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Artists sometimes spew creation like a fountain of colorful vomit. Other times we must work, and toil, and practice until our fingers paint our keyboard and our story red with our efforts.


This story is a sequel to Heart of Stone: Recovery Light

Seven years after the windigo war Twilight is met by a magical being who reveals to her that darkness lies in Equestria's future. So Twilight enlists the help of Valiant Heart to go and find the Seekers Archive in search for more answers. Valiant Heart agrees to help in the hope she can find the answer to who and what she is, but will the archive really hold the answers they both seek?

Chapters (17)
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Comment posted by Zeprto678 deleted Jun 19th, 2018

Trixie will at some point need to tell her Daughter to stop pranking Twilight and that the stories aren't real.

Glad to hear your enjoying it. Yeah, Trixie's causing a real problem there isn't she. XD

Who are you pairing Twilight with? And it seems that Valiant Heart considers Sweetie Belle to be just a friend.

Oh have you not read the first book in the series?
Not sure if I should spoil who Twilight's partner is then. XP

Why did I only learn of this story today?

Adding to Read Later.

I'll just leave this here and move right along.

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