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Mirror Star

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Interesting concept, you dont really see many stories focus on the mothers of the mane 6. I might give this a swing once theres more to read.

They're going to be in this; I just haven't introduced them all, yet. I'm not going to leave them out like that.

Interesting links of possible kinks. I'm curious how things will play out. Some of those are personal favourites, though mostly the ones with a caveat to them.^^

I really wonder where you intend to take things. So far, I have no clear picture how things are going to develop.

Nice chapter and clop, but I'm curious about the background of this AU. Is it basically the same as canon except Pear Butter and Bright Mac are around, The CMC are much older and Filthy Rich is now an asshole or is this completely AU(no Elements, Discord, Nightmare Moon, normal lives?)

Discord, Nightmare Moon, and some of the other antagonist are simply legends that don't exist, Celestia and Luna aren't around at all, they have some technology like cars (and maybe planes) but that's about it, and Twilight and Cadance aren't alicorns but a unicorn and pegasus respectively. I plan to add a little more backgroud to this AU in future chapters. Hope this helps.

Thanks! Are the Mane 6 still friends, though?

Honestly, I haven't thought that far ahead. At best, they may have met during their college years but don't swear me to that fully.

One suggestion that it would be hot as hell if the Pear Butter wears her wedding dress while getting gangbanged and creampied.

I'll consider it for when I get that far.

Eventually, they passed Satisfaction Lake. The lake is famous for two things; one of them only being a supposed rumor. What it’s most notably famous for hosting weddings for anyone who has fallen in love at the park. However, there is a rumor of a supposed spirit of a mare who died waiting for

The rest of the paragraph is gone.

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