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(Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin X My Little Pony Crossover)

Elias Schützen, a young cadet of the 104th year of the military cadets, will find himself facing the horrors of the battle of Trost, but without knowing how and why, the young Elias will find himself catapulted to Equestria, a magical world inhabited by colorful talking pony and where the peace and harmony reigns supreme, but the latter are threatened by an obscure figure who wants to put an end to the kingdom of peace in Equestria. So the young cadet will not only find a way to return to his world to help his fellow soldiers in the battle, but will also prevent, with the help of new friends who will meet in this magical world, that Equestria be annihilated from the darkness of an obscure enemy. Will he be able to defeat this dark evil and return to his companions to save humanity from the threat of the Titans?

Chapters (18)
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Comments ( 32 )

:raritystarry: :raritystarry:
I really love the first sentences that make readers understand how our girls are so close to Sunset
Looking forward to the next chapter :rainbowkiss: :heart:

Omg don’t tell me you’re going to kill Sunset! Who are you?! Hajime Isayama’s heir? :fluttercry:
I don’t know why but I imagined Elias as a pony, he would be cool! Maybe in the next chapters..? :ajsmug:
Anyway I really appreciated the battle, but I’m curious about what is happening to Eren without Elias :rainbowderp:
Looking forward to the next chapter :heart:

The fate of Sunset is ... you'll find out in the next chapter.:pinkiecrazy:

Here I slow you down with the expectations of seeing an Elias pony. See, i am a lover of the genre fanfiction "Human in Equestria". But I twist my nose when I see that in some of these Fanfictions, the human becomes a pony. Now I do not want to criticize the authors or lovers of this type of Fanfiction in which the human becomes pony, in fact I read some of these very nice stories, but when this transformation happens in my eyes the genre "Human in Equestria" loses its charm. So Elias in this story will always remain human. But I can tell you that if it were a pony it would be an Earth Pony.:raritywink:

I'm glad you enjoyed the battle. As for what Eren is doing right now ... let's say I hope to amaze readers for the plans I have in mind.:ajsmug:

Thank you for the comment and above all thank you again for putting this story in your favorites!:pinkiehappy:

I really wanted to see Scarlett's head rolling at Elias's feet :scootangel:
I'm really curious about how Elias' trip in Equestria will continue :pinkiesmile:
Hope to see Eren and the cadets soon too!
Looking forward to the next chapter :rainbowkiss: :heart:
I forgot to ask: will born any relationship between the ponies?

Comment posted by Gidano90 deleted June 7th


I really wanted to see Scarlett's head rolling at Elias's feet:scootangel:

:rainbowderp: after reading this, only one thing comes to my mind ... I share the feeling:pinkiecrazy:

I'm really curious about how Elias' trip in Equestria will continue:pinkiesmile:

let's say that the mess will not miss

Hope to see Eren and the cadets soon too!

it will take a while to make them appear, first they will have to happen again a lot of messes.

Looking forward to the next chapter:rainbowkiss::heart:

Me too!:pinkiehappy:

I forgot to ask: will born any relationship between the ponies?

this is a rather complicated question to answer: I've been considering adding the Romance tag for a long time. Most likely, there will be "romanticism", but I would first like to write some other chapter before giving a definitive confirmation.

You should definitely make longer chapters! :twilightblush:
Something tells me that Scarlett will be back soon, unfortunately :facehoof:
Why not bring all the characters we love in Attack on Titan to equestria? :pinkiecrazy:
The story becomes even more interesting but I'd like to see more events in one chapter, or you leave me in suspense! :applecry:
One Question: In the meantime Elias is in Equestria, the time in the walls follows the events of the main story? I hope to read about Eren and the cadets soon
Looking forward to the next chapter :heart::rainbowkiss:

I'll see what I can do to make the chapters a little longer.

in my opinion you will be surprised by the plans I have in mind for Scarlett.:pinkiecrazy:

I'm sorry but at the moment it's only Elias the only human tourist of equestria.

I'm glad you find the story interesting. and this is my purpose: to leave the reader in suspense so as to increase the interest in the story (I know, I'm bastard but I have to make sure that the reader continues to follow my story.:pinkiecrazy:)

to your last question I will try to answer you without making too many spoilers: as you may have noticed, among the tags there is the alternative universe, so expect changes of plot compared to the canonical of both series (just think that the mere presence of Elias in AOT and Sunset Shimmer in MLP: FIM has already upset a lot of things, like that thanks to Elias, Eren killed his first Titan, as a human, during the attack on Trost while in the canonical history his first killing is at the ruins of Utgard and that Sunset made a new Element of Harmony appear, which will be explained in the next chapter.) If you want to know what is happening in the world of Elias at that moment you will have to wait, or the next chapter or the after. And I hope to be able to amaze you and everyone who is reading this story with the plan I have in mind.

I hope I was clear enough and satisfied you enough with the answers. Thank you so much for the comment you left.

I love the way you write and how much passion you put in this story! It's my favourite in the entire website!
I can imagine Elias going around Equestria with his new friends...so cute!!
I follow every chapter you upload and in the time between you don't upload anything, I think of what could happen!!
I would love to see Twilight and Elias become closer, I think they could be great friends! Keep going! I support you

Thank you so much for your kind words. I hope to make you more and more passionate about my story!

