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In a literal sense, for me, MLP is a life savor. It saved me from a dark place, it has given me hope. I write stories here, very personal stories. Set in a darker version of MLP, a version with hope.


This story is a sequel to War Pony

This is the full journal kept by the two greatest leaders Equestria has ever seen, every lesson, bonding moment and conflict they ever faced in their thousand year co-reign held in this tome. The journal given to them by their guardian and honourary uncle Hopeful Twist, the famed war hero, filled page by page through their childhood, adulthood and ages ponies have never reached before.

Born out of a war-torn world and lacking their birth-parents, the two sisters went through everything together, from heartbreak to the greatest threats to ever walk upon equestrian soil, the two faced everything side by side, sun and moon, hoof in hoof.

Wonderfully edited by Swirling Blade.

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Yes... "A" sequel... Singular... Totally not working on another... Nope you didn't hear anything from me.

Lots of love - Cz <3

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