• Published 19th Jul 2020
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Sunset's Trial - Zerocool7785

It's just after the Fall Formal and Sunset Shimmer must come to terms with everything she has done.

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A friendly lunch

Sunset walked into the animal shelter and took a few deep breaths to relax.

“Can I help you?” Asked the lady at the counter.

“Yes I’m looking for Fluttershy.” Sunset said nervously, playing with her fingers.

“One second please.” The lady said pleasantly as she hit the buzzer.

Two seconds later Fluttershy came out from the back and saw Sunset nervously standing there. She went over and gave her a gentle hug. She was happy this time Sunset didn’t pull away.

“Sunset did you get my text message?” Asked Fluttershy softly.

“Yeah I did, that’s why I am here.” Sunset said.

“Do you have a minute to talk? I need to tell you something.” Asked Sunset nervously looking around.

“I got about two so what can I help you with sweetie?” Asked Fluttershy

Sunset led Fluttershy over to a corner and told her about last night, not the sleeping with Luna part but staying with her.

“Sounds like she really does care about you.” Fluttershy told Sunset.

“I’m not sure how to feel about that, you see we had a major fight today. Since you guys zapped me last night I have done nothing but yell and cry.” Sunset admitted sadly while looking away from Fluttershy.

“Sunset, you have had a lot of pent up emotions, it’s gonna take time to let them out. I think Luna is really serious about helping you out. She will also be a powerful ally when you return to school.” Fluttershy told her.

“Thanks, listen I want everyone to meet at Sugarcube Corners this afternoon for lunch. I need to talk to you all.” Sunset said, still looking away from Fluttershy.

“Count me in.” Said Fluttershy giving Sunset a hug from behind. Sunset grabbed Fluttershy’s forearms with her hands and smiled. It felt good to have friends. Sunset began texting all her new friends.
* * *

Luna was sitting on the side of the desk telling her sister what had happened last night and morning.

“Then she starts getting out of the car and says “Asshole, there’s a word!” Luna was talking to Celestia almost in tears.

“Luna she is a teenager, she’s been traumatized by last night, She has a lot of anger and sadness built up inside of her she has to let out. So I have to ask you think you can do this? Can I look after her?” Celestia asked.

“She needs an actual guardian. From what I have figured out from her, she never had anyone here, and don’t think she experienced a lot of love in that other world.” Luna said with her head in her hands.

Celestia reached over and rubbed Luna’s shoulder. She could tell Sunset’s last remark really hurt her sister.

“Luna when you get her home this afternoon, you need to wash her mouth out with a wire brush.” Celestia said.

“Tia I’m not shoving a bar of soap in Sunset’s mouth, that’s all she needs to experience.” Luna said looking at the school budget.

“Luna if you want to take her in and be her guardian, we can start that process right now, but once you go down this path there is no going back. Your life is now tied to hers. Plus don’t forget she is also a she-demon so you have to consider that too.” Celestia said not looking up from that paperwork she was signing off on.
Luna lifted her head from her hands in total shock. Her own sister just called Sunset a she-demon.

“What did you say?” Luna said, staring at Celestia.

“What do you mean?” Celestia asked innocently.

“You don’t ever, EVER call Sunset that!! YOU HEAR ME??!!” Luna practically shouted at Celestia.
Celestia’s eyes got as wide as saucers, and actually backed up in her chair a little bit.

“YOU DON’T CALL MY SUNSET A SHE-DEMON EVER!!” Luna yelled at Celestia standing over her sister, hands placed firmly on the desk.

“Luna you just proved to me you’re ready to be a guardian. Now you need to stand up to Sunset like that. Show her you’re in charge.”

“I will.” Luna said proudly.

“Now Luna, would you like a cup of coffee?” Celestia asked.

“Yes and aspirin if you have any.” Luna said.
Celestia tossed her a bottle of Tylenol and handed her a cup of Coffee. Luna quickly downed the Tylenol. Luna and Celestia then started on some paperwork.

* * *
Sugercube Corners

Fluttershy and Sunset had walked over from the animal shelter after Fluttershy completed her morning volunteering shift. The rain had finally stopped, and the sun had come out. They came in the door and Pinkie Pie greeted them in her normal way.

“Fluttershy, and Sunset Shimmer you came too yippie!!” Pinkie Pie said hugging Sunset so tight that Sunset was gasping for air.

“Pinkie Pie, let go of Sunset she can’t breathe!” Fluttershy said, trying to separate them. After separating the two Sunset took a deep breath.

