleep.

Chrys went and finished washing her bike, then put Sunset’s clothes (minus her jacket, and boots) into the wash, closing the door leading into the laundry room, not to disturb Sunset.

Chrys’s phone went off and while Sunset stirred she didn’t wake up. Chrys quickly silenced it and looked at who was calling it was Luna.

Chrys looked to the heavens and under her breath said “Give me strength.”

“Luna, how is it going?” Chrys said walking down the hall to her bedroom, she quickly closed the door.

“You know how it’s going, where is my charge, or should I ask for the little drunk? I have heard from parents this morning there are six hungover teenage girls this morning, I know five of them that are in deep shit.

I’m missing one that is also in deep shit, Chrys let me talk to that missing piece, I think her name is Sunset Shimmer, and I know she is there. I’d like to have a word with her please.” Luna said, sounding all sweet and innocent.

“Luna, she passed out on my couch, I brought her home in my car as I knew she couldn’t handle the bike. Now you need to calm down.” Chrys told her.

“Chrys I am gonna whip her when she gets home, just like my father did to me when I came home high as a kite one night. Well it was the next morning.” Luna said.

“Absolutely NOT. I will not allow that!!” Chrys said, getting a little louder.

“She’s my charge, and when I screwed up this majorly I was bent over the arm of the couch and whipped with a belt, in front of my mom and Celestia. Sunset won’t have an audience, unless you want to watch.” Luna said.

“Luna, you want to do that fine, but do one thing before that. Call Celestia and tell her what you just told me.” Chrys said. Chrys hung up the phone after that.

Chrys knew Celestia was going to set her straight. She then walked out to check on Sunset. She found Sunset's eyes all scrunched up and grabbing her hair in her sleep. This must be one of the nightmares that Luna had been talking about her having. Chrys’s mind was racing a mile a minute.

“Ok what would Luna do, she would be patient and wake Sunset gently.” Chrys thought. Just then Sunset cried out.

“NOOO!!! YOUR WRONG!!” She screamed. She then woke up in a cold sweat and started crying. Chrys was right there by her side, now she saw why Luna’s heart ached for Sunset.

“Sunset it’s ok, I’m right here. Shhhh, shhh it’s ok.” Chrys said, trying to sooth the upset teen. Chrys wrapped Sunset in a big hug and rubbed her back while she sobbed. She could feel a connection with Sunset, and was starting to really see why Luna loved the girl. Sunset’s was heaving, trying to catch her breath.

“Sunset what was it? it was the dream, wasn't it?” Chrys asked.

“It was the demon again Sunset Satan as I call her, she shows up many times, and says that no one loves me Luna is gonna kick me out now. My friends don’t care about me, in fact no one does.” Sunset sobbed.

“Sunset that’s not true, Luna loves you and you know what, I do too.” Chrys said looking into Sunset’s eyes.

“You must think I’m a big baby, crying like this.” Sunset said, her cheeks flaming in embarrassment.

“Sunset, don't ever think that.” Chrys said cupping Sunset’s face in her hands. “I have seen many people cry, including Luna, I seen you bring her to tears a time or two.” Chrys continued then realized what she just said. Regret filled her immediately.

“Sunset I didn’t mean it like that…”Chrys started to say.

“I think I am ready to go home now.” Sunset said.

“Sunset, please!! Don’t be like this, at least get dressed and get a shower...” Chrys rambled while standing up. She was to stop Sunset and apologize.

“I can shower at home, I'll get dressed and you can take me home, or I’ll walk it.” Sunset said going over to her bag to grab her clothes and after throwing Chry’s robe off like it had a disease, she quickly slipped on her panties and her bra, slipped on her jeans and t-shirt, then put her boots on and grabbed her bag.

“At least let me get your other clothes out of the dryer, miss attitude.” Chrys said walking to her laundry room. She grabbed Sunset’s clothes and came out and threw them at her.

“Here take your clothes, and head home, but let me tell you what is waiting for you when you get home.” Chrys said.

* * *

“YOU’RE GONNA WHAT??!!” Celestia roared over the phone.

“What, now you're on Chrys' side?” Luna said.

“Well here let me come over, I want to talk to you.” Celestia said.

“I know what you’re doing, and if I say no you are going to come over here anyway.” Luna said leaning back on the couch.

“Damn it Luna listen to me, I’m older and I’m wiser.” Celestia said.

“Yeah well you are half right.” Luna said giggling.

“Stay there, I’m coming over there, I won’t allow you to do this to Sunset, I forbid you as your older sister, and as your boss at work.” Celestia said.

“Whatever.” Luna replied.

“I mean it. Stay there!” Said Celestia already out the door on her way over to the apartment

“Celestia where am I gonna go?” Luna replied.

“Just stay there.” Celestia said as she started her car.

“OK, I’m not going anywhere.” Luna said hanging up.

Luna leaned back on the couch, her arms crossed, and then crossed her legs. She blew her hair out of her face, Luna wore an expression that could have soured milk. She was mad at her sister and Chrys. Then she decided I’m not mad at them, I’m mad at Sunset, damn it that girl knew better.

Luna pinched the bridge of her nose, she felt a headache coming on. Luna got up and went into her bathroom and got some aspirin. This was gonna be a long day. After gulping down 4 aspirin, she went back into the living room to await the arrival of her sister.

* * *

“So Luna is gonna whip me?!” Sunset cried fear welling up inside of her.

“Still ready to go home?” Asked Chrys.

“No, but can I stay here with you?” Sunset pleaded, grabbing Chrys’s shirt.

