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In a literal sense, for me, MLP is a life savor. It saved me from a dark place, it has given me hope. I write stories here, very personal stories. Set in a darker version of MLP, a version with hope.


This story is a sequel to War Pony

Silk, a Pegasus soldier with his heart set in gold. He dreamed of creating a utopia for the Pegasi, dreamed of creating a peaceful paradise for all those he loved. But his fate was sealed when he was betrayed, gutted of his Pegasian pride, and left to die. And in his final moments he was forced to let go of his only remaining friend, he was left with nothing.

Lunar Stargaze, a Unicorn civilian with nothing but love for her earth pony family. She was adopted at a young age and never told about what a Unicorn really was, she kept her entire village alive and fed for the length of the war. But her fate came crashing down upon her when the daughter of the princess Platinum Sunshine stumbled into her town, leaving her joy in tatters, left to contemplate her own reality. And just as things began returning to normal, everything would be destroyed forever.

Betrayed by their own races, lost to the wastelands between war, these two forgotten ponies find out that their fates may not be the end of them, for sometimes, even fate can be escaped.

Wonderfully edited by Swirling Blade.

Chapters (2)
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