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British, Brony, plays vidjya garmez. Also ships ponies, because reasons. Twilight and Luna are tied for Best Princess.

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This is an entry to the 5th AppleDash contest - a valid entry, as it was entered with Gdocs to the judges!

Ahhh, I loved this so much!! It was a great story, and it was a nice read! Also I do have to say that I was really frigging confused about 'egg-fried bread'. Actually I thought it said fried egg bread at first but when I realized, I wasn't any less confused so I googled it. It's called french toast where I'm from, so it was so odd to see it called something different! Anyways, awesome job, I loved it!!!

Blame my Britishness. We call it egg-fried bread here. :twilightblush:

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