“Relax Celestia, and I am gonna protect you. So you want to chill here and learn how to play some video games?” Asked Chrys.

“Yeah that sounds good. But first I want to do this” Sunset said putting her bag down at the doorway. She took her shampoo and body wash out and headed down to the bathroom.

After the shower was done Sunset came back down the hall to the living room. Chrys was sitting there watching TV. She noticed Sunset arriving in the room, her hair still a little damp, but other than that she looked great. She definitely looked refreshed.

“Feel human again?” Chrys asked.

“As close as I can get.” Sunset replied.

“Honey, I think you're human. No other creature would make that big a fool of itself.” Chrys joked with Sunset.

“You know what Chrys, your right.” Sunset admitted.

“So, are you ready to learn Video games now?” Asked Chrys.

“Sure, let’s play.” Sunset said.

“Ok I’m gonna teach you with basic games and then we're going to move on to more advanced ones.” Chrys told her.

“Ok cool, what is the basic game that we are going to start with?” Sunset said shifting on the couch, trying to get comfortable.

Chrys hooked an old console up to her old TV. Sunset didn’t understand why they were using that TV and not the big one, or what Chrys was hooking up.

“Sorry Sunset but these old consoles only work with older TV sets. Now we hit the power button and wallah.” Chrys said.

“It looks like a bunch of lines with a white dot. What kinda game is this?” Sunset asked confused.

“The basics of learning video games. Sunset welcome to Pong. I’m gonna press start and you use the dial there to move your paddle and hit the ball, and we see how long we can keep it going.” Chrys explained.

Soon the two of them were involved in Pong. Sunset found it basic and kind of primitive compared to what she saw at Pinkie’s last night. But Chrys was amazed by how quickly Sunset took to this. She knew it was time to step it up a notch.

“Sunset you did well, now we will play on my big screen TV with this massive behemoth of a video game console.” Chris said bringing out a video game console that was around the size of an old VCR and had four slots in the top

“Meet the Super Genintari and as you may be able to guess from the name this behemoth of a console brings the Atari 2600, NES, SNES and Genesis together. You game?” Chrys asked.

“Bring it on.” Said Sunset confidently.

“Ok well we will start with Atari 2600 most of these are one player games so we will go through the several games I have, I’ll teach you how to play, if you do good at this we will go on to Nintendo and Genesis and Super Nintendo.” Chrys told her.

After some explanation and a demo, Chrys let Sunset play some basic Atari games, soon she was playing Pac-Man, River Raid, Kaboom, and she was playing Space Invaders when Chrys’s phone rang. Sunset looked over at Chrys when her phone went off.

“Keep playing Kiddo.” Chrys told her. Chrys wasn’t about to tell her it was Luna on the phone. Chrys walked down to the hall to her bedroom before answering.

“Have you calmed down now?” Chrys asked.

“Well Celestia is holding the belt right now and won’t let me have it. What are you two doing?” Luna asked.

“I started to introduce Sunset to Video Games, first we played Pong, now she’s playing Atari 2600, she’s played River Raid, Pac-Man, and Kaboom. When I left she was playing Space Invaders, I had to explain a thing or two but she seems to almost go into a trance when she plays. She’s a girl gamer.” Chrys told her.

“Great Chrys you have created a monster, why don’t you bring her home, we can have dinner, and the Sunset is gonna get a thorough scolding.” Luna told her.

“As long as you are not gonna hit her, fine we will come home when Sunset is done this round.” Chrys told Luna.

Chrys walked back into the living room as Sunset raised her fist in the air, as she had just won another round of Space Invaders. Chrys was amazed by this girl she was gonna be a hardcore gamer. She would eventually have to buy Sunset a Xbox 1 or Playstation 5 maybe for Christmas. Chrys knew Luna would kill her if she did that and smiled evilly thinking about it. But business before pleasure.

“Sunset Luna said I got to bring you back home now.” Chrys said.

“Chrys can’ t I stay here, like for the next couple of years.” Sunset said, her eyes welling up with tears.

Chrys could see the wave of fear that had washed over Sunset sitting there on the couch. She put the controller down and her hands began to shake. Chrys had told her what Luna planned to do. Sunset was scared to go home, for the first time ever.

Chrys got down on her knees and took Sunset’s hands in hers and looked her in the eyes. She then rubbed her face and actually wiped away a tear.

“I’m going to be there, so is Celestia we are NOT going to let Luna hit you I promise that Sunset.” Chrys said soothingly. “Luna does want to have a big family dinner though. I promise you Sunset, you’ll be ok.”

“Promise?” Sunset asked voice shaking. Sunset's mind reeled back to when her parents would get drunk and beat her.

“I swear to you, Now grab your bag, I got a surprise for you.” Chrys told her.

Sunset grabbed her bag and followed Chrys out to the garage where Chrys walked her bike out of the garage. Sunset’s bag with her clothes and few personal items was strapped to the back of the bike. Chrys turned her bike around and tossed Sunset her spare helmet.

“Safety first, then hold on tight for a kick ass ride.” Chrys said.

With that Sunset put on the helmet and Chrys kicked her Kawasaki Ninja on and sped off for Luna’s apartment, not as fast as she usually rode, and not as reckless due to the precious cargo she was carrying on the back of her bike. As far as Chrys could tell Sunset was enjoying herself. They arrived at Luna’s apartment in a few minutes.

Sunset and Chrys hopped off the bike when Sunset and Chrys heard a tired huff behind them. They turned around to see a tired Trixie panting in the parking lot.

“Sunset, thank God the great and powerful Trixie has finally found you .”