• Published 19th Jul 2020
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Sunset's Trial - Zerocool7785

It's just after the Fall Formal and Sunset Shimmer must come to terms with everything she has done.

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Punishments and plans.

Author's Note:

Thanks to Shimeringsun and SunsetEvanF1293, both who inspired me to keep going and finish this story. If you are wondering about the movie Sunset and Luna choose to watch, it was the movie that was on while I was finishing this chapter.

After Chrys helped both girls up. She looked at both of them and said “This petty nonsense with you two needs to stop NOW!! OK?” Both Sunset and Luna nodded their heads.

“Good. Now I gotta go. Can I trust you two to behave, plus I got to buy Luna a gift for her birthday. “ Chrys said with a grin.

“Buy me something I can open in front of Sunset here.” Luna said.

“Well there goes my first idea for a gift.” Chrys said laughing as she walked out the door.

“Something tells me I don’t want to know what she was thinking.” Sunset said as she watched

“Chrys’s mind can be a dark place. Sometimes it’s better you don’t know.” Luna replied as she came up behind Sunset and placed her hands on Sunset’s shoulders.

Sunset turned around and faced Luna. “ I am sorry if I upset you.”

“It’s ok Sunset, come here.” Luna said sitting down on the couch, and extending her arms. Sunset smiled and her heart leaped. Sunset ran over and climbed in Luna’s lap. This was the one place she felt totally safe with Luna’s arms around her, and the calming scent of lavender.

Luna held Sunset for a while just rocking her slightly, this is what Luna loved about her and Sunset’s alone time. Right now everything vanished and Sunset was her little girl, and she was Sunset’s protector.

This is what Sunset liked to do after a rough day of school. Come home to the arms of her protector. Then and there and it dawned on Sunset what she could give Luna as a gift for her birthday. She would need Chrys’s help to get it, but she knew exactly what to get.

Luna then tapped Sunset “Hop up honey, and come into the kitchen.” Luna said as Sunset got up off of Luna’s lap. “We still need to deal with your underage drinking young lady.”

Luna walked into the kitchen followed by Sunset who hung her head in shame. Luna sat down and pointed at the other chair where Sunset sat with her head in her hands.

“Sunset you can quit the dramatics, and look at me.” Luna said.

“I’m not being dramatic, I do feel this bad about last night.” Sunset replied.

“Well you’re still going to be punished.” Luna told her.

“What are you gonna do?” Sunset asked, not sure she wanted to hear the answer.

“First clean your room, next you're grounded for two weeks. Finally I want to talk to all six of you in my office Monday morning. Now go to your room and take out your dirty dishes, put your clothes in the laundry basket and make your bed and then vacuum the rug. After that you are to stay in your room, for the rest of the night, you can stay up as late as you want. I also want your phone in my hand too.” Luna said, laying down the law.

“Luna I need to do one thing, with your permission.” Sunset said.

“What is that?” Luna asked.

“I know what to get you for your birthday, but I want it to be a surprise, and I need Chrys’s help to get it, at least let me call or text her before you take my phone.” Sunset pleaded.

“Ok, but make it quick Sunset.” Luna said.

“Can I do it in private?” Sunset asked.

“I’m not leaving the room, so why don’t you go ahead text her? We are not through here.” Luna stated.

Sunset took out her phone and texted Chrys about her plans and said she would need to talk to her, but having her phone taken away she would need to come to the apartment.

While waiting for Chrys to text back, Luna decided to talk to Sunset about last night.

“I guess the main question is why. Why Sunset, why did you think drinking was a good idea? Indulge me.” Luna said sitting there with her arms crossed.

“I may have used bad judgement…” Sunset began.

“Um hold it right there, I have to echo what Chrys said once “You mean you actually used judgement?” Luna asked.

“We wanted to be like the seniors we heard about. Supposedly some guys went out drinking one weekend. So Pinkie decided to do some Jello Shooters, Rainbow Dash, lifted some beer, Applejack got the cider, and Rarity brought wine. We wanted to try to do it too. It was great until the next morning.”

“Yes, the hangover, the best part of drinking, don't you agree there Sunset?” Luna asked.

“No it was the worst part, I feel so bad that I threw up on Chrys’s bike, that she accidently left in her driveway. I feel worse that I hurt you.” Sunset admitted meekly.

“Now I have something else to discuss with you.” Luna stated when Sunset’s phone buzzed.

“That must be Chrys.” Sunset said, picking up her phone.


Do I need to rush back over? What is it that you need to talk about so desperately? Let me know.


Sunset texted Chrys to drop by tomorrow early afternoon and she would explain everything then.

After the exchange of texts were over Luna extended her hand she didn’t even need to say it to Sunset. Her magenta eyes and sad expression said it all. Sunset dutifully handed over her cell phone.

“Now what else did you want to talk about?” Asked Sunset.

“Am I being a good guardian to you?” Luna asked back.

“Why would you even ask that question. Is this about earlier?” Sunset replied.

“Well I just feel like I’m failing you as a guardian. Especially if you’re scared to come home.” Luna said.

“One time, and yeah I was scared if you were gonna whip me. But I think your choice of punishment was better, more age appropriate. I wish your dad thought that way. Are you and Celestia’s parents still around?” Sunset asked.

