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Rainbow Dash attends this year's Sisterhooves Social with Scootaloo, and an impromptu bet with Applejack brings about an odd turn of events. During the aftermath, Rainbow learns something new about her best friend, and about herself.

Chapters (3)
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Oh, Rarity. You're so evil. :rainbowkiss:

Well I'm intrigued

If they are wearing a frilly dress does that mean the little sisters have to match with them?

Nah, it was just a bet between AJ and RD.

Thanks for the comments everyone, glad you like it so far!

And another interesting chapter. Can't wait for the next one :pinkiehappy:


Thanks, I'm glad you like it :)

Apparently in Twilight's head is filled with that royal guard Flash Sentry.

He is pretty handsome as a pony. Imagine the flak he must get for being the only non-crystal pony guard in the crystal empire.

*throws another chapter at you* Here! Don't hurt meeeee....

like a long tailed cat in a room full o' rockin' chairs

:rainbowlaugh: this is a great AJ'ism


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