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We all know Rainbow Dash loves pranks. Most are harmless. But it really depends on the pony you pull them to decide if it's harmless. And with Fluttershy, not much is harmless. Isn't it amazing how something gone wrong can lead to a stronger friendship....and more? Probably terrible...so flame away if you dislike it. Enjoy! Teen for Wing-Boner inference.....

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Yup, Rainbow's a confused lespony.

It was a good story.:yay: Although I found a spelling error.:applejackunsure:
"Oh well, she accepted kmy apology and even told me everything was okay."
'kmy' - 'my'

At first I thought this was going to be based off of that comic where Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie accidently hurt Fluttershy as a result of one of their pranks and Pinkie Pie feels gulity about it and volunteers to take care of Fluttershy, and it had some shipping between Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy. Nice to see that it was something more original. :eeyup:

Good idea. I haven't read a FlutterDash fic like this yet. So hard to find unused FlutterDash story ideas. It's just so popular.

D'aww is all I can say right now.

Good story!

One error I spotted: 8000 wingpower. It should be 800.

953650 Sorry for all the mistakes. I wrote this half-asleep. In all honesty I expected this story to be terrible.... Guess I got lucky!

953463 I've honestly never heard of that comic. I'm off to check it out!

955116 It's on YouTube and I think it's called "Blind Love". :unsuresweetie:

955160 It is voiced just to forewarn you so if you don't like the voices you'll probably want to mute the video. :trixieshiftright:

953463 thats a story the comic was based off of it its called pinkieshy by patroison theres more to it than the comic shows hes a great writer:heart:
edit: and void how can you not have heard of this!!! here first page http://speccysy.deviantart.com/art/Sight-for-Really-Sore-Eyes-1-255435302

955445 I'll check it out!
955445 I enjoyed it very much!

Rainbow dash was not exactly spot on with her charracter, but she was still good.

4 of 5 spikes from me: :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:
Wait, did i forget the green tumb? Yep i did. Here it is :rainbowlaugh:

955116 Not terrible, but it's very hard to read with all the errors, changes of tense, and the like. You would do well to re-write it I think.

I'm trying to write one, and im having that problem...953537

The tension...oh the tension between them! Nice story. :pinkiehappy:

Hmmm... Okay. Another worthwhile chapter. Keep going please.
:yay::heart::rainbowkiss: FTW!

I'm liking this way more than I expected! Really cute story and I'd love to see more! So... More please! :pinkiehappy:
And as always, FLUTTERDASH FTW :yay::heart::rainbowkiss:

more! more! more! more!

my pic is quite misleading am i right?

As Ryback would say, that is if he were a Brony and read this 2nd chapter....

...yeah that didn't seem like a good joke thing i sowee. :pinkiesad2:

I just finished reading your story a short time ago and I enjoyed it. I liked both Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy's character development.

The prank in this story is the one that Rainbow Dash should have pulled on Fluttershy in the most recent episode (instead of the actual prank which was just mean-spirited).

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