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Diamond Tiara has a problem. She can't tell anypony; that'll only make it worse. Instead, she tries to mitigate it- through the Crusaders, usually. But that will end sometime, and she'll need another release.

Or a solution. That might work too- but it'll have to be something big to be able to solve her problem.

Tags may be updated as the story progresses.

This story is an experiment, for me. I've never tried writing DT before- so I fully expect her personality to shift a little in the first chapter or two as I get a feel for her. Comments are welcome- EXCEPT those talking about however her problem was fixed in season five. That situation would never happen- and Cheerilee would make sure of that.

DT's problem, here, is inspired in part by the Undead Robot Bug Crusaders by Banjo64- and in part by my own experience.

Chapters (5)
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Comments ( 8 )

This is interesting, I like what you are doing with Diamond Tiara's perspective and would like to read more.

Interesting. At least that could be some decent backup for dealing with her mother!

Mm, yes, it very possibly could.

Ah. Forgot to subscribe the story.
Pardon my tersity; I am having to type one-handed.

Rather concerned over that disease, since it has bad implications. If those weren't intended, you may just want to call it one with a long onset or something and not list a name.

Next chapter: A sinkhole mysteriously eats their house. :D

Actually, those bad implications are intended... :trollestia:

Having to type one-handed? What happened?

No idea. Still hardly able to use that hand.

Holy Sheep! Good to hear that you've found a (hopefully) better job. May the move go well.

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