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Dislexic tring to wright storys, makes gammer natzie eyes bleed.

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While this particular FO:E story doesn't hit any buttons for me as it feels a tad cookie-cutter, it's far better written than an overwhelming majority of other FO:E fics, with very little in the way of grammatical errors, which given a quick glance over your profile is well done seeing as you're dyslexic.
The structure and pacing are off, but beyond that and my own personal dislike of the basic premise, it's passable.
Good luck with your story.

Very nice story so far, can't wait to see where you take it next! ^^

Nice work, can't wait for more.

What a masterpiece! I need more!

Yaa chapter done.

Woot a new chapter!

More fine work. I can't wait for more

there will be, currently been going over chapters for self editing and add more to said chapters.

More great work.

Nice work, now I wait a week....

About it being to dark: no I don't think so honestly I see a lot more rape and murder happening in an apocalypse it's literally supposed to be dark. Then again I read rape fics, and super dark fics on a daily basis so I have quite a tolerance for dark things

Now I have to wait a week :(

New chapter!

More story and fine work as always.

And the Plot Thickens a bit more

New Friday new chapter!

She is getting better at thinking before acting but she still had aong way to go

More fine work sir.

Some pony has blood loss and trama.

which is not bad, due to all the fire that was being thrown around.

Looking forward for the next chapter, this one was great

Great chapter

More fine work like always.

More fine work!

Well that was very well done. Darn there Raiders don't mess around lightly.

no, no they do not. thankfully their too chemed out to plot out any real strategy or tactics, but being crazy is a fucked up skill on their own. And in a might make right social stricter, the high level of cruelty is not just possible, but mandatory for maintaining any kind of order. So ya, nopony wants to be captured by raiders, not even raiders.

Good to see she got a break this time. I can't wait for more!

Yaa something went right for her this time :)

another good chapter

Nice work as always

She needed a day off from all the messed up things she has had to deal with. Another great chapter!

More fine work

More fine work.

More fine work.

Ooooooo dang well I had kinda expected that to happen.

ya, had to debate with myself on it, but went for it. as you can imagine, it's not putting her in the right state of mind.

Another great chapter to read

Yes time to get to fighting

Yaa more action and kicking of the butts

Very nice work. Can't wait for more !

More fine work and some linking to your other works!

More fine work again.

Well very well done sir. I feel both sad and happy for her new friend.

ya, Benday is a character. His/her name is based on how comic books use to be printed. A nod to who they use to be and such.

More fine work

Some fine work, nice improvisation there at the end.

"And that's how I became a demigod"

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