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Dice Warwick

Dislexic tring to wright storys, makes gammer natzie eyes bleed.

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YOINK! Stealing your first comment!

What kind of fetish situations. Ima read it anyway but would like to know


I'm probably going to be milktost on such things, but Sizzle is going to be dealing with such things; stocks, inflation, large insertions, bondage, being dominated, dominating others, and probably grow a dick for a chapter or two... if theirs anything you rather avoid, let me know, and I can give you a warning.

I just wanted to know what I was getting myself into because as I said ima read it anyway. Thx for the list tho

Consistency is key, so either write it as "ch" or "chapter", you can't have both!

and here i thought that Dice Warwick is just simple deviantart artist and friend of think pink's... well.. no offense of course ;b im positively suprised..

ugh.. did i just comment it under clopfic story?!? ugh.....
ok.. im to lazy to put it somewhere else.. i just hope no one will recognize me ;v

Just say your here for the plot, and no, I have no Idea who you are. XP

umm.. how much is this story based on its prequel and to understand it i have to read said prequel?

I'm not worried about you. more about some "lost reader" ;b. although it doesn't matter anymore..

theirs a strong connection with "Dance of the Orthrus" but nothing all that important. all you need to know is that Orthrus is a new faction moving into equestria, and they are mainly made up of Mirage Ponies, a race of ponies that a magic wize, walking spark battaries. the rest is just nodds to the previous stories, or hints to my next story. if you have any questions, do ask.

thanks for your replies!
one of the things that made me curious is how much the main character is a cyborg. although I'm guessing it's all about prequel plotting. so maybe I will read it too.

As for my being here.. I noticed that the author is the person I associate with platforms such as deviantart. so out of curiosity I wanted to see what his stories look like. So I clicked the first one and only after the first chapter did I get what I was really reading.

oof, sorry you dived right into an experimental clopfic, but if your interested in the others, a few of the stories have the audio book treatment, so you can just tune into them wile doing other things. As for the cybernetics, most mirage ponies on the Marewaii Islands are born with birth defects do to how toxic the islands became after the war. Sizzle was born with a very under developed left side, and was able to by some older cybernetics with the money she got with her hobby, which ultimately got her in trouble, and forced into the scouting core.

The left side issues she has is a far more extreme issue I have, where my left side is very slightly underdeveloped, nothing that hinders me at all, but it's their. As for anything else she has thats like her maker, no, god no, :raritydespair:

good to hear, I did my best... and I know it's not the best.

No you most certainly can't.

Well it was most definitely the longest porno with a plot I have ever read. Slanesh would most certainly approve. It was a temporary distraction well I wait for more Fallout Equestria: Desperados. 8.5/10

well I'm at least glad you found some use out of it.

:rainbowlaugh: make love not war taken a little too literally :rainbowlaugh:

this feels a little out of character for tamboril but i cant remember anything from her privat live

not as stricktly professional then i thought :rainbowlaugh:

ya, unfortunately she was woefully underutilized in "DotO" and was only given extra development in this clop fic.

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