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Set roughly two years after Luna's return and redemption, Spike has begun to question whether or not non-ponies have protected rights in Equestria. When he raises his concerns to Twilight and Starlight, the Princess is offended by criticism of Celestia's system, while Starlight begins dreaming about her old ideals once more. Twilight sends their concerns to Celestia and Luna, but they soon develop very different views on how to handle the situation.

The entire time, the non-pony nations are increasingly agitated by the overwhelming influence of the pony city-states and the need for them to forsake their old cultures in favor of becoming more "civilized". An ancient prophecy foretells that a hero will emerge to unite the non-ponies and strike at their oppressors when they are at their weakest.

As the battle lines are drawn and diplomacy fails, two things are certain. The first is that no land or nation will be unscathed by the conflict; the other is that whomever succeeds will set the political precedent for the next thousand years...

Title is a reference to the MGS: Peace Walker song. If you can come up with a better title, I'd appreciate it. This will eventually evolve into a Lunar Republic v. Solar Empire fic, but their creation will probably only be the end of this fic and the setup for a sequel. This is an AU set roughly two years after the beginning of the TV series, where the point of divergence is the Season 7 finale. There are some references to Equestria Girls and I'm considering including the MLP Movie as canon for the fic, but that might be later down the line. Some elements of the comics are included, but since I haven't read very much on them, I'm mostly cherry-picking. There will also be a plot involving Spike as a sort of "chosen one" and the introduction of a third-party competitor in the form of an alliance between non-ponies. I'm not sure why I did it, but I thought it would be good to throw in something extra instead of just NLR fighting SE, since there's already a dozen of those out there.

Below are my three major warnings.

WARNING: This fic is political, though I'm trying to present each side as both an aggressor and as a defender rather than pick obvious "heroes" and "villains". That said, topics such as race form the initial crux of the fic, though in this context race means dragon/griffon/pony, etc., and the races don't have real-world racial equivalents, so please don't get worked up about it. Feel free to route for or condemn any side you want; I'll withhold my personal bias, since the point of MLP is building bridges, not walls.

WARNING 2: There will be fighting and possibly death. One of my mistakes with my last NLR/SE fics was the over-the-top dramatic flare of the war, and the introduction of modern weapons. These battles will be fought using technologies shown in the show: spears, arrows, magic, and Pinkie's Party Cannon (when she wills it).

WARNING 3: Getting sick of these, yet? There will be some shipping, and readers might not like the pairings. Some of them will only make sense in the context of this fic, with absolutely no precedent in the TV or comic series. I will do my best to keep the romance to a minimum so it doesn't distract from the overall plot.

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garfan #1 · 1 week ago · · · 6 ·

if you think the point of the show is building bridges, and you're going to without political bias from this story, what even is the point of it?

Problem is, if you strike down the ponies nations, you doom the planet. The non pony nations ever think of that?

This is amazing and funny pls make more

A good start I'm liked it. I hope it's does will

The point is it's a fanfiction? Besides, the endgame I have in mind is supposed to be in the spirit of the show. I mean, MLP is also known for its conflicts, as much as its conflict resolution.

I'm operating under the assumption that enough time has passed the non-ponies consider most of the doomsday rumors to be overblown. Additionally, let's assume they haven't really thought that far ahead and figure that if/when they take the pony lands, they'll just occupy them. None of them intend extermination; in fact, no one in the plot has even considered war yet (aside from the camels). We'll see where the plot goes.

I'm glad you're enjoying it.

Me too. The like-dislike ratio is pretty bad, but I was expecting something like that.

“Tia,” Luna smirked, “if no pony has abused the oversight in a thousand years of your rule, then I’m sure one more week won’t hurt.”

And you jinxed it Luna. Murphy, do your thing. Whatever happens is Lunas fault.

If it wasn't for that law, we'd never have good stories :P

Try beings

So Overlord of Light is that' what it means?

Man, the tension this story has so far. You've got me hooked my friend. I can't wait to see what comes from this story.

That's a very good idea. I was fiddling with "individuals", but that was way too long; beings is much better. Thank you :twilightsmile:

Archemios #16 · 6 days ago · · · 5 ·

Well, that's one translation. I was going more for the "King of kings" or "Overlord of kings" angle; but the cool thing about those kinds of languages is the multiple meanings aren't necesarily exclusive.

Glad to hear it; I hope I don't disappoint :twilightsheepish:

Well, considering Captain America: Civil War is one of my fav. movies of all time, I think you're good. My fav. types of films that involve ideological debates are when you can see the validity in both sides. Forcing the viewer to act out the argument the characters are having on screen internally, thereby making them more invested. I've yet to see a Solar Empire v. Lunar Republic fic. that's done this, so good job there. I think your dialogue is really great, perhaps if you beef up the descriptions the tiniest bit and be sure to proofread so things make sense, you could have a VERY excellent story on your hands.

Yeah, rereading some of the text, I realized I forgot to clean up a few things here and there. My best time to write also happens to be when I'm exhausted, and I seem to lack the proofreader talent. I'll probably go back and do some editing to correct these mistakes after I'm finished with the next chapter and before I upload it.

I saw the king translation but I thought it was redundant and I though light mean't showing them the light or ruling over Luna and Celestia but I like the Overlord of Overlords one.

It's partly a reference to several historical titles. The Persian Emperors were called Shahanshah which means "king of kings" (since shah is roughly equivalent to king). Genghis Khan was known as the Khagan or "khan of khans" (or chief of chiefs). And, of course, one of the Biblical titles for Jesus is "King of Kings". I like the messianic and conqueror undertones such a title would suggest.

I'm shipping Luna and Big Mac now

I'll keep that in mind :raritywink:

Hmmmmm, interesting. Will Starlight join the NLR, or will be getting a third side in this upcoming war?? The uncertainty is both frustrating, yet so compelling. And maybe this is because I’m learning about it in school, but Spike’s “committee” idea sounds remarkably similar to the NAACP. Just calling it How I see it.

Huh, I actually didn't think of the parallel, but yeah, I guess it would be the MLP equivalent, lol. Good catch.

If Spike’s new group ends up calling itself the NAANP (National Association for the Advancement Of Non-Ponies), I’ll lose it.

*Tapping chin*

Wash #30 · Last Thursday · · · 2 ·

“Not that silly republic idea of yours, again?” her older sister arched an eyebrow.

All hail the New Lunar Republic

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