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Sunset moved her soapy fingers on Twilight's vulva and made sure that the soap would stick in the right places.

There are no places in a vulva that are right for putting soap in. Repeat after me, children, "Soap is not lube." If you try to use soap for lube, whoever you put the soap into is likely to rescind your access privileges to their fun bits.

Not as good as the 1st but still good

What would happen if Sunset moved into Sci-Twi's place?

There are a few continuity errors in this. Twilight's panties come off three times with no explanation as to how they got back on, plus it's never shown for Twilight to be taking the rest of her clothes off.

A good fic despite that, as it shows the passion between all three characters rather well.

lol that ending! cant wait for more

I'mma be a bit pedantic here. Before I do, lemme just say I agree with what you probably think you're saying. Rescinding access to fun bits is very likely the best consequence in this scenario. I don't suspect the author knows the difference that I'm gonna pendant on about.

So, the vulva is the beautiful external parts of a lady's funbits. Soap on your outer labia, mons pubis, and so on is fine. Encouraged even. Do wash yourself, girls. You can even take a sharp piece of metal to these areas if you're so inclined and remove some or all the hair. Opinions vary on that choice, but I happen to like the aesthetics that result from it.

Once you work your way inside though, soap becomes far less welcome. The vagina is the internal parts of said funbits. This is where you really want to avoid getting soap. Between irritation of rather sensitive flesh, messing with PH balance, and the drying out of skin that most soaps cause, this is a surefire way to get a gal to regret granting access to you, and vastly reduce her interest in repeating these things.

A young, healthy gal who is fully on board with mutual playtime involving her bits is likely to be producing her own lubricant. If she isn't wet on her own yet, slow the fuck down and get her there. You will wind up having way more fun if you don't skip the foreplay and get her fully in the mood. Simply avoiding an obviously bad idea like soap is not enough to make this a good experience for her to want to do it again and again.

That said, lube can be a fun thing to add to, extend, or speed up a session for those who are into it. Or for gals who have trouble lubricating on their own. If synthetic lube is a good choice in your specific instance, then ensure it is body-safe, doesn't have dyes or scents that can cause allergic reactions or bother sensitive skin. Stuff that is specifically made to be used for sex and internal play. Don't try to skimp out or save a buck and go with some makeshift something. It just isn't worth the irritation and killing the libido.

It's stuff like this that an inexperienced writer can get away with doing for a mostly inexperienced audience. But when someone comes along who actually has had sex and/or is a woman, crap like this will kill the mood and ruin the "story."

You are, of course, technically correct (The best kind of correct!). Although I’m not certain many anatomists would include the mons pubis as a part of the vulva. But I — and I think pretty clearly the author — was referring specifically to the inner parts of the vulva. As in the labia minora, clitoris, clitoral hood, vestibule, basically everything covered in mucous membrane rather than skin.

This was an almost entirely unnecessary post, really. I also agree with just about everything you had to say. But that’s the danger with picking nits — it tends to wind up shining a light on your own infestation.

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