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The world is full of beauty, if you don’t wander astray.  But the threads of life are a journey, oft with a terrible price to pay.

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Jesus. That's a helluva sandbox.

Holy fuck dude...

Was it kinda okay-ish?

More than okayish. This was fantastic. Amazing world building for such a short story.

Author Interviewer

Damn, that was really cool! :D

Sorry for the waaaaiiiiit

Definitely did not expect the story to go where it did. So the Angel is from another world, possibly another universe entirely, but I wonder if the cream colored pony is the first pony she helps in Equestria. It seems that way, but given the angel moved on from her, perhaps not. Then again, she moved onto helping her child, and did offer her the chance to live. I theorize it was a fake test the angel gave her: i believe she knew she would choose her daughter, and the angel, seeming to be one who pushes things along, had chosen it was time to let her go and move on with her daughter, but offered her a "choice" to live to prevent her from thinking the angel had abandoned her in the end. Could be wrong though.

Such expressions had been forgotten in the interminable purgatory of time’s steadfast flow.

It’s mouth hung open by just a fraction, but the little pony could not hear what issued forth through its lips. The faint electromagnetic screams of long dead stars.

I liked these lines. ^.^

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