• Published 19th Jul 2020
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Sunset's Trial - Zerocool7785

It's just after the Fall Formal and Sunset Shimmer must come to terms with everything she has done.

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Road to recovery

Sunset opened her eyes, all she could see was white all around her, nothing else.

“Did I die, am I in heaven? Sunset asked looking around.

“Welcome Sunset, I have been awaiting you.” A voice said.

Sunset spun around and standing a few feet away was Sunset Satan.

“Miss me?” the demon asked.

“No! Princess Twilight defeated you!!” Sunset cried backing up in fear.

“HAHAHAHA!! All she did was put me in hibernation. You can’t be rid of me Shimmer. We are joined now.” The Demon said laughing.

“NO WE ARE NOT!!! I AM NOT YOU” Screamed Sunset, bringing her fists up.

“What makes you think you can stop me. You have nothing.” The Demon said right in Sunset’s face

“I have friends, I have Luna!” Sunset said with determination.

The Demon flew up several feet and laughed maniacally.

“Friends?? They bother with you, out of pity! They were commanded to be your friends, by “Princess Twilight.” The Demon said using her hands to put Princess Twilight in quotations.

“As for Luna, how long you think it will be before she gets tired of you. You will disappoint her soon enough, and sure enough just like your parents, and Princess Celestia, she will toss you out HAHAHAHA!!” The Demon said laughing maniacally.

“Luna said she cares about me, she has shown me kindness and compassion.” Sunset her heart and voice breaking.

“Oh please this is too good. You think she gives a damn about a girl who is blamed for destroying the front of the school, and leaving a huge crater in the ground.”

“I have destroyed your life Sunset, you will never have friends, or anyone to give a damn about you. Just remember you are unlovable and NO ONE GIVES A DAMN ABOUT YOU HAHAHAHAHA!!!

“No I have…”Sunset started again.

“You destroyed the front of the school, mind controlled the entire student body, tried to kill six people, caused a huge crater in the front lawn! Remember?” The Demon told her.

“NO I DIDN’T YOU DID!!!” Sunset shouted back with fury at the demon.

“HAHAHAHAHA!! I AM YOU SUNSET, WE ARE JOINED! !It would just take a nudge to make you fully embrace me, push you out of the light, you know it’s true. Farewell Shimmer for now! Just remember by day I will dog your steps, and by night haunt your dreams!!” The Demon taunted.

“I will defeat you, one way or another!” Sunset shouted, shaking her fist.

“Keep telling yourself that Shimmer.” The Demon said as she laughed maniacally.
Sunset covered her ears to drown out the laughter.

“No, No stop!!” She cried out in terror.
* * *

The morning sun showed through the window in Sunset’s room. She had slept all night long. Luna hadn’t left her side.
Sunset suddenly moved violently in the bed. Luna lifted her head and looked over at Sunset. Sunset face showed she was in anguish. Luna grabbed Sunset’s hand and rubbed her thumb over the back of her hand.

“Sunset it’s me Luna, I’m right here, Wake up Sunset, please wake up!!” Luna pleaded.

Sunset’s eyes fluttered open and she shot up in the bed looking around. It took a second for her eyes to come into focus. After she looked around her eyes came to rest on a very upset looking Luna.

“Luna!!” Sunset exclaimed reaching out to her Luna sat on the edge of the bed giving Sunset a light hug.

“Sorry it’s a weak hug, but you have bruised ribs honey, I need to be careful.” Luna explained

Sunset felt her face and winced a few times.

“Your eye is a little swollen and there is a hairline fracture in your jaw. They think you had a mild concussion.” Luna said rattling off everything.

“Wow, my head hurts.” Sunset said laying back down. The room had started spinning for her.

“Sunset sweetie take it easy, we are gonna make you better and make Gilda, Trixie, and the Diamond Dogs pay for what they did to you.” Luna promised.

“Luna why? What are you bothering with me? Out of Pity?” Sunset asked, thinking about what the demon told her.

Luna was shocked, dumbfounded that Sunset would suggest it was out of pity. Luna shed a few tears at Sunset’s question.

“Sunset I really feel a connection with you and I took you in for several reasons. I can’t let a 15 year old girl out on the streets, especially a student I know personally. Also Sunset having you in my apartment and life, has given me new purpose in my life.” Luna told her.

“Let me explain, you know that closet in the living room right? Asked Luna.

“With all the movies, and TV series?” Sunset weakly replied.

“Now do you know why I have all those DVDs Sunset?” Luna asked.

“I thought you were a movie fan, or someone who collects DVDs or something like that.” Sunset replied.

“Not exactly Sunset, I would come home and it would feel lonely because no one was there, I would watch the news while eating dinner, sometimes have some paperwork to do, but mainly I had nothing to do, so I started thinking about movies I liked growing up and bought the DVD of it. Or a TV series I liked and I would buy the DVD of it. Sunset it didn’t help. When the movie was over, or 3-4 episodes were done of whatever series I was watching well…”Luna stopped for a second remembering how let down she felt.

“The loneliness would return.” Sunset replied.

“Right, it was a major let down when the show ended.” Luna replied looking down at the floor remembering how it was.

“Sunset when I took you in, immediately I had something that I hadn’t had in a long time; companionship. Not like with a boyfriend or girlfriend but someone to talk to. I also think with the life you have had, you need someone who truly cares, I do. I want to give you a good life, because I gather your life has not been great for the first 15 years has it? If ponies age the same as humans.” Luna said.

“They pretty much do, but you're so willing to accept a girl who is technically an alien. I studied for a year in that library and students in general and quickly learned how to act, but I put walls up so no one would get close to me. I don’t know the first thing about being a friend.” Sunset replied feeling terrible.

“I’ll teach you Sunset, I have a surprise for you, I was saving it for a happier occasion but here goes. I have fast-tracked a petition to the court to be your guardian.” Luna said biting her lip not sure how Susnet would react.

“You don’t have to do that Luna, I am gonna be nothing but a financial burden to you. Plus I can get by on my own.” Sunset said.

“You are not gonna get by on your own, and you will not be a burden to me. I wouldn’t take you in if I couldn’t handle it. Please Sunset, you want to learn about love and friendship, then let me teach you.” Luna said.

“I don’t know what to say.” Sunset said.

“How about yes. That’s a good response.” Luna replied.

“Ok yes, I’ll give it a try.” Sunset said, smiling.

“Sunset it makes me feel good to see you smile.” Luna said.

“I think they will release you this afternoon, I will be back to get you then, but right now I need to meet with a friend from the FBI.” Luna told her.

“Why??” Asked Sunset, feeling very confused.

“To see what legal action we can take against your attackers dear.” Luna said standing up and crossing her arms matter-of-factly.

“WHAT!!” Sunset almost shouted.

Equestria, Manehatten Hall of records,

Twilight was looking over Sunset’s personal history and it was not presenting the last piece of the puzzle Twilight had been hoping for. But she was one step closer to finding out what she was looking for.

Spike walked into the small quiet room twilight had requested and sat down next to her.

“I’m guessing no luck and another trip.” Said Spike tiredly.

“Not for you, I’m gonna head back for Canterlot and Sunset’s school records, your heading home to Ponyville.” Twilight told Spike.

“Twilight I always come with you, why not now?” Spike pleaded with her.

“Spike it is the last trip, but you're tired and cranky, and don’t like being dragged around Equestria. This is something I should have done when I was there. This is on me.” Twilight told him.

“This is on us Twilight. Where you go I go.” Spike said.

“Fine let's hit the hotel and then in the morning the train to Canterlot, then home. I think I am one step away from solving this mystery.” Twilight said.