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....well, damn.

To be honest, I clicked this story out of some strange sense of curiosity, because at the time, it was freshly new on the list. I clicked it, wasn't really expecting much, read it... and I found myself scoffing and laughing at the same time.

Starting from the security guard, there is just a lot of absurdity that goes well with the boner-inducing action expected of a smut fic like this. A bunch of dudes just randomly showing up and banging Lemon as if it was a requirement of the day? Lemon just accepting her fate to be drowned in the fluids of said dudes? Her and Indigo treating the whole thing in an inappropriately casual fashion? The sheer detachment it takes from reality is just so hilarious. I don't mean any offense when I say that, this is a good fic to read, but it's funny at the same time if you're trying to picture it in a real-life scenario.

Also, fuck the guy that had Lemon hoisted on his shoulders. I thought that was a heartwarming moment until he dropped her and walked off... and then walked back in for the orgy. Fuck that guy with a cactus.

It was okay, but there were a few problems.

Lemon waved goodbye and watched Indigo speed off into the distance as she med her way to the end of the security check line.


 With a pint of beer in one hand and something hot and fatty that resembled food in the other, Lemon sat on one of the tables and started eating as more people started coming to the area.

She could be 21, but I doubt that she'd still be in Crystal Prep if she is.

"Yeah, it's quite crowded in here." The man noticed Lemon trying to squeeze through between the bodies. "Wait! You can sit on my shoulders if you like."

This was enough for the man she sat on, the constant squirming caused him to drop Lemon down on the dirty ground before walking off and disappearing into the crowd.

This guy goes from being a cool bro to being a dick in, like, 5 minutes.

Within just a few minutes of merely wondering whether she was being touched inappropriately, she had now been stripped almost completely naked, wearing nothing but her shoes and her panties.

Somebody behind her unhooked her bra with relative ease as more hands started pulling her panties to the point where it snapped and disappeared into the hands of the strangers.

Contradictory statements.

Why are there so many guys here just ready and willing to fuck Zest? Don't you think out of the many guys (and girls) here, there'd be at least one that would think, "Hm, maybe that chick in the middle of the crowd of guys is not into being gangbanged in the middle of this concert. Should I call the police?" Or "Huh, you know what? Maybe I shouldn't join up with the dozen guys fucking that young schoolgirl in the middle of this concert I'm trying to enjoy."

Succubus Shadowbolts.

Good gangbang. I like the way she didn't mind being pounded by random strangers, even if some other commenters thought it was unrealistic. Go Lemon! Clean every drop!

I thought of this when i saw the title

Can I just say, I love the concept of this story. Her ability to turn something uncomfortable into something pleasurable is so intriguing.

Also, would what happened to her be considered rape if it had gone another direction

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