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I love crossovers, but I have a few unusual interests few others do. Also, Rainbow Dash is awesome and Fluttershy is cute. And I really love Sunset Shimmer. And I can relate to Sunny.


Shortly after the Storm King's defeat, Twilight falls ill with a rare fever. Fortunately Zecora has an easy remedy to it, but Twilight experiences a very long dream, and when she wakes up, realizes how ridiculous it was.

A sort of fix-it fanfic to anypony who disliked Seasons 8 and 9. More on this will go in the author's notes.

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Plus, once MLP is inevitably purged from Netflix and all other sites, unless Shout Factory changes their minds about DVD release, Seasons 8 and 9 will be completely gone and pretty much never happened.

Except for the fact that, y'know, reruns and ITunes exist.

Anyway, the story was alright, even if I didn't really care for its reasons for existing. :)

They won't be available there forever. Do you see G1 on TV anymore? Come G5 there won't be reruns, and theyprobably won't be available on ITunes anymore either after a while. I don't know much about that but if the ipod or whatever you have it on breaks or has to be replaced, then it's gone from there.

There are jazz songs from the 1920s on ITunes. If there's a market for that of all things, I'm pretty sure there'll be a market for one arguably of the biggest cartoons of the decade.

Well... How would you fix the last two seasons?

Only if you happen to have an ipod though, and even then you can't just relax on the couch and watch it on the big screen.

Just ignore the episode I thought were worst and come up with headcanons on how the rest can work out.

Where is it ever said the last two seasons will one day vanish from history? Give me 100% solid proof, and I'll believe you on it.

I also didn’t like the last 2 seasons, after season 7 had some of the best episodes of the series, like: “Royal problem”, “Celestial advice” and “The perfect pear”. Plus the excellent build up for the finale of the season, and the movie; I was incredible hype for season 8 and 9, because I thought I New erra had started, with more high quality episodes, I wasn’t this hype for a season since season 5, but, when season 8 and 9 rolled out, they felt bad, don’t get me wrong some of the episodes where great and fun to watch, but, so many things feel wrong.

When the end is of season 8 roll around, I didn’t care, I was thinking of dropping out of the fandom when the Christmas special was premiere early, I feel in love with it, I even started writing my own fic after watching it.

As for season 9, everything fell wrong, don’t get me wrong some of the episodes were great, but in general, the season, specially the beginning and finale fell wrong, Celestia and Luna retreating fell wrong, and epilogue difficult to watch, I would have love of the end of the series was like the end of every other season: open, no scenes form the future, no “””subtle””” ships that were so painfully obvious they may as well hit us on the face with them, basically no fan service just let it open but with the possibility of new adventures over the horizon

I hope season 10 delivers to the expectations I had for the show after season 7, after all, the idea of that season is to finally tell the stories the writers always wanted but weren’t aloud to do

Good job.

You should see the deconstruction I did of Hey Arnold's "The Jungle Movie".:pinkiehappy:

This is a sort of fix-it fanfic to Seasons 8 and 9 to anypony who disliked them. Plus, once MLP is inevitably purged from Netflix and all other sites, unless Shout Factory changes their minds about DVD release, Seasons 8 and 9 will be completely gone and pretty much never happened.

This... isn't how that works. Just because it doesn't have a DVD/Blu-Ray release doesn't mean it simply ceases to exist. I guarantee that several people on this site have the whole show downloaded, and there will always be those pirate sites that will host those downloaded copies. Considering that people have saved episodes of obscure shows from the 90's, there's no way that 2 seasons of a show with such a massive fanbase would just vanish from existence. Not to mention, after Netflix does drop MLP, there's nothing stopping another streaming service from picking it up.

UNLESS they change their minds about DVD sales or Hasbro keeps them preserved for the fans somewhere. Even if it stays on an obscure site, the creators will it so they no longer exist and never happened, after the purge.

I don't want to be rude, but, er... what did you mean by this? Are you saying that because Hasbro hasn't released physical media versions of Seasons 8 and 9, that Hasbro has disowned them and that they are erasing them from history? Because, again, that's not how that works.

Here. This MIGHT change, but if it doesn't, then once it's removed from Netflix - nothing ever stays even there - and any other sites that might have it, then they'll be gone. Even if someone does manage to preserve them either for themselves by DVD recorder (which probably not a lot of people would have today) as I will, or on an obscure site that most of the fans might not know of, it's practically the creators' will that those two seasons are no longer part of the show. No one will be able to back it up. There'll be clips on youtube, and lots of screenshots, but no one will be able to prove they weren't fanmade.

