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In a literal sense, for me, MLP is a life savor. It saved me from a dark place, it has given me hope. I write stories here, very personal stories. Set in a darker version of MLP, a version with hope.


Nightshine always wanted to leave the orphanage, but she never thought her life would turn out the way it did. Her adventure to earth has left her full of wonder and awe, now she lives in an isolated Amish town that she calls home, She has a loving family and everything she ever wished for when she was an orphan, but when she learns about the outside world, curiosity takes over.

This is a strange Alternate Universe spin-off from the Main Nightshine story and I hope Its enjoyable!

This is a submission to the Nightshine story contest.

Nightshine and Serenity are both The Abyss's OC's. and apart from some other small things taken from The main Nightshine story, the rest is made by me.

Wonderfully proofread by PeerImagination (thanks a lot btw)

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 5 )

Love the new cover art!

It was a nice, sweet story. Error here, misspell there, but that was not too important to me. I had this hope that her world was not an illusion and had my suspicions because of Nightshade's wandering mind. I'll admit, it gripped my heart when she awoke. But of course, reality is better than a dream sometimes.

What I did like the most, in terms of how the story was written was the fading from black to gray text. It was a very clever way to transition from conscious to dream.

If this is your first story you finished, it was good for what it was. And if you wish to do more, keep it up.

Freak out.

7800423 > Thank you very much, this is indeed my first story so I am glad that people seem to like it.

I do pride myself in the details I put into everything I write, I love to drop hints and choose my words very carefully, everything from the title to the fact that Serenity never said ''anybody'' instead always stuck with ''everypony'' when supposedly referring to the humans, it was all leading to the twist at the end. The gray text was inspired by my favorite book ''Varjak Paw'' where all the dreams are in gray and I utilized it to its full extent.

Sorry for any errors that are in it, since I have dyslexia, spelling has never been my strong suit. My proofreader (PeerImagination) did help a lot with that though, so if there are one or two mistakes in there just know it would have been so much worse if it were not for his help.

thank you for the lovely comment and in case your wondering I am working on another story.

p.s. I find it kind of funny and ironic that you point out my spelling and you misspelled Nightshine ''Nightshade'' :)

7800492 Well you see, Nightshine is the long lost twin. It's my head cannon to your fan fic.

Worry not, spelling has never been a strong suit either for myself, so thankfully spell check does a good job; however, spellcheck doesn't give me the right word and ends up giving me a homonym or homophone of what I wanted.

The hints were very suttle and I liked how you made me doubt myself.

Also, from one writer to another, do not be discouraged if your first few stories don't get the huge coverage and are posted on the front page. I don't know if you care for views but it is something that can modivate and demotivate an artist. This story was a good start and you should keep it up.

7800509 Even though I don't want to overcrowd this comment section with this conversation, I will say that I don't really care about views , yes I do want them because that means more people get to see my creations and that I'm doing well, but really this and all of this and anything else I do is for passion and to make something I am proud of, not getting many views is not really something that would discourage me as I am very used to it from posting stuff on deviantart, my best work only has 21 favorites.

Anyway, thank you for the kind words of inspiration it means a lot to me. <3

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