“Damn Pinkie. I am happy to see you too, but I still need air.” Sunset catching her breath again.

“Of course you need air silly, If you didn’t you’d probably be a plant, or maybe a fish. Sunset you're not a fish…” Pinkie began to ramble.

“Pinkie, can you get a few minutes once everyone arrives I need to talk to all five of you?” Sunset asked.

“Of course I can silly , Mrs. Cake said I…” Pinkie started off again.

“Ok I’ll wave you over when it’s time.” Sunset informed her heading for the back table.

On the way back some students saw her pass, and there was a lot of whispering, most of it audible, but not all of it could Sunset make out. Someone even tried to trip Sunset on the way back but Fluttershy kept her calm.

“Look out she-demon might come out again.” said the person who tried to trip her then got a laugh with a few others at his table. Sunset recognized them as students from school.

About two minutes later Applejack and Rainbow Dash came in and Pinkie pointed out the back table. The two came over and sat down with Sunset Shimmer.

“So what is this about?” Applejack asked Sunset.

“As soon as Rarity arrives we will call Pinkie over and begin.” Sunset said.

As if on cue Rarity walked in the door and headed over to the table. Mrs. Cake nodded to Pinkie and she went back too.

“First of all I am so sorry for being a bitch to all of you. I split you up because I was jealous, I had no friends, never did but did try in my old world. I had walls up so I didn’t get hurt anymore in this world like I did in my old world.” Sunset said.

“Now I know none of this excuses my actions. I have to say though, girls don’t be friends with me because Princess Twilight told you to. Do it because you want to. Also I wish to make amends to you. By doing something to help you girls out. Anything I can do please tell me.” Sunset pleaded looking to five sets of eyes that showed they cared.

“Well sugarcube, why not come help out on the farm for a day, always plenty of chores to be done out thar.” Said Applejack

“The Canterlot Animal Shelter needs volunteers. Why don’t you volunteer one day to work there, like I do.” Fluttershy replied.

“You know Sunset the soccer team usually has a bunch of equipment to lug out and we practice several times a week. Why don’t you be the equipment manager a time or two.” Rainbow replied.

"Oooo Oooo I got it Sunset, on Saturday’s Mrs. Cake needs help during lunch in the back. It might be all glamorous and all, you may end up washing dishes, like I do sometimes but I put a good word in for you if you like.” Pinkie replied enthusiastically.

“Well darling I don't think you can help me out at my job, but you can help me out with my new fashion line. If you don’t mind being a model for some of my new dresses.” Rarity said.

“Ok girls I love this, I can do favors for each one of you. I was gonna ask you guys for something but I don’t feel right.” Sunset said.

“No go ahead ask.” Said Rainbow.

“Yeah we are all willin’ to help ya.” Applejack added.

“Well one my leather jacket got some rips in it from last night. Rarity you think you can fix it?” Sunset handing over her jacket.

Rarity took the jacket and looked it over and said “I don’t usually work with leather so this will be a challenge, I accept I will do my best.” Rarity replied looking over the jacket.

“As soon as I can get some money I will pay you back Rarity I promise.” Sunset said.

“Nonsense this is part of being a friend doing favors for each other, consider this one a favor.” Rarity replied.

“The other favor I ask is that you all forgive me. I don’t deserve...” Sunset said, hanging her head.

“Sugarcube I forgive you.” Applejack said.

“Me too.” Said Fluttershy in her soft voice.

“Count me in.” Rainbow Dash piped up.

“Of course I forgive you silly, in fact we should have new friends, forgive Sunset party. Ooooo I can’t wait to plan that, nah just use my party canon!!” Pinkie said.

Everyone looked at Rarity.

“What? Of course I forgive her, I’m doing her jacket free aren’t I?” Rarity asked, almost feeling insulted.
Sunset smiled and thought in her head “I don’t deserve anything like this, they should all hate me. About 16 hours ago I tried to kill them, and they forgive me?”

Sunset let a tear escape her eye.

“Why are you crying Sunset?” Asked Fluttershy very concerned.

“Because I don’t deserve your friendship, but am so glad I have it.”

“GROUP HUG!!” Yelled Pinkie

Sunset was surrounded by five girls that really cared about her. Sunset felt very loved and knew she had not hit rock bottom as long as she had good friends like these.

Author's Note:

No Twilight update this chapter as she is still traveling towards Canterlot on the train.