If, after the "purge", I still have those episodes and continue to go by them as canon, I might as well disregard Jim Miller's word that Chrysalis, Tirek, and Cozy Glow are still alive but asleep as statues, and say they could just as easily be awake or dead.

The original dub of DBZ isn't even on this one site I'd probably rely on for Seasons 8 and 9, just the redub, and its DVD's are finite now. I couldn't even get the full Garlic Jr. Saga, had to settle for the one with the last four episodes. It's pretty much dead, except the first 53 episodes in Ocean, which seems to be more for nostalgia purposes than anything since "Kai" seems to be the official canon now.

As for Seasons 8 and 9, there is still a glimmer of hope they'll consciously try to keep it alive themselves. Not sure they want to, but maybe. Like, why would they make two whole seasons and have them not matter, to them or the show itself?

I don't want to be rude, but, er... what did you mean by this? Are you saying that because Hasbro hasn't released physical media versions of Seasons 8 and 9, that Hasbro has disowned them and that they are erasing them from history? Because, again, that's not how that works.

If they basically intend to make them unwatchable, don't release them on DVD, let it be pulled from Netflix, and see it removed from anywhere else, don't put them anywhere else themselves, and of course it'll no longer air on TV once G5 begins next year, then that is pretty much erasing them, at least by their intentions, since no one will be able to rewatch it unless they either recorded it or know of an obscure site they missed, and therefore can't back anything up.

I really want to be proven wrong here, the only predictions I made recently that didn't come true was Thanos surviving and Chrysalis flying away again.

But there is a glimmer of hope here... I won't write them off just yet, not until they're mostly gone.

OK, three things.
First off: Just because the current distributor doesn't currently have any plans for their release doesn't mean that they are NEVER coming to DVD. Maybe Hasbro intends to switch distributors, or do it themselves. (They did just recently rebrand Hasbro Studios to Allspark) Maybe they intend to skip seasons 8 and 9 in favor of a Complete Series box set. Maybe they're doing Blu-Rays instead (that one is a bit of a stretch, I admit, but they were only asked about DVD's, and I wouldn't put it past any company to dance around words like that). Or maybe they just don't have plans to do them right now, and that will change. You seem so sure about this based on scraps of information and a gut feeling.

Second: Has Hasbro stated that G4 will stop airing once G5 starts? It will almost certainly re-run, at least in some places. You don't just shelve 200+ episodes that quickly, and G4 merch will probably still be on shelves for a while, which would give them a reason to keep airing them. Reminder that Transformers, another Hasbro property, has had multiple continuities run concurrently in the past, so there's no reason to believe that you'll never see and G4 on TV again once G5 begins.

And third: This has nothing to do with you points, really, but it's funny you should bring up DBZ, as I happen to have the entirety of the Remastered Box Sets (The ones released from 2007 to 2009) saved on my computer. I can't tell if it's the one you were looking for, since there seem to be quite a few versions of the dub and the wiki's aren't particularly clear and concise on the matter, but as far as I can tell it's the Funimation dub, and it does have the Garlic Jr arc. Again, I don't know if it's the version you actually were looking for, and it's not really relevant, but I thought it was funny that in a discussion about not having access to media, you bring up one of the very few shows I personally have archived.

First, I acknowledge there is a chance of that, I won't give up on them till they're gone.

Second, I hope you're right. Hasbro doesn't seem to be promoting its popularity as much.

Third, the "remastered" ones are the redub. There are basically three English versions of Dragonball Z:

1.) Original dub - First 53 episodes in Ocean, abridged from the Japanese 68 episodes, then Episodes 54 onwards in FUNimation. Zarbon speaks with a British or Australian accent even in FUNimation, and Vegeta's FUNimation voice is deeper than his Brian Drummond voice but not as deep as Piccolo's (Christopher Sabat plays FUNimation Vegeta and Piccolo, and Zarbon), and for FUNimation episodes there's an awesome soundtrack by Bruce Faulconer that even got CD's. Also in Canada where I live, Ocean takes over from Android Explosion, while it stays FUNimation in the US. Contains filler, like Fake Namek and Garlic Jr., and the Garlic Jr. Saga has two of the best soundtracks (Demon Mist and Dead Zone). I've recorded most of them to DVD already but of course to fit them all on as few discs as possible, and from old VHS recordings at that, quality is lower, and any newcomers will likely not even know this one exists.

