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The show may have ended, but I'm going to keep on reading until the last writer stops writing!


Princess Luna and her sister stay up a little later than usual when a little curious urge uncovers something... tasty?

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Yeees! More adorable from you! I knew I could count on ya for my cuddly-fix!

Can't help much with the Archaic because I've had terrible times with it in the past, but it looks pretty good.

Thanks! :rainbowkiss:

I found a sheet which has a heap of Old English terms and where they're supposed to go, so that's been a great help, but I'm still not confident it's all perfect.

And thanks again, I fixed the square brackets.

Why is Luna the older sister in this?

[Look at my horse,
my horse is amazing
Give it a lick...]

I have no idea why the hell this exists, but it's cute and weird, so I'll allow it. Have a like! :twilightsmile:

So adorable! Reminds me of that one fic where Pinkie goes around tasting every unicorn's horn.

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