• Published 24th Jun 2020
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Conquered By Motherhood - MassDriver

Twilight has married both the royal sisters, and it's time to think about starting a family! But Daybreaker and Nightmare Moon have their own ideas about just how [i]big[/i] of a family it should be...

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“Sight isn’t the Pinkie Sense, but it is a Pinkie sense!”

This entire story is exponentially better for this line.

Silly Twilight, that is what safeties are for, Also, making it easier to cast would, as a matter of course, make it easier to tamper with.

An unexpectedly fluffy tale, all things considered. Thank you for sharing it.

Okay, dominant Twilight was pretty damn hot here.

Damn, this story needs another sequel. I need to know how many they got stuffed in em this time.

nice work on all chapters:twilightsmile:

So they have had daughters, but what about sons? Tell me that wouldn't be interesting, especially since there has never been a male alicorn.

Jesus, they're gonna bolster the population by sheer fucking if they keep this up

18 girls? Daumn. I thought statistically 1/20 would be male at least. . . The middleschool years had to have been absolute hell with that man socially unstable teenage girls.

Assuming something analogous to human genetics, they'd only have female chromosomes.

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