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Damn, I wish I could read.


When a unusual weather accident causes Ditzy and a German pilot, Klaus, to change worlds, how will each cope? What adventures will they have? A German pilot in Equestria and a Ditzy Pegasus in France during WW2.

Just a interesting thought I had after seeing the story picture. Sure there are plenty of HiE stories, but how many of them are set in a time before the show even existed and had a mostly non-English speaking main character? Not many. So inspired, I threw this together. Hope you enjoy.

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Before I read, isn't there a fish in American Dad named Klaus?:rainbowhuh:

Well, considering how much of a gas-guzzler the early turbojets were, he's fucked when he runs out of fuel.

Either way, coming from a WWII buff like myself, this seems interesting.

You have caught my attention, props to you. :pinkiesmile:

You can call me the new story criticizer, which is funny because I really have nothing to back up my opinions... but, without further a due, we begin.
Alright, So I like it. Has some potential, haven't heard this before, so It's an original idea, which I like. A little bit bad on the grammar side, but what do you expect? Nobody is perfect that's why there's editors like me. So, as a final word, you should make sure you have an editor, if you have one already then I applaud you. If not get one, they play a very important part in writing fanfictions, if you don't already know that. As always, a random .gif from my collection.
I don't even know myself....

919227 Uhm, eeyup, but he was like.... a mountain skier.

:ajbemused: welcom to France.

Yeah, you should get an editor... i am experienced in WW2 knowledge.... but, not so much about german language :P

mehr mehr mehr mehr mehr mehr mehr mehr mehr mehr mehr mehr mehr mehr mehr mehr mehr mehr mehr mehr mehr mehr mehr mehr mehr mehr mehr mehr mehr mehr mehr mehr mehr mehr mehr mehr mehr mehr mehr mehr mehr mehr mehr mehr mehr mehr mehr mehr mehr mehr mehr mehr

Give your friend a high five for me :pinkiesmile:

Brilliant story so far

...interesting... very very interesting...
I think... I might come back to read this again...

Ponies and WWII? Oh God yes! :rainbowkiss:

I'm definitely keeping an eye on this!

EDIT: Have you though of submitting it to EqD?

Same as the above comments: I'm gonna watch this, and I'm gonna see it blossom into a great story!
This story has a lot of potential, though I do agree that you should try to find yourself an editor (if you don't already have one). I have a friend that's actually trying to set up a sort of proofreader/editor `listing` for all of bronykind, so if you need some help on this, just PM me. :pinkiehappy:

Looking forward to more!
(P.S. - Not knowing German and thus having no idea what the German characters are saying, I have to point out that it didn't detract from the story! Surprisingly, it fits and I didn't even go looking for translations. :derpytongue2:)

I love WW2 crossovers, and not knowing German, REALLY helps with the pony perspective, though I do wish I knew what they were saying :pinkiesmile:

Very good story you have here sir, a few touch ups on the grammar and it'll be perfect. Also was glad to finally use my german for once and understand it.

War for Ditzy, peace and harmony for the Nazi German/ regular German air force soldier.

Wow... Somewhat popular... :derpyderp1: Surprising... Maybe I should start working on the second chapter... Soon...

Bert is staring deep into my soul.... Deep... IT DRIVES ME INSANE

No I don't have an editor as I mostly haven;t been bothered to get one. I just have never had the motivation to get one... Something to add to the to do list though...

Seriously no idea what you are on about

I have no friends so I'll just high five myself.

EQD? Blergh. I'd need to improve a lot before I got on there... I think. I've never really been interested in submitting content there anyway... so... yeah... Ponies.

Cheers. I will probably take you up on that offer... Sometime...

Germans speaking English? Blasphemy. :twilightangry2:

Thanks. I'm surprised the German is that good. I haven't been taught the language for a good six years and I'm mostly using Google Translate for complicated words. Sloppy German FTW! :derpyderp2:

925481 i went to google translate to see what more was in German and it came out as mehr

Whelp, shows how rusty my German is.

:pinkiecrazy: :pinkiehappy: This pleases me. Btw, I made an account just so I could follow this amazing story. Like Gforce said, just touch up on grammar here and there, and you're golden. Keep up the good work

The pic drew me in.
"Derpy fleeing an Me 262? I gotta see what this is about."

Now done reading. Pure awesome. Require more.

Just chapter is up (Obviously), I am still lacking an editor as I am far too lazy... Derp. If anyone wishes to volunteer their services I'd be happy to take it though.

