• Published 19th Jul 2020
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Sunset's Trial - Zerocool7785

It's just after the Fall Formal and Sunset Shimmer must come to terms with everything she has done.

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Sunset's past

Author's Note:

No Twilight update this chapter, as I figure she's getting ready to leave Manehatten. So in a chapter or two we will get back to her.

“I said to see what legal action we can take against your attackers dear.” Luna repeated to Sunset. Sunset was stunned. Luna was gonna press charges.

“You can’t do that, they’ll come after me for sure. Gilda and her friends will get me for sure. I don’t know that anyone can protect me. Speaking of which, how did I get to the hospital after the attack?” Sunset asked.

“Rainbow Dash on her way home heard the commotion in the alley, looked in and saw you laying on the ground, being picked up so they could continue beating you.” Luna said as she started crying.

“Why are you crying Luna?” Sunset asked.

“Because I wasn’t there to protect my little girl.” She said sobbing laying her head on the bed.

“Your little girl?” Sunset asked.

“Sunset you are my charge or my ward legally, but I would like to think of you as a daughter, I know I’m rushing it, but you remind me of myself as a teenager. Lonely not many friends. Celestia and I didn’t have the most supportive mom and dad either, so I always said I would never be like them. I found someone who love, compassion and acceptance are foriegn concepts too. I want her to see how nice those three things are . Luna explained to her.

“Fine, you want to give me a good life and I understand and appreciate that, but if you go and get the law involved, that is not gonna go well for me. You can’t have bodyguards watching my back 24/7.” Sunset explained.

“When I come and pick you up this afternoon, we can discuss plans, but I got to meet Chrys right now.” Luna explained.

“It’s like you're blowing me off Luna.” Sunset said.

“Sunset your not getting released for another couple of hours, they are gonna want to make sure you don’t have a concussion or anything else.” Luna explained.

“So you’re blowing me off then, I must not be that special to even you.” Sunset looking down and feeling dejected.

“Why are you saying that?” Luna said, voice breaking a little bit.

“My parents blew me off and sent me to magic school. Oh look our daughter is a highly skilled student, even the Princess has taken a shine to her. Doing it for themselves.” Sunset began

“Then at first the princess was nice to me. We would have tea and play board games, we even had a sleepover once. Then she ordered me to make friends.” Sunset continued.

“Said I couldn’t go back into the library until I made friends, even tried what she told me, but I couldn’t seem to do it. I was happy when I did magic. I wanted to help raise the sun and the moon, she would blow me off and say you're not ready yet.”

“Whenever I asked for anything it was I wasn’t ready yet, after being in school for a year, she blew me off. I understand she had ruling duties to do, but all I wanted was her acceptance, her approval. Never got that from mom and dad, never got it from her either.”

“The demon was right when she said As for Luna, how long you think it will be before she gets tired of you. You will disappoint her soon enough, and sure enough just like your parents, and Princess Celestia, she will toss you out HAHAHAHA!!”

“What demon?” Asked Luna sitting back down by Sunset.

“The one I saw in my dreams, right before I woke up, the one who said I was her.” Sunset siad sitting up in her bed.

“You’re not that monster, and I’m not gonna toss you out. You don’t disappoint me. I may be disappointed in things you do and have done but I’m not disappointed in you.” Luna said.

“If your parents or this, what did you say the Princess name was?” Luna asked.

“Celestia.” Sunset immediately covered her mouth realizing what she just said.

“My sister is a pony princess that blew you off?” Luna asked.

“Yes.” Was all Sunset was able to reply.
Luna stood there in shock. Her sister was in that other world called Princess Celestia. Luna turned to Sunset and smiled.

“You know what Sunset, I’m not gonna blow you off.” Luna said.
Luna opened her cell phone and dialed Chrysalis number.

“Yeah Luna I didn’t forget about our meeting.” Chrysalis said as she was walking out the door.

“Change of plans come to the ER at the hospital. I want you to meet the girl I was telling you about. Her name is Sunset.” Luna said rubbing Sunset’s shoulder.

“Ok I am on my way.” Chrysalis said.

Chrysalis hopped on her motorbike, it was better for traveling, and as an FBI agent she did a lot of that. It took several minutes to arrive at the hospital.

“Now Sunset I’m not blowing you off, but I’m gonna go meet Chrys, I’ll be right back.” Luna said.
Luna walked down the hall and out of the hospital to meet Chrys and there in the parking lot. Chrysalis roared up on her Kawasaki Ninja. After getting off the bike Chrys removed her helmet.

Chrys was an athletic toned looking ebony colored woman. She had long blue hair and beautiful blue-green eyes. She was about as tall as Luna.

Luna and Chrys shared a quick hug.

“Alright Luna, who is Sunset Shimmer and what is going on here?” Asked Chrys.

“How long do you have?” Asked Luna.

“I have a feeling, this is gonna be another long ride.” Chrys said.

“Once you meet Sunset, you will understand part of it.” Luna informed her.

Upon entering the room. Sunset opened her eyes, sat up and looked at Luna and this new woman with her. Sunset had never seen anyone like her. Chrys walked over and smiled extending her hand.

“Hi I’m Chrysalis, but you can call me Chrys for short.” Chrysalis introduced herself.
Sunset just kinda looked at her and her extended hand.

“You can shake my hand. I don’t bite kid...unless you want me too.” Chrys said with a lil bit of a laugh.

“Sunset, Sunset Shimmer pleasure to make your acquaintance.” Sunset said, taking Chrys hand and shaking it.

“Well Luna, what is all this about?” Asked Chrys.

Luna gave her an account of the last 48 hours. When she was done, Chrys was sitting back and processing it all.

Just then the doctor came in and handed Luna the after care instructions.

“She needs to get more Iron in her diet. I’m guessing she is a vegetarian?”

“How could I be so stupid, Sunset you are gonna get a proper diet when i get you home, I promise.” Luna said, feeling really upset with herself.

“Hey don’t beat yourself up, Luna you didn’t know what I ate or when I ate.” Sunset consoled her.

“Well on the sheet is a list what a girl of her age should eat, considering she’s a vegetarian, you can get her iron supplements to help. What is your relationship to Sunset here?”

"Well I’m her guardian.” Luna felt confident saying that, like she was ready to take on the world.

“Ok, I have signed off on her papers. She is free to go, but have her take it easy for the next few days.” The doctor said. With that he left the room. Chrys and Luna stepped out as Susnet got dressed in real clothes.

“Chrys I don’t know if I can do this. Sunset grew up in a castle, was highly skilled in magic, had everything, and what can I offer her? Movies, a bowl of cereal in the morning. I didn’t even make sure she was getting the right vitamins or eating the right food. You know if it had been Tia she would have been all over that.” Luna said.

Chrys reached out and put her hand on Luna’s shoulder. “Luna you can offer her stability, you can offer her love and compassion, protection, stuff Sunset never got. She is a teenager, she’s gonna have mood swings, she has a lot of anger and sadness to work through and you Luna can be there for her. THAT is what you can do!” Chrysalis said poking Luna with her finger.

“You can be there for her.” Chrys said.