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Twilight just wanted to spend a nice, quiet, relaxing evening studying a mysterious piece of jewelry. She certainly wasn't expecting to discover that her history textbooks had just become woefully inadequate, nor that she would end up traveling across Equestria both to fix the oversight and reunite lovers separated by treasure hunters.

Collaborative effort with thewondersomethingorother.

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good story so far, keep up the good work. :twilightsmile:

The former regent of Equestria gave Twilight’s shoulder another pat, then moved past her to approach the dais, her smile fond. “It has been a very long time, my little Moonshine.”

So based on the way she still uses this, is she trying to imply it’s more than Luna’s nickname?

I’d certainly like to see more of this story!

It's just her being affectionate, and a subtle way pf proving her identity, since the number of ponies who would know that nickname can be counted on one hoof.

So, they're trying to break it slowly to Sunsparkle just how much Equestria has changed since her death?

Very slowly. Technology, Twilight's happy to share. Social changes... not so much, since she's realizing that she doesn't actually know just how much has changed. So the plan is to just let Sunsparkle bring up things she notices and then explain them.

Pretty sound plan, but there could be a chance this blows up on them.

I'm a little surprised that there isn't an Applejack tag, strictly going by the synopsis.

It's so great to see more from this! I hope to read more soon!

Huh, can't blame Starswirl for that. But I'm guessing that her circumstances were more complicated than he knows.

I hope that you've been able to chip away at your writer's block. This is only a little adventure thus far, but I've loved the unique lore, G1 nods, and effort you're putting into this fantasy romp so very much. I may take a while to catch up, but that's because I like to save my favorite stories for last, hoping that in that time they'll build up more chapters to go through. The olde pony insults were a fucking riot, and I'm really looking forward to the rest of the fight.

Why isn't there an Applejack tag?

Thank you for the sweet coment. I have been stalled on the next chapter for... an embarrassingly long time. One of those situations where I have the absolutely vital stuff done, it's the bridging between those parts that is being difficult. I haven't given up entirely yet, though.

I have a few stories that are sitting in a similar state with their latest update, so I understand.

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