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A my little pony pulp anthology of gritty westerns, hard boiled detectives and more. The stories are either pony or anthro.

If anyone wants to write in the anthology please send me a PM for more information.

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I love the cover art! Who's the artist?

It's from a comic called my little pony ponyville mysteries

You can get the comic at local comic shop or from amazon.

You PM me by clicking on the letter on my profile next to the about and report.

This was a really fantastic homage to classic Western Fiction, had a very Lonesome Dove vibe.

I’m incredibly enamoured by how imaginative and out of the box some authors choose to get while still working within the framework provided by this colourful world of small talking horses and this is a great example of how creative writers on here can be.
The writing itself, your narrative prose, is really strong too.

I’m v fond of this so far, and excited to read the rest

Thank you. You should check out my other stories


I have been. I'm on chapter two of Luna's Angels, and it's very good too!

You've got a really strong voice in your writing. It's nice to read something on here that's imaginative and doesn't subscribe to, like, hyper-generic prose, if that even makes sense?

Thank you I just wish more people would read my stories.


I get that. I think, honestly, because you tend to write stories in somewhat more niche genres, and because they focus on Original Characters, it's hard to attract a widespread audience. You could try writing short stories that involve named-characters, if only to widen the horizon and scope of your work and develop an audience from that?

For what it's worth, I really admire and respect the creativity in your stories, I think they're very unique and very well-crafted homages to the works of the genres you write in.

If there's a way I could help somehow, don't be a stranger

This was great! My only critique would be change “mayor” to “burgermiester” as that’s the German word for mayor

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