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Running from the remnants of the Empire, Din Djarin and the Child land on Equestria after blindly jumping into the Unknown Regions. The Mandalorian is ready to fight for his life and that of his adopted foundling if need be, but nothing could have prepared him for Equestria.

These ponies are odd, bright and naive and with abilities of their own, just like the Child. Perhaps...he was meant to be here.

In which the Mandalorian earns some much needed down time, the ponies learn of the wider galaxy, and everyone's horizons are a little bit expanded. This is a fic focused on character relationships, cultural interaction and exchange, and the struggles of fatherhood. With some badass action thrown in, because hey, he may be a dad, but he's still a Mando.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 25 )

Looks good so far!

I was waiting for something like this to pop up. I’ll just go ahead and track this... and done. Now I can easily find it.:pinkiehappy:

An MLP crossover with The Mandalorian? I’m in!


[Yona]: Come... Yona will bring new friends to Ponyville.

[the Mandalorian]: I don't know how to ride a yak.

[Yona]: Yona will help you.

[Yona]: Yona has spoken.


'Yes' I have spoken.

You sir/ma’am... deserve my like and my follow and favourite

I'm already excited to see where this goes

It seems that some people do not like this story
I will initiate self destruct to take care of them

Honestly, the chances were probably very high, but hell, they were still alive, so his gamble had worked.

Not true the calculations where done in this video on YouTube and it's the exact opposite.


Huh. Surprised Fluttershy could understand the kid, since it's not an animal.

But Griffish and Mandalorian are similar? Curious...

Whelp, I'm hooked then.

So does that mean that Mandalorians visited Equestria and taught the griffins their language?

Kuill: I have spoken.

Yona: …..

so whens the next chapter?

I usually just can't engage with crossover fics — haven't read one in m o o n s. But I found myself quite enjoying this! I actively searched for an FiM x The Mandalorian fic because I figured a humble duo like Djarin and Baby Yoda would be compatible with Equestria; compare that to some mainline Star Wars character whose presence would likely change Equestria as we know it. I love the simplicity, and I am hoping to see more of this little story.

Best of luck to you, Stein. ^^

When is the next chapter?

Great work on this.

Great job on this chapter.

God damn, am I getting sick of referring to Baby Yoda as the kid or the child.



Oh crap improper other language grammar.=lol=

Good start to the story! Looking forward to seeing where this goes

It's been 4 long f*cking months!!! When the f*ck are you going to release chapter 3, and the rest of the story? Or did you just abandon this?

My moneys on him being named Kuiil after the his Ugnot uncle

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