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As many recall, in the season 4 finale, "Twilight's Kingdom": Tirek easily dispatched Shining Armor before going after the princesses. Only to learn they had removed their magic to stop his ambition. Afterwards, they were sent to Tartarus, and he learned of Princess Twilight, anyway.

But what if things happened differently upon encountering Prince Shining Armor? What if he put up a much more decent fight then before? And what if his determination intrigued Tirek enough to give him the idea to use him? Especially when he learns of the young prince's connection to one of the princesses? All this, and more as delve into a mild, but still intriguing alternate take of "Twilight's Kingdom."

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Very good premise, but please get an editor.:facehoof:

7352999 *sigh* I'm guessing there are spelling mistakes in the frickin thing?

I hope you finally continue and finish your Rated Teen Version of the Season Four Finale with the Evil and Badass Villain Tirek.

And hope Twilight and her Friends, her two Brothers ( Spike, Shining Armor), and Discord save the World and Beat Tirek. And also find a way to break Tirek's Magic Slave Contract for Shining's Poor Sake.

Are you willing to come back to finish this good story? :fluttershysad:

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