Other tracks worth checking out are Ginyu Transformation, Perfect Cell, Goku's Spirit Bomb, and Trunks's intro theme (don't know the name of this one exactly).

2.) Redub - All episodes FUNimation, including the 53 Ocean that are now the 68 uncensored like in Japan. Zarbon's voice, though still by Christopher Sabat as in the original, is more effeminate, Vegeta's is as deep as Piccolo, and the soundtrack is changed to something lame. Nothing is cut from these, so all the filler remains. So we get Garlic Jr., but without the Demon Mist or Dead Zone tracks. I heard they changed the Spice Boys' voices too. This is the version you refer to, the original dub was cast aside for it, but the Ocean episodes is where the Over 9000 meme came from, and those 53 episodes at least were released on box set.

3.) Dragonball Z Kai - A remake that removes most of the filler, like Garlic Jr., to follow the manga more closely. Soundtrack is better than redub but not as good as original. Vegeta's voice is sort of at the in-between point of the previous two versions, and Zarbon has a "pretty boy" voice that's not too effeminate, and Frieza sounds closer to his Ocean voice (Chris Ayres doing a good Pauline Newstone impression). Timeline splits into a.) The last two episodes, b.) The movies Battle of Gods and Resurrection F, and c.) Dragonball Super, whichever the viewer prefers.

I thought it was funny. ;D

Honestly though yeah I think a lot of us are doing 'Fix Fics' to deal with the last season, epilogue in particular.

At least the epilogue can be easy to FanonDiscontinuity. I know I had the option of doing it with Seasons 6 and above when Chrysalis was revealed to still be alive, though there were too many good episodes for me to, including the introduction of Ember, and ironically the Chrysalis episode itself, giving more insight to changelings, reforming most of them, and, I'm sure their means of making it up to me having her remain on the loose (for a time), Chrysalis biting a tail (Starlight's) for the first time. And after that... I kinda had to go with Chrysalis's final fate, but if I ever have to ignore Seasons 8 and 9, that's why I included a quick bit of an alternate fate if Seasons 8 and 9 never happened.

And yes I'm sure a lot of people are doing fix-it fics too. I think Season 9 was at least better than 7 and 8 though.

And it's nice to see you again, we haven't spoken for a while.

Uhmm ITunes and piracy are a thing so no Hasbro is not erasing the last 2 seasons. That would be just stupid and in this day and age no DVD is not a problem. I mean YouTube has old black and white films from the 1910s

Well youtube doesn't have MLP episodes anymore and probably never will again. I don't want to buy unofficial DVD's and I don't have iTunes, plus I don't know if they'll stay there either. And they certainly won't stay on Netflix or Dailymotion, nothing ever stays anywhere.

But this issue isn't just Seasons 8 and 9 now. It'll be the whole series. They seem to have ceased production of Seasons 1-7 given that their price on Amazon is going up. ($30 for a 26-episode 9-year-old season, the full series of Teen Titans which has over twice that number episodes BARELY cost more), FiM as a whole really is going to die. Hasbro certainly has no interest in preserving it anymore.

I DO have the Season 1-7 DVD's and recorded Season 8 and 9 episodes I'm interested in and transferred them to DVD's, but anypony who didn't bother to do so before it disappeared from everywhere else won't be able to once it's gone from there, or if my discs get broken or damaged somehow I can't replace them.

They're on Hulu now so as long as they stay there...

Letupita725HD? They still have their videos up.

This one one-shot made more sense than the majority of both Season 8 AND Season 9. I mean, most of those two seasons sounded like something from a fever dream, especially the concept of the Friendship School, and even worse with the concept of Celestia and Luna retiring for no real reason and out of nowhere barely a decade after Luna came back from her thousand-year banishment on the moon...:twilightoops:

Well, I'm leaving another comment because I forgot to mention this, and it has been over a year by now, but I actually eneded up enkoying this fic and how you took this comedic aproach to your problems with the last 2 seasons, that I ended up linking your fic in the 10th chapter of my own fic.

Eh. This fanfic could have been written a bit better.

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