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Four Princesses and a smooth talking seventies studmuffin cross paths aboard a flying nightclub to ponder a simple question. Are we driven by our base instincts, or does love truly conquer all? Find out in this sloppily written entry to the F*** This Prompt!!! challenge!

(No ponies were porked in the writing of this story)

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This is a little short at the moment, as I had to get the story published before the due date. Fortunately the deadline has been pushed to Wednesday, so I've got a bit of time to flesh out the rest of the chapters. Should have more posted by tonight.

This story is a response to the Rage Reviews F*** This Prompt #3 challenge, whereby a character from an existing mature-rated franchise must duel with a Princess of Equestria. (While still avoiding a mature rating) As such, the duel in question is more philosophical in nature, amidst the setting of a macguffin heist on board a flying nightclub of 'the less said, the better' repute.

Also, Duke Nukem is in it. He hasn't had a chance to kill anything in months, the poor guy.


Saw this and I thought it had something too do with 'The end'...

I don't know how to feel just now.


Just a little detour. I'm actually surprised I've knocked out 4000'ish words in the last three days. Yay, I can still write.

A thumb up for being very imaginative, but it's not really a story...

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