• Published 19th Jul 2020
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Sunset's Trial - Zerocool7785

It's just after the Fall Formal and Sunset Shimmer must come to terms with everything she has done.

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Celestia's Visit

Author's Note:

I tried posting this Saturday, but because I was half asleep I ended up deleting the whole chapter and had to retype it. But here it is.

Luna walked out of the hospital with her arm around Sunset. Her girl was coming home. Chrys was standing over by her Kawasaki Ninja just waiting for the two to come out. After signing Sunset out she seemed very depressed.

“What’s wrong hun?” Asked Luna, noticing Sunset’s depressed mood.

“Well I have no idea how I’m gonna pay for this.” Sunset said.

“That’s not your concern, I’m gonna pay for it.” Luna told her.

“You? You can’t afford this, you’ll go bankrupt!!” Sunset cried.

Chyrs walked over to the pair and placed her hands on Susnet’s shoulders.

“I’m gonna help Luna in paying for your hospital stay as well.” Chrys added.

Sunset spun around and glared at both of them. This was not right she couldn’t let them do this. She was not gonna be a financial burden to them.

“This is not right, I don’t want to be a burden to you, financially speaking. Let me get a job and pay you back at least some of the money.”. Sunset pleaded, grabbing Luna’s arms.

“Sunset, I’m the adult, you're the child here, It is not a burden Chrys and I got more than enough money to take care of it. Besides we are going to explain the situation to billing and get the bill reduced.” Luna told her calmly.

Luna then brought Sunset in for a light hug as her ribs were still sore.

“Can we go home Sunset?” Luna asked while still holding her and stroking her hair.

“I’d like that.” Sunset said, finally starting to let her guard down.

They got into Luna’s car and headed home, Chrys followed on her motorcycle. After a few minutes Sunset really started to feel terrible. It was all her fault Luna had a big bill to pay. She was considering leaving tonight and find somewhere else to go. She was not going to be a burden to Luna anymore.

Arriving at the apartment, Luna helped Sunset up the stairs and Chrys brought up the rear. Once inside Luna had Sunset sit on the couch. take her boots off and put her feet up. Chrys sat on the loveseat and kicked off her boots and sat with the heels of her feet on the floor and the rest of her feet pointing up. Her arms draped over the back of the loveseat, her head tilted back, eyes closed.

Luna walked in and looked at Chrys in that odd position.

“Make yourself at home Chrys.” Luna said sarcastically,

“Don’t mind if I do.” Said Chrys not moving a muscle.

“Sunset can I get you anything, soda, water, another pillow?” Luna asked .

“A glass of water would be nice, thanks.” Said Sunset tiredly.

Luna put the glass down just as the doorbell rang. Chrys and Luna both got up to see who it was. Sunset just sat there drinking some of her water, when she froze it was a voice she would recognize anywhere. It was Principal Celestia.

“I heard Sunset was released, is she here?” Asked Celestia.

“No we haven’t taken her out of the trunk of the car yet.” Chrys replied in a sarcastic tone.

Celestia came in and saw Sunset sitting on the couch with her legs up against her chest and her arms around her legs.

“Hi Sunset, how are you feeling?” Asked Celestia.

Sunset was looking down at the floor. She never looked at Celestia; it reminded her too much of what happened in Equestria. She wasn’t ready to deal with Celestia just yet.

“Um...FIne thanks.” Sunset replied quietly.

Luna became concerned, Sunset was fine a few minutes ago and resting quietly, now she seemed scared and on edge. She figured it might have something to do with her sister and the princess in Equestria.

“Tia can we talk in the kitchen for a second?” Luna prodded.

“Sure.” Celestia said.

“Chrys.” Luna said.

“Yeah.” Chyrs replied.

“Keep an eye on her for a second.” Luna said under her breath.

* * *

Celestia and Luna entered into the kitchen. Celestia could tell that didn’t go so well.

“You know sister I get the feeling she doesn’t like me.” Celestia said.

“She’s a good kid, scared, confused, and angry. I think she needs people to be there for her. People willing to listen.” Luna said

“On another note Chrysalis says filing charges against Gilda and the Diamond Dogs is not gonna go well in court. They can say we are letting a raging demon walk around our halls.” Luna said, forcing out the words raging demon.

Luna got up to put some water in a kettle and set on the stove.

“Celestia, would you like some tea?” Luna asked

“That would be good, thanks.” Celestia said.

“Now Tia, I can tell you why Sunset seems cold towards you but you keep this on the down low for right now. Luna began to relate Sunset’s tale in Equestria and her experiences with Princess Celestia. She told her everything while they had their tea.

When she was done Celestia was stunned.

“Sunset hates me because she reminded her of the Princess that kicked her out of magic school, and the castle. Sunset was trying to get attention that she didn’t get from her parents, and at first she had it and was trying to gain acceptance, but never got that from the Princess.” Celestia thought.

“Luna, she just wanted someone to pay attention to her, someone to give her approval, she has never had that.” Celestia said.

“Your right, and that was part of the problem no one gave a damn about her in that world, she came here somehow and was too scared to get hurt put walls up and became as she refers to herself “a bitchbrat.” Luna told her.
Celestia was sipping her tea and it all made sense now, why Sunset was the way she was for so long, she was a scared little girl.

* * *

In the living room Chrys noticed how quiet and withdrawn Sunset had become when Celestia entered. Visibly she was very uncomfortable. She decided to try to get Sunset to open up to her.

“You don’t like that woman do you?” Asked Chrys.

“Could you tell.” Sunset deadpanned.

“Why?” Chrys asked.

“A long story, she reminds me of someone else who hurt me and I feel uncomfortable around her.” Sunset said staring off into space as she saw Princess Celestia in her memory.

“Well listen kiddo, she is not that person who hurt you, it’s not fair to take it out on her, you too need to open up to each other.”

“Easier said than done.” Sunset said.

Just then the door from the kitchen opened up and Luna and Celestia came out.

“Sunset, Chrys were gonna order pizza. What would you guys like?” Luna asked.

“Just cheese.” Said Sunset

“Anchovies.” Said Chrys.

“Gross.” Said Celestia.

“Don’t knock until you try Tia.” Said Chrys looking at her nails.

“So one whole pepperoni for Tia and I and one half cheese and half anchovies.” Luna recapped taking out her phone to order.

“Sunset, why do you pick out a movie to watch while we enjoy our pizza and drinks.”

So the four of them spent the rest of the day eating pizza and watching movies. Sunset sat snuggled up close to Luna’s side, Luna kept her arm around Sunset most of the night. Sunset laid her head on Luna’s shoulder. That made Chrys smile seeing them together like that. Sunset just didn’t want to be anywhere near Celestia.

Equestria, Canterlot throne room.

Princess Celestia had been looking over some paperwork when one of the royal guards entered the throne room.

“Your highness Princess Twilight Sparkle.” Announce one of the royal guards.

“Let her in.” Celstia said.

“Well hello Twilight I hear you and Spike been all over Equestria. Crystal Empire, Ponyville, Here, Manehatten and now back here. What is going on?” Celestia asked.

Twilight gave her a run down of what had been going on.

“Which leads me to a theory. Two actually. I want to take a look at Sunset’s school records, they may help me.” Twilight asked nervously.

“Fine you can look over them. But why not tell me what your theories are first.” Celestia said, kind of concerned.

“Well the first one is…” Twilight began.