“No, unfortunately, they died in a car accident a few years ago.” Luna said looking down sadly.

Sunset came over and started rubbing her arm. Luna drew Sunset in for a big hug and both of them one standing and one sitting just held on to each other. Neither one wanted to let go. Sunset doing her best to comfort Luna. Luna doing her best to be strong for her girl.

Finally after what seemed like an eternity the two broke apart and after making sure Luna was gonna be ok, Sunset went and sat back down.

“Luna, you have been a great guardian to me. You took me when I was homeless, let me get a shower, fed me, bought me clothes, most importantly you protected me through a violent thunderstorm, that would have scared me out of my wits, if I had been in a clubhouse.” Sunset stated.

“You held me through two thunderstorms, gave me my own room, my own bed, dresser, desk, and TV.” Sunset continued.

“Which also comes out of your room, while you're grounded.” Luna said when Sunset mentioned TV.

“How could you even think you’re not a good guardian? I am scared and I’m afraid that I’m going to wake up and I have been dreaming. Yet it’s real you took me in. You put up with me screaming, and crying and my mood swings. You take me in every morning until just before classes start, and at the end of the day you let me sit in your office until everyone leaves.” Sunset said, her voice breaking a little bit.

“So what do you want Sunset?” Luna asked.

“I got a home and friends and stuff, I just don’t want to be abandoned, like I always was. Anything good in my life never stays very long, I just want someone who isn’t going to get rid of me. Someone who is going to love me. I always thought and even started to believe I was unlovable.” Sunset said looking down.

“This girl, this whole time has wanted love. Plain and simple.” Luna thought.

“Luna many nights, only when I stayed in the clubhouse I would hold my duffle bag and cry myself to sleep. I would pretend I was being held by my mom-not my birth mom but…” Sunset said as she tried in vain to blink back tears.

“Just a mom in general.” Luna said.

“Yes and that makes me scared to let anyone in.” Sunset said sadly.

“Honey, go clean up your room and then come on out here to the living room, we will watch a movie and snuggle up together, also if you want you can sleep with me tonight, I’ll hold you.” Luna said.

Luna got up and walked over to Sunset. She knelt down and stroked her cheek with her thumb doing most of the stroking.

“I’m not going to hurt you, I’m not going to leave you, you can let your guard down with me. Come to me with any problem. I’ll be here to my dying day. One day you’ll get married and move out, I’ll still be there for you.” Luna said.

“What are you talking about, I’m gonna live with you forever.” Sunset said jokingly.

“Don’t you threaten me like that.” Luna joked back.

Both shared a good laugh, followed by a big hug.

“Tell you what Sunset, clean up your room, and we can watch a movie tonight, anything you want.” Luna said.

“Ok I’ll go clean it up. Can we snuggle while watching it?” Sunset asked.

“Of course we can, don’t worry, my little worry bug.” Luna said soothingly.

Sunset’s heart leaped for joy as she ran off to do the first of many things while grounded and trying to earn Luna’s trust back. Sunset cleaned her room up without complaint removing any dirty dishes *(just the two glasses from the night before when her and Fluttershy had Sunny Delight. She put all her clothes in the laundry, made her bed then brought the vacuum in and vacuumed the rugs.

Luna appeared in the doorway a minute later and walked in the room and looked around. She smiled, and was amazed at how well Sunset listened and did as she was told.

She originally told Sunset she had to stay in her room for the night. But decided she could be out but just for the movie. Then she was to be in here after that. After surveying the room she reached her decision.

“Sunset you’re allowed out for a movie tonight, then it’s back to your room, if you wish to be held tonight. Then I will come in and do that, but I think we should sleep separately tonight.” Luna told her.

“Okay, but thanks for letting me out for the movie at least.” Sunset replied.

That night Sunset decided to pick an action movie, but didn’t know what a good one was. Luna made a few suggestions and in the end they picked Tomorrow Never Dies. Sunset snuggled next to Luna. It was great, and she did enjoy the movie. Afterwards she gave Luna a quick kiss goodnight and dutifully went to her room. She fell asleep soon after.

Sunset awoke an hour later and realized Luna was sleeping next to her with her arm laying over her, just like Sunset’s first night there.

Next morning Chrys arrived around 9. Sunset slid out of Luna’s arm and went to answer the door. She answered the door and her hair was a mess and she was still in her pajamas as she just got up.

“I wasn’t expecting you for about three hours.” Sunset said.

“It’s early afternoon. In London.” Chrys said.

She invited Chrys into the kitchen. After that they sat down and worked on the plans for Luna’s birthday.

First they decided to have a small party at the apartment. Second they decided who to invite besides themselves. In the end they decided to invite Celestia, Cranky Doodle, and another old friend Dean Cadence from Crystal Prep.

Next Chrys decided to ask Sunset the big question.

“Now what is the urgent matter we need to discuss?” Chrys asked sitting there with her arms crossed.

Sunset peeked out in the hallway to make sure Luna was not in earshot.

“It’s my birthday gift for Luna, I need you to get something for me.” Sunset said.

“OK do you need money to buy her something?” Chrys asked.

“No, I need you to get me an application.” Sunset told her.

“How is applying for a job, gonna make Luna happy?” Chrys asked confused.

“Not a job application silly. An application for adoption.” Sunset replied back.