Also, just so you know, I changed the British guys to the 7th Parachute Battalion rather than the SAS as the Paras fitted much better with the story than the SAS did. I'm also fairly sure I got all the WW2 facts right but if I have gotten something wrong do tell me so I can fix it!



It'll be interesting to see what happens in Ditzy and Klaus ever meet.

Yay! It updated! :D
I must say, the translator widget on my Mac works really well. I also find it interesting how similar certain English and German words sound. Knowing what he was asked: `Nein es geht mir gut. Mein Flugzeug ist intakt. Wie wiet bist du?` is obvious (`No, I am good. My plane is intact. What about you?`). This is very interesting ...

Also, I'd be willing to help if you'd like me to.
On that note, there is one thing I think you should alter: the spacing. At least indent each new paragraph. While it's easy enough to follow, this would help a lot. Again, this is another great chapter!

For some reason, I keep hearing Klaus talking with a Russian accent ... I don't even know why. :twilightoops:

Klaus' english is rather good. He sells himself short. :twilightsmile: I wonder what Command is going to think once the reports of Ditzy start rolliong in. :derpyderp1:

wonder what the ponies would think if klaus started giving them nazi propaganda lol

*Obligatory M. Bison "Yes!" goes here"

Awesome job! And I must thank you, because your story is motivating me to actually learn German :yay: Can't wait for more!

Silverbrony, i believe english is a mix of dutch german french and sweden or in that region, thats why it might sound very familiar, I have barely any trouble reading this german since i'm dutch and i haven't studied german at all.

Btw, when the paras explained ww2 to ditzy you made a lil mistake: In May, Hitler’s armies then push through Belgium and Belgium in a matter of weeks.

looking forward for more, i'm really liking this

Just need a proofreader to catch those typos and you'll be good to go. I'm busy trying to figure out where exactly in France Duffy's unit is in. If they haven't Paris yet, I have a good idea where the fighting is taking place.

Also, I'd like to so Klaus' thoughts on a sonic rainboom.

Your german seems to be a little shaky. Maybe you could use some help?

"Humans are bastards." you kidding me? we are not that bad.

Really good, except for one thing, the ME 262 wasn't the fastest aircraft in the Luftwaffe's arsenal. The fastest was the ME 163 Komet.

Correct, the Komet though (At least compared to the ME 262 was absolutely useless. Additionally it was a rocket powered craft not a jet powered one.

But yes your point still stands and I should probably change that wording slightly....

And also, ya know, keep writing this story...

I know that the Komet was a rocket powered vehicle, my distant relatives flew both bird in the war (and the BF109) :rainbowlaugh: One described the Komet as a very dangerous but beautiful plane, the one that flew the 262 said that it looked like a fierce shark and he loved it, bad in dives sometimes though. And another was with the U boats but that's a different sorry........ Any way my close family fought on the American side (Navy and Army Air Corps) and they say they saw those birds too and they looked pretty cool. My family is surrounded by military and WWII i study deeply (12+ years now:pinkiecrazy:) and when i saw this i couldn't pass it up.

will you be coming back to this story anytime soon?

Make more chapters? Please?

It would be awesamazing if you were to continue this story.

I will.

I'm planning to finish all my stores before publishing any new ones.

924061 "Nazi German/ regular German air force soldier."

You mean Luftwaffe? :P
(I'm replying to a comment that's over 87 weeks old.. Go me!)

One problem with claiming that the 262 was the fastest aircraft in the luftwaffe because it wasn't. The fastest Aircraft was the Me 163 Komet, though the Komet was a terrible fighter because it was TOO fast and had 5 minutes of fuel. That and it was a rocket. Then there was the He 162, a single engine jet that was much faster. So the ME 262 comes in 3rd. Now in a Dive the 262 could outrace the 162, and could reach Mach 1. Hitting Mach 1 in a dive while flying a 262 is bad due to the speed creating a vacuum around the control surfaces, so it pretty much will continue flying straight into the ground. The ME 262 was the most produced jet fighter of WWII and out of jets it saw the most combat. It was armed with 4 30mm cannons to take out the American bombers. It came too late in the war to make a difference. Still an awesome aircraft.

And Shadowhawk has finished his rant about WWII inaccuracies in this story. Now back to reading.

To fix: say its one of the fastest, not the fastest.

It was to little to late

Make that 7 and a half minutes of fuel on the 163, and also, the 262 has a top speed of 900 kph and the 162 has a top speed of 790 kph. I dunno where you got your info, but the 162 is NOT faster than the 262.

Rant over. Carry on.

Pls, comeback story update pls

11 years later after this story uploaded

"Hello anyone still read this?"

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