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Dislexic tring to wright storys, makes gammer natzie eyes bleed.

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Confused, but interested. Im not sure who that initial traveler was at the start but its seems it was a callout to another story.

Only issues i see are the words "armor peace/pace" its piece.

Also towards the ends. *crash pop* Crash is misspelled.


thanks, I look into that.

I'm trying to keep this story a bit more grounded, so no accent evils, only new bad stuff.

Dammit man I’ve been waiting for something to continue slowtrot’s story since I first listened to staple-tec R&D Hope more chapters come out soon so far it’s pretty good

Sorry for the wait, here's chapter 4. but ya, I plan to get his story moving, and give him some resolution, got a good moral quandary for him to deal with.

Ah it’s always good to see slowtrot being the most helpful pony I mean really though quacksalver he’s a quack it’s perfect great job can’t wait for more

It’s been a while since we’ve been in perspective of harp melody I wonder if Quick trot will show up sooner rather than later that evil gender bent arkanoteck abomination slow trot is great

10247952 Ya, Quicktrot was fun, and I really wish I could have done more with her in R&D, And her appearing in Dance was more fixing what was originally a very stupid idea with one that made seance. :pinkiecrazy: So ya, expect more of her, you can count on that.

Quick trot and slow trot are going to meet soon I just remembered from dance that they meet outside of new Appleoosa Also I wonder if star charter and Victoria are going to meet at that dance

*Eyes Shift* maybe, I mean It's not like Star is a Corps Brigadier.

Raises eyebrow

Boi I have listened to chumming the waters i know she has torn out someone’s throat and ate it while suffering from the hunger as a result of the curse plus Victoria told prism paint to bring star charter back I wonder how star will react to Victoria after all this time

to be honest, it's going to be a wile until Star and Victoria meet up, Vitoria is simply here to establish that she is in the area, same for Quicktrot. In do time their plots will be revealed.

Good good harp remembered To say fuck you I do what I want and to never trust the pirates

Well sometimes you just have t admit that your options are shit, and it's best to at least make your own choice then to give up your freedom.

Wait does star charter have June’s PipBuck or not

Junes pipbuck, no, that was used to collapse a mega-spell, The pipbuck shed have taken would be Overmare Healing Herbs.

Right sorry just checked and it is healing herbs Pip-Buck not June’s

ya, it's been so long that I had to check myself if Slowtrot had the spare pipbuck.

It's been a while since I last commented, so I better add my own personal opinion on something to let you all know I'm still here.

"Have you ever tried letting go of the past and accepting that things have changed? Redeye is dead, and slavery has been outlawed in most of Equestria," I said in an annoyed tone.

He spat out his used cigarette. The butt falling near my house. He pulled out another, struck a match and lit it before taking a long drag. The smoke slowly blew out of his mouth like some smoldering gun barrel.

"You were not here when Redeye first showed up,” Stopped Clock told me. “You weren't even here when he finally fell. Red Eye was not some slaver lord's child inheriting his position, or a raider warlord carving out his own empire. No, he was a stable pony, and one who used words, not guns, to get what he wanted. Within a short few years, he convinced the bickering slaver clans to stop killing each other and focus on everypony else. What was a manageable problem for us honest folks quickly turned into a nightmare."

Stopped Clock took another long drag from his cigarette before dropping it, pulling out another to smoke, then continued.

"If we had been as vigilant back then as we are now, there never would have been a Red Eye. That smooth-talking young stallion would have been hung at the gallows as soon as he became trouble. So, Miss Star Charter, I'll explain this once again; that’s the reason why I don't forget or forgive. The wasteland has never changed. It will always be a shithole, and as soon as we let our guard down, that's when the next Red Eye will show up."

First off, I want to say I understand where both sides are coming from. Star Charter wants the New Appeloosa Law Ponies to forgive and forget about what certain wastelanders did in the past so that society can move forward (or more likely so that Star and her friends can live in peace). Times were tough and wastelanders did what they had to do to survive. This makes sense for the character, considering her rough past and close association to others who also have a rough past. Stopped Clock believes that being complacent was what caused the Wasteland to get as bad as it was and that certain law ponies need to be aggressive against past troublemakers to keep the Wasteland safe (which happens to involve killing). With enough bad wastelanders dealt with consistantly, evil rulers such as Redeye will never be able rise to power. This makes sense for his character, especially since he is a former slave.

I personally disagree with both of their opinions, with Star Charter being too forgiving and Stopped Clock being too aggressive.

Star Charter wants ponies with troubling pasts to be forgiven right away even if they committed terrible crimes. How can a wastelander forgive someone who raped their mother? Some may have no regrets for what they did and would probabably do the same thing if another Red Eye were to show up, giving the same times are tough excuse. I personally believe the Gunrunners would go back to working for slavers if it was in their best interests. Forgiveness needs to be earned, not given out freely. Also, sometimes people can't let go of things for good reasons.

Stopped Clock wants to oppress/kill troublemakers, past and present, to keep them from causing trouble. Not only will this hurt the different settlements developing in the Wasteland by harming a significant amount of the workforce, but it will also only lead to more trouble being caused. Take Star Wars for example. Did the Empire stop trouble from being caused by oppressing the galaxy? Stopped Clock's beliefs will only lead to more trouble and violence. Wastelanders need to keep an eye out for his type.

Overall, I believe wastelanders need to tolerate past troublemakers who are trying to make a living post Sunshine and Rainbows and forgive those who regret what they did when they EARN it.

Sorry for the word dump everyone. Now you know why I avoided typing my opinion of Dice's other story (Fallout Equestria: Dance of the Ortherus) in the comment section. I would end up typing a WHOLE book just detailing my opinions here and there in that story. That and I'm lazy.

Please take this as an apology for making you all read that gibberish:

Peace out.

Hay, comment as much as you like, I love the feedback.

For the most part your right. For Stopped Clock, he is basically a broken clock, Right twice a day. The idea being that he is too hyper focused on dealing out justice that he no-longer can see a compromise.

As for Star, she is super morally ambiguous, as you will see in the story. Remember that she spent half her life sounded by violence, and can be labeled as a canamble. It's not so much that she want every pony to be forgiven, it's more that she simply wants the sheriff and others to get off every ponies back.

anywho, thanks for the comment, I love a good debate. (anywho, Star Charter is a fun character to wright for.)

If the main OCs in this story were voiced, what would they sound like?

Slowtrot: probably something similar to Shining Armor
Harp Melody: Likely a lot like Octavia, if a bit younger
Star Charter: hard to say, but I'd give her that scratchy voice the Songbird Sarinade Had.

Are you the one who made the cover art?

It's over for now and I have to wait for more :(

there will be an update in friday, and I might put out a batch of chapters next week. I have a large backlog right now, so they will come out regularly.

Yaaa new chapter. Sadness it's all done :( can't wait for more!

I really like Star Charters daughter Bridget she is a perfect little copy of the trubble making filly that Star Charter was. With Prism to temper her she is turning out to be a force to be reckoned with.

:pinkiecrazy: Like mother like daughter. :pinkiecrazy:

But ya, she is a cutie. :heart:

More fine work sir. Can't wait for the next chapter.

Yaa cant wait for more

All done. More good work. Can't wait for the next one !

I can't wait to see Star fighting like the rest of the Corps Brigade did in Dance of the Orthrus

A new and fine chapter.

hey man its been a while but you know what this is still really good and I will enjoy seeing more of it

Some how the desperadoes have become my favorite faction and I want them and the main group to burn down Appaloosan up town

I agree, the whole uptown needs to be liquidated.

Also yaa new weekend and new chapter!

May haps a bit of immolation liquidation

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