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I am just an ordinary brony who love writing Fanfictions. My profile picture is the one of my new personal OC, Sunlight Blaze.


Sunlight Blaze is a Unicorn who had the chance to witness every adventures of the Mane 6 when he was still a colt. He was greatly inspired in the past by Twilight when she and her friends defeated Nightmare Moon and since this time, studied magic. He discover in him a talent for crafting and learning and his parents send him to the school of magic of Canterlot so he could develop his true potential, then at the School of Friendship. But many years later, when Twilight finally take the place of Celestia and Luna on the throne, Sunlight Blaze is a grown up stallion with the desire of using his magic to be a hero. So begin his fantastic adventure across Equestria and beyond.

(Extra information: The cover picture is an fanart of him, made by Srsishere)

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This time, i will start a story with a whole new character (One of my Oc's, though). Sunrise's character was a good idea for me, but realized that he was bad. So here is a new story, with a new protagonist, a new storyline and new personality. Sunrise Freezer will not be used anymore in my future stories. (damn, i hope this new character will redeem Sunrise...)

This story already sounds better than the trainwreck it originally was. Which is always a good start. But then the disabled ratings ruins it.

Here's some friendly advice. Turning off ratings does NOT make you, or the story, look good. Very few can get away with it, and only then if people know that author's style, and why they do so.

If an author can't accept that someone will always hate a story, no matter what they do, then they really shouldn't be writing fanfics.

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This is not a love relation, Sunlight just happen to have similarities with her. They are just friends, not more.
He sure love his family and his friends like Twilight love her Brother and her friends. Sunlight, i will tell you now, is not the kind of guy who live for finding love but rather live for bringing justice and protect his friends.

I mentioned it on my blog, There will be no LOVE shipping for Sunlight, Just friendly relationship. Sunlight and Smolder are just friends, Nothing else.

I will say it once more for everyone who will read this fanfiction:

THERE WILL BE NO LOVE SHIPPING. (Definition of a love shipping: When both of the characters have feelings for each other, not only one of the two)

I used to love shipping my OC with cannon characters from the show but then, the hate of the readers changed it. (Just remember what happened to Flash Sentry when the producers shipped him with Twilight). This is for the best, Don't expect Sunlight to fall in love with anyone in this story, because that will never happen, never. No one can change my mind.

Horror that coronavirus nationwide.(Rus-Eng)

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