• Published 19th Jul 2020
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Sunset's Trial - Zerocool7785

It's just after the Fall Formal and Sunset Shimmer must come to terms with everything she has done.

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Chapter 8

Sunset was sitting in the basement of Rarity’s house watching her work on her jacket.

“Wow Sunset these are some pretty good holes you put in here. How did you do it?” Rarity asked.

“It’s where the wings came out.” Sunset said shedding a tear. “Now everyone is scared of me or hates me.”

“Nonsense Darling, on the contrary I kinda like this new you.” Rarity said finishing up her sewing job.

“Nobody else does it seems. Your sister saw me down here with you and was ready to “save you” from me.” Sunset complained.

Rarity had told Sweetie Belle to put her fists down and not pester Sunset, and that she was in no danger, but was doing Sunset a favor. Sweetie Belle ran out of the room after that.

“Nonsense, I know of four others who disagree with you. Now darling here we go. Sunset your jacket is as good as new.” Rarity said tossing it to her Sunset who immediately put it on.

“Wow, Rarity you do good work.” Sunset said beaming at how her jacket felt again.

“Now Darling may I say something, and try not to get mad.” Rarity said cautiously.

“Is this about what I told you on the way over here?” Sunset asked, trying not to get annoyed

“Kinda, let me say I never saw Vice Principal Luna as a motherly figure, but you told me she took you in, gave you a place to sleep, a shower, did your wash, fed you was worried about you getting sick. Sunset, this woman cares about you.” Rarity recounted.

“She does, it’s all so new to me, I wish I knew how to handle it.” Sunset said looking down at the floor sadly.

“Well you don’t do it by calling her, I won’t even repeat the word.” Rarity said her hand on her forehead for dramatic effect.

“You don’t have to be a drama queen about it.” Sunset said slightly giggling.

“Sunset, it’s nice to see you laugh.” Complimented Rarity.

“Thanks Rarity and what should I do about Luna?” Asked Sunset.

“When you go home apologize and immediately do something nice for her.” Rarity said.

“Speaking of which it’s getting late I should head home. Rarity thanks so much for doing this.” Sunset said, giving Rarity a quick hug, then heading out the door.

Sunset was on her way home, when she ran into Trixie. Sunset tied to keep walking but Trixie blocked her path.

“Look Trixie I’m…” was all Sunset could say before Trixie stopped her.

“The great and powerful Trixie is not gonna step aside she-demon. Until you answer for what you have done.” Trixie said.

As soon as Trixie said that Sunset was grabbed from behind, two hands grabbed her arms and another one covered her mouth before Sunset could let out a yelp, all she got out was a muffled scream.
She was dragged against her will and into a back alley where she was thrown on the ground. She looked up to see The Diamond Dog gang with their de facto leader Gilda.

“What in the hell, Gilda?” Asked Sunset in fear trying to get up off the ground.

“I heard you went weak and think you have friends. You think you can be nice now HA!” Gilda said.

Sunset stood up and tried to run out of the alley but was caught by two Diamond

“Where do you think you're going?” said Gilda.

One of the Diamond Dogs punched Sunset in the stomach as the other two held
her arms. Rover of the Diamond Dogs landed three more punches to Sunset’s stomach. Then Gilda landed three punches to Susnet’s face and finished with a back hand to her face.

Both Diamond Dogs dropped Sunset who fell to the ground barely conscious.

“Get her up.” Gilda said.

Both Diamond Dogs picked Sunset up for Gilda to deliver another punch. That’s when Trixie stepped in.

“Stop! She's had enough! She can’t even stand up!!” Trixie creid at the Diamond Dog holding Sunset.

“That don’t mean squat!!” He said looking at Trixie with disdain.

Trixie walked over to Gilda. “Gilda she’s had enough, look at her she can’t even stand, she’s barely conscious!” Trixie cried.

“I’ll decide when she’s had enough! That girl thought she ruled the school, now she claims to be different. Well she has to pay for her sins. I’ll decide when she’s had enough!” Gilda said.

“What the hell is wrong with you? You're really sick, you know that!” Cried Trixie in desperation for Sunset's life.

“If you don’t like it Trixie you can leave anytime!” Said Gilda.

Just then a voice came from the beginning of the alley

“What the hell is going on??!!” Someone said.

The two Dogs dropped Sunset and walked over to the mysterious figure, who immediately dropped the two Dogs by punching each one in the stomach and then in the head at the same time.

The other Diamond Dog charged at the figure who swiftly dodged him. He swung his fist at the figure and the figure took his arm and landed a kick to his side and then a spin kick to his stomach taking him down.

“I don’t know who you are but you messed with the wrong bitch!" Gilda threatened.

Gilda went for a kick, the figure grabbed her leg, kicking Gilda in the lower stomach, then sweeping her leg. Gilda landed hard on the ground. The Figure delivered another kick on her stomach real hard.

Then the figure turned to Trixie.

“Oh, no no please.” Was all Trixie was able to say before she was grabbed, kneed in the stomach and thrown into the wall of the alley.

Then the figure checked on Sunset, she was unconscious, but alive. Knowing what to do she used all her strength to pick Sunset up and carry her to her apartment.
Luna is gonna freak out when she sees this.” Is all the figure thought as she quickly carried Sunset away.

Author's Note:

Twilight's search for answers in Equestria will return next chapter.