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*Spoilers for Season 8 episode 24 & 25 “School Raze”*

An ordinary day takes a turn for the worst when magic begins to disappear all over equestria. According to Princess Celestia, and her old mentor, Starswirl the Bearded, unless they find out what is responsible for this catastrophe in three days.......all magic in their world will vanish into the ether.


But thanks to a certain filly who serves as assistant to Princess Twilight in her School, our heroes may have a lead on who is responsible for enticing this insidious curse upon their world. Someone who is already known for his ability to steal magic in order to gain new strength.

The evil centaur, Lord Tirek.

But he’s in Tartarus, isn’t he? At least, that’s what everypony believes, still. And yet, all signs seem to point in HIS direction. As such, the Mane Six find no choice but to venture to the infernal prison, and see for themselves. And if he IS there, perhaps they can obtain answers as to why Equestrian Magic is vanishing. When they DO find him, they may end up finding a dreadful surprise in store for them: one of them being the devious appearance of their originally aged foe.

And in the end, they might find themselves paying a great price for the safety of their world.

Chapters (2)
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Spike, however, didn’t appreciate part of his statement. “Uh..there’s seven of us?”

Tirek raised an eyebrow. “Oh, really? I didn’t know pets counted.”

How dare you.

So the representation of Tirek in this story is pretty drastic compared to the one in the show. This one being more devious, brutal and threatening (even when he's behind bars). While I find it interesting that he somewhat bargained with the Mane Six and Spike for freedom, I'm just wondering where it will lead to next. Because if he was quick to betray Discord in his last conquest, well, Cozy Glow will probably go through the same act. But I'm sure Tirek's true plans don't end here, do they?

You could say that. As a huge fan of the Xanatos Gambit, and as one who recognized Tirek’s potential for being a manipulative deceiver, you can be sure things aren’t completely what they seem with him. As i’m sure you’ll find out soon enough.:) Still happy you like the depiction. If there’s one thing I stay consistent with, it’s making him a major asshole. As Spike can attest right now.:D

“If there are no further interruptions, then allow me to make you my official deal: free me from the imprisonment I find myself in, with no intentions of reimprisoning me anywhere, and in return I will not only help you escape from Tartarus........but I will help you dispatch Cozy Glow, and in the aftermath I will make no attempts to kill any of your kind for a large amount of time. The contract will bind us both to our words, and ensure we both follow through on our ends - under pain of death.”

I immediately found a loophole in the contract.

Oh, really? Then please tell me. I want to see if it’s the same idea as me.:)

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