• Published 19th Jul 2020
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Sunset's Trial - Zerocool7785

It's just after the Fall Formal and Sunset Shimmer must come to terms with everything she has done.

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Sunset’s rescuer kept going as fast as they could carrying Sunset over their shoulder, constantly looking back over their other shoulder to make sure they were not being followed.

They had an idea where Luna lived. They knew it was an upstairs apartment, near the stairs. Finally reaching the apartment complex and making a quick sweep of the two story building, they saw two apartments at each end each one with a staircase. Not sure which apartment was Luna's

“Crap, just my luck, ok time to choose, but choose wisely.” They thought.

Thank God for her just at that moment Luna opened the door, and saw them Carrying Sunset.

“HOLY SHIT!! What Happened??” Luna screamed almost falling down the stairs, as she couldn’t get down them fast enough.

“She got attacked to the point where she was almost knocked totally cold. She is still 99% out of it as it is.” They explained.

“Here get her up to my apartment now, and thank you so much for saving her life Rainbow Dash.” Luna said frantically.

As they took Sunset inside, Luna was almost in tears, she was gonna talk to Sunset tonight about her mouth, also open up to her some, now that wasn’t possible.

Luna and Rainbow placed Sunset on the couch.

“Rainbow, bring me cold water, washcloth, pillow quickly.” Luna said, trying to remain calm. While Rainbow was gone Luna made a check of Sunset’s vital signs. Her breathing was shallow and her heartbeat was still high.
Rainbow returned with the requested items, Luna put the pillow under Sunset’s head and after soaking the washcloth, in the cold water placed it on Sunset;s forehead and called 911.

“Miss Dash I need to know what happened. You're gonna have to talk to the operator, you know better than me, what happened.” Luna said, handing her cell to Rainbow.

After Rainbow got the address, the operator said stay on the line as she was dispatching the paramedics.

In the living room Luna was on her knees next to an unconscious Sunset, her head on Sunset’s chest crying.

“Sunset you gotta make it through I can’t lose you. I just got you here, I wanted to give you a good life off the streets, food to eat, new clothes to wear and a warm place to sleep this winter. I wanted to help you Sunset, YOU GOTTA LIVE PLEASE!!” Luna cried out clutching Sunset.

Rainbow saw this and teared up seeing her vice principal lose it like this. She really cared about Sunset. About that time the ambulance arrived and Rainbow told the operator the paramedics were coming up the stairs and she hung up the phone.

Luna quickly got up and Rainbow told them what had happened.

The paramedics quickly checked Sunset over and even got to Sunset to open
her eyes briefly. Quickly she was transferred onto a stretcher and put in the ambulance. Luna went with her after she ushered Rainbow out of her place and locked up.

Rainbow saw them drive off, she quickly texted the girls about what happened then started off home, but quietly in the parking lot of the apartments, made a vow, Gilda and her cohorts would pay for this.

“I swear to you Sunset this is not over. They are all gonna pay.” Rainbow said pounding her fist into her hand. Rainbow then decided she better get home or her parents would make her pay with a lecture and a grounding.

* * *

Arriving at the hospital, Sunset was immediately wheeled into the ER, luckily on the ride over she was able to open her eyes and react a little bit. Luna rode the whole way with her in the ambulance, trying her best not to cry.

Once she was wheeled in, she was taken for X-Rays and a cat scan of her head where the bruises had formed. Luna was left in the waiting room. She tried to keep it together texting Celestia to tell her what happened.

She did call an old FBI contact as she was gonna need to see if she could press charges on Gilda, The Diamond Dogs, and Trixie.

“Luna this is an unexpected surprise, to what do I owe the pleasure of this call?” Came a deep voice on the other end of the line.

“Chrysalis, I need your help.” Luna said her voice breaking

“Luna, You wouldn’t be calling me if you didn’t. Who do you need to disappear?”

“There minors we can’t do that. I want to know what legal action I can take against them. They assaulted another student, outside of school and she is in the hospital now. She’s very special to me. I took her in because she was homeless, and it’s complicated.” Luna said.

“You still have your apartment?” Chrysalis asked.

“Yes, I do.” Luna replied.

“I’ll see you around noon, and you can tell me everything, then we can go from there.” Chrysalis replied.

“O.K. Thanks I owe you one.” Luna said.

“I know I’m keeping count.” Chrysalis replied with her deep sultry voice.

“That woman, I swear sometimes freaks me out.” Luna said shutting her phone off.

At that point the doctor came out and he looked around the waiting room. Then motioning to Luna. Luna got up and almost ran to the doctor. She hoped for the best, but expected the worst.

“Doctor is she ok??!!” Luna pleaded breathing heavy.

“Her Iron is very low, no permanent head injury, just a swollen eye, and her jaw has a hairline fracture that should heal quickly. Her ribs are bruised and I think she might have a mild concussion. Other than that she is gonna be fine, but she needs time to heal.”

“Can I see her?!” Luna said pleading. Luna needed to see her girl, she needed to be at her side.

“Yes but you need to give the doctors and nurses room to work.” The doctor said.

Luna followed the doctor down the hall to see Sunset, her heart racing in preparation of what she would see. The doctor opened the door to the room letting Luna enter. Luna walked in expecting to see a full medical team working on Sunset, but all that was in there was a nurse writing stuff on a chart.

Luna took a chair and sat down at Sunset’s bedside. Sunset looked like she was asleep.

“Doctor is she sleeping?” Luna asked.

The Doctor who was going over something with the Nurse on her chart turned to Luna.

“She's been slightly sedated, she’ll be out for a few hours.” The doctor said.

“I’m waiting right here until she wakes up.” Luna said.

“What is your relation to her?” the doctor asked.

“I’m her Vice-Principal, and hopefully soon her guardian.” Luna said, squeezing Sunset’s hand. She swore she saw Sunset move slightly to Luna’s touch.

“O.K. well just let her rest.” The doctor said. Then he and the nurse left the room.

“Sunset, Luna is here for you.” Luna said, her voice breaking. Luna laid her head on Sunset’s tummy, crying softly.

“I’m gonna be here until you wake up. Don’t worry I’m not going anywhere.” Luna said sobbing softly.

Equestria, Canterlot Library.

Twilight had poured over a couple of ancient scrolls, and some more books more in depth about the Elements of Harmony. What she was finding out had her intrigued and scared at the same time.

“Any luck?” Spike said walking into the library.

“Back from Pony Joe’s already?” Twilight said.

“Twilight it’s been three hours, since you sent me to get something to eat” Spike told her.

“Sorry Spike but with what I found out here, it has me scared and excited at the same time.”

“How so Twilight, I didn’t think that was possible.” Spike replied.

“Spike we got one more trip to to take, the Hall of Records in Manehatten.” Twilight told him closing the book and turning to look at him.

“Why Twilight? I want to head back to Ponyville.” Spike whined. He was tired and wanted to go home.

“Spike, If what I have discovered is true. Sunset is either more special then we ever thought, or I left my friends on the other side of the mirror in grave danger.” Twilight said very grim. Hopefully the Hall of Records in Manehatten had the last piece of the puzzle.

"Let's go Spike, either way we are running out of time." Twilight said urgently.