So now the actual Elias sees the old Elias through the window? So the old Elias is going to see the actual Elias in the same way? Oh my god, it's so creepy. :pinkiegasp:
I'm happy to see you did a longer work this time, but I'm still in suspense:derpyderp1:
I swear they have to open another window
Looking forward to the next chapter :rainbowkiss::heart:

OMG :derpyderp1: Scarlett seems to be pretty dead :coolphoto:
But I think the ponies will face a harder enemy now :ajsleepy:
I liked the explenation about how Elias broke the amulet :raritywink:
If he travelled back in time, the Trost's attack didn't happen yet? How will he return to his present?
Looking forward to the next chapter :heart::rainbowkiss:
keep goin

Nooooo, what makes you think she's dead? Just because now it's a pile of rubble does not mean it's dead:pinkiecrazy:. Seriously, as you could read Scarlett is now out of the game, and this new enemy will be something really dangerous.

I'm glad you liked the explanation behind the destruction of the amulet. I did not want it to be simply caused by brute force, despite Elias and the other cadets having a much greater physical strength than the average human, and I did not even want it to be caused by the cliche of "only the chosen one can do this." in fact if in place of Elias there had been any other being of another world and time could have destroyed the amulet.

you have deduced well, having gone back in time, Trost has not yet been attacked in fact at that time "Elias" is still training in the military academy. For how it will return in its original time ... you have to wait for the next chapter.:pinkiecrazy:

Thanks again for the comment and for the support you are giving me. It means a lot to me.:pinkiehappy:

see you at the next chapter, bye!:raritywink:

Where did you find the cover art?

it's a screen I made from my PS4. is the character I created in Attack on Titan's videogame. In fact, the inspiration for this story was born while playing this game, because I had noticed that the idea of putting a created character and let him live the events of the anime / Manga was widely used in FanFiction in general. So I said to myself "Why not do it too?" But instead of simply letting him experience the main events, do not we create a different story? "

I'd like to know what you think of my story.

Elias is so pure hearted I love him :raritystarry:
And he’s also similar to Eren, I really liked how the shiganshina’s trio met him, it’s like it was in the original story! :raritywink: Good Job :derpytongue2:
What happened at the end? :rainbowhuh: I thought Elias and the ponies could stay in peace for a little but you’re pretty cruel with them :applecry:
I would like to know more about Elias’ past but I would like to know how he will live with ponies too! Do a chapter with present and past again :scootangel:
Looking forward to the next chapter :rainbowkiss:

I'm glad to know that you like my protagonist.:pinkiehappy:

in a sense yes, it is similar to Eren, but unlike the latter which is very irascible and easily falls victim to provocation, Elias is much more reasonable and calm. There are few situations in which he loses his calm, such as innocents to whom he is harmed, as in Armin's situation (this thing is influenced a lot by the relationship he has with his mother, Rico).

To know exactly what happened at the end of the chapter, you have to wait for the next chapter.:pinkiecrazy: And then, I anticipated that Elias and the ponies would not have had an easy time.

I'm glad you enjoyed the chapter with present and past together. Surely I will write two more of these chapters that will serve to understand a little better the past of Elias. (If you remember in the first chapter Elias mentions two particular events at Eren, so you can imagine what they will be focused on). But I can not say yet when all this will happen, so I ask you to be patient.

Thank you so much for the comments you're leaving and for the support you're giving me. I appreciate it very much.:pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

We see you can’t write an happy chapter :applejackunsure: Despite the fact that I wanted to see them chatting and LAUGHING and not screaming because disgusting monsters are trying to kill them.. it was a good chapter - good job
Hope to read the second part soon
Looking forward to the next chapter :heart::rainbowkiss:

first of all thanks for your comment and for your support.:twilightsmile: I always love reading your opinions and sometimes your questions. Do not worry, there will also be more cheerful chapters in this story and later also chapters seasoned with some sugar.:raritywink: But at the moment our heroes will be engaged in such situations, and I tell you, later these situations will make much more sense. For the next chapter it will take a while to get out, but not for lack of ideas, but for lack of time. In the last period I am very busy with the work so it is more difficult for me to focus on the story. Thanks again for your support, I hope you can follow my story to the end.:pinkiehappy:

Hello so your OC who is he going to be shipping to or is he in a herd or maybe harem i do not no?


Hello. no my oc will not have a harem or a herd, but the only thing I can anticipate is that the protagonist will have a romantic relationship. with whom, however, I can not say otherwise the surprise is ruined. I'd like to know what you think of the story.

It is good but season 2 came out and next is season 3 Attack on Titans so i am looking foreword to it this warrior and his titan form hehehehehehehehehehehehehe :pinkiehappy:

Thank you for reporting the error, so I could fix it. I know that Fluttershy is a female but apparently google translator is pretty late to not understand it.

I haven't read it yet, but I will. (kind of waiting for the series to finish) Also, what's Shingeki no Kyojin X?

the x stands for cross-over. That is, this story is a crossover between Shingeki no Kyojin / Attack on Titan and My Little Pony.

Wow wow wow wow explosive chapters!
I was like entering again in this and I thought that I didn’t remember how much badass was this story!
Elias and ponies are so strong together and I really loved how they fight against the monsters :ajsmug:
Such a deep moment between him and the others when he tells about his parents, but I liked to read about the death of applejacks’ parents too, it would have been more emotional :fluttershyouch:
Anyway I try to stay tuned to notice your chapters
Looking forward to the next chapter :rainbowkiss::heart:
Good job

Thank you so much for your comment. I'm glad to know that my story interests you a lot. And thanks again for your support, in fact, if you have noticed in chapter 14 I have cited you as a form of retrenchment for your continuous support. As for the parents of Applejack ... let's say it was still early to talk about them. I'm glad you enjoyed the clash between the protagonists and the monsters. I wanted both Elias and the ponies to be both active protagonists in the fight. I will try to get the next chapter out as soon as possible. Thanks again.

okay i am confused what is going no with the story :rainbowhuh:
you need to fix your story dud

Can you be more specific? What did not you understand about the story and what should I fix? Constructive criticism is welcome.

the words you are righting and the story needs fixing

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