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Pegasi will rule

Heya! I'm Nate, the fun loving Brony from CT! :D

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these 2 sound excited lol

Are you serious? YOU'RE A MACHINE D: gona read asap

1046689 It has come to mind, actually.:pinkiehappy: Time to destroy my sanity some more! :pinkiecrazy:


I'm glad you guys like it because I have no Idea where the f**k i'm going with this...:rainbowderp: I'm thinking of introducing somepony for Laurence... I'll see what happens! :pinkiesmile:

Can you post an author's note describing what the 4 spartans look like? :)

Proof that skill > technology *

*but a tank will still roll over a spearman**

**Unless you're playing Civilization, of course.

Ah, but the spearman can out maneuver even the mightiest of war beasts. The brain is still mightier than brawn. :ajsmug:

Haven't played civilization in years. haha:rainbowlaugh:

They're Halo 4 Spartans. Can't make em in reach. :raritycry:

1052890 I think flutter shy can be Laurence's somepony:rainbowlaugh:

wonder how this will turn out... maybe they unite against the brute attack? wasnt Equis designated as an ally planet anyways?

I Wonder when Master Chief Steps in to Solve shit and Throw Nathan Back to the Fray

i Hope Master chief will Solve this shit out

Cheif: stop your arguing and bitching and lets get shit done.

yes it was but they are considered traitors because they faked their deaths and are handing UNSC technology to aliens

This chapter needed a lot of editing and revising, even going so far as to rearrange entire scenes. :derpytongue2: Oh well, I'm happy now.

i anticipate the next chapter heavily

Probably the best chapter in this story to me. I loved writing it, giving a more un-dickish side to Laurence. It was dark, deep, and above all, the only thing I could think of at the time! :derpytongue2:
An entire day of Law and Order SVU will do that to somepony :rainbowlaugh:

So this is why equestria has no wars...


Well before you destroy your sanity keep making the story :P your no use to us if your brain is all mush...unless I can drink it out with a bendy straw :3

1058633 Still, if you were in a war with hostile aliens, you'd be a little xenophobic too. :rainbowwild:

1058945 They only went in for the spartans, but Laurence want's to quell the rapidly advancing Equines before they can become a threat, since he fears they will.

Im pretty sure the UNSC would have made a truce with the ponys and Ask for there help in the MASSIVE war

ANNNNNDDDD the dumbass Spartans shall be smashed into the ground a second time by Nathan. Don't they ever learn?:rainbowhuh:

Looks like on the next chapter that SHIT IS GOING TO HIT THE FAN

First the Covenant got a message that an entire fleet is demolished by five soldiers and basicly now its gonna happen again but there are seven (2 died). And also Equestria has shield technology now aswell:0

Soon Equestria is known for it super soldier breeding and technological wonders :D

Ahem, Remind me to kill the first Spartan IV I see in Halo 4 when I get the chance.

1068443:pinkiegasp:Then all shit will break loose, and we will either have a Starcraft II scenario:pinkiecrazy: on our hands(ask if u don't know), or the UNSC will do the intelligent:yay: thing and ally themselves with Equestria:twilightsmile:

1058945 For all we know though; it could be, in the words of Sargent Johnson "Classified."

Ok, I demand MOAR!!!:flutterrage: ...Please? :fluttercry:

Hey guys, I bet you're wondering where the next chapter is. Well, I just got out of the hospital the other day. Long story short, stress induced heart palpitations. Need to relax for a few day, keep my mind off things. I'll be back and I'll finish the story. Sorry folks. :pinkiesad2:

1074100 Oh damn, well hope you get better man. Best of luck to you.

1074127 Thanks. I'm feeling a little better but I'm`not going to be staying up on all nighters writing anymore. :derpytongue2: Next Chapter should be out in a few days.

1074907 Don't worry man, take your time.

Finally can get some sleep.
Can't wait till the next chapter. But take your time.

take your time good sir, this story is absolutely amazing

I still think it's so flipin' awesome that all the ponies have shield tech now. If I didn't know any better I would think I'm reading an actual Halo novel. Awesome story telling! :pinkiehappy:

Heh you just added more spartans to pregnant the main six :P
+ Laurence with Star Trotter

Nice chapter though.

Master Chief Best HAUL ASS to get this fixed

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