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Author of that writing guide and some stories too.


Diamond Tiara follows the directions of a mysterious and ratty piece of parchment to find the Heart of Diamond.

It is 1 of 100. They must never come together.

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Oooh. This hit all my buttons. I am an absolute sucker for a character trapped in something far grander than they are, and you nailed it.

And yes, it was an ace prompt. I got two pretty good stories out of it.

Huh, that's an interesting twist. Usually this kind of thing is a trick question, and showing compassion is the 'real' test.

I feel like there should be more Holder/MLP crossovers.


Yes. Yes, yes, and a hundred times yes. This isn't the most excellent Holders piece, but the fact that it's here is worthy of limitless praise. Kudos.

1144024 The Creepypasta Ponies will involve the Holders eventually. :scootangel:

Hadn't expected to find a Holders fic here...

This was pretty good, I would like to see you do more

"But then she realized that all that was a dream, and from then on learned to have a heart."

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