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This story is a sequel to Rocinante and the Empire of Crystal

After their adventure in the Crystal Empire, Sassaflash is eager to set out across Equestria once again in search of adventure. But as she trots off to meet her cousin, the Knight of the Restored Moon, she encounters another relative who is intent on putting a stop to Rocinante's madness.

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Comments ( 4 )

Well... Guess I have to read this later.

oh, my friend this story it fills me with such pleasure. you did well truly, a fine story it was worth the wait. I will be suggesting this story and series to my friends. I am also glad that through your renaissance you where able to find what you where looking for and are able to enjoy these stories again. have fun I know that I have, and will again!

Great job as always, Charliemane! This one was a real pleasure to read. You've written a great villain here, and the dialogue is snappy and entertaining. It's wonderful to see how far these characters have come.

Well done! I've been a fan of your Rocinante stories from the beginning, but I think this one may be my favorite of them all. Excellent villain and resolution. Antoneigha could easily be so many people I've met in the world who scoff at the notion of honor in the modern day, but in the end, virtue and honor are celebrated and ultimately are as much part of the rewards as they are the endeavor.

Your heroes are always written fantastically and I think my favorite aspect of them is that they are easy to identify with. Not demigods but just normal ponies who did what was right and became special without seeking to be.

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