Tastes Like Raisin

by DoctorDerpy

No, I'm serious.

Princess Luna sat atop her royal cushion as she looked over the vast plains of her kingdom. She was a teenage alicorn with a violet-blue coat, bright cyan eyes, a crescent-moon cutiemark and a majestic, ethereal mane which was coloured like a star-strewn night.

Luna was wearing her blue, royal regalia, which she did whenever she left the privacy of her castle. This had been a recent gift from the council of the sun and moon after they relinquished their control of the two orbiting masses to her and her sister. The two ruled Equestria together, and while Luna controlled the sun and moon now, when her little sister was old enough, she would take her place as maiden of the sun.

At that moment her sister was in bed, Luna had just risen the moon and was preparing to begin her other nightly duties before turning in. As the princess of the night, it was her job to look after all her dreaming subjects and scour the dream realm of any dark spirits that tried to hurt her ponies. So she settled in comfortably and closed her eyes, ready to enter the dreamstate. Luna’s senses began to fade away, and she was welcomed into the sparkly void. But before she could decide path to take, she was abruptly brought back to the waking world when someone decided to start gnawing on her horn.

With a start the Princess opened her eyes and turned her neck to look at what was standing on her back. And her eyes landed on a small white alicorn happily biting away on her horn.

“Celestia dearest, what art thou doing?” she asked her sister with no small amount of amusement.

The filly didn’t answer as she was still too busy chewing away, so Luna lit her horn up and levitated the little nuisance beside her on the cushion. Celestia didn’t put up a fuss, and when she was set down she stared contemplatively into space as Luna looked down at her.

“Thou doth know, thou shouldst be in thy bedchambers? ‘Tis quite late.” she said.

The small alicorn only mumbled. Luna rolled her eyes and nuzzled her sister gently in an attempt to take her out of her reverie. That seemed to do the trick.

“Tastes like raisin.” she stated in awe, as if she had just figured out the cure to all diseases on the planet.

Princess Luna blinked slowly as the words registered, and yet didn’t make any sense. What did she mean by that? Perhaps her sister was making some sort of joke, they did often like to pull pranks on one another when the day was going a bit slowly.

“Pardon?” asked Luna.

“Tastes just like raisin!” Celestia repeated, looking back at her big sister.

“What tastes like raisins?”

“Thy horn tastes like raisins!” she exclaimed happily, lifting her little hooves into the air in a celebratory fashion.

Luna blushed and looked indignant as she peered up at her horn and then back down to Celestia. Now she knew this was some kind of joke.

“Egads Celestia, why wouldst thou say such lies?”

“‘Tis not a lie, sister!” her sister scrunched up her nose cutely and looked reproachfully at Luna, “We art speaking the truth!”

Princess Luna giggled at her sister’s expression, and then put a hoof around her in a hug.

“Alright, We shall decide for Ourself if thou art lying.”

Looking around to make absolutely sure no ponies were watching, the esteemed ruler of Equestria took off one of her blue hoofwear, lifted the appendage to her horn and gave it a quick rub. She looked at her hoof and then at her sister, still sure that this was a joke. Feeling childish, she brought the hoof to her mouth and licked it. To her great surprise, the slight taste of raisins was present.

“How… Celestia, thou art correct! Our horn doth taste as raisins…”

“We told thee!” Celestia laughed.

Luna shook her head in disbelief. She’d been alive for so long, and yet she did not know that her horn tasted like dried grape. How did that even work? Did all horns have a taste, or just hers? She decided to not think about it too hard. And talking about thoughts...

“Wherefore didst thou decide that gobbling on Our horn was a good idea?” she asked her little sister, who was currently having a small laughing fit next to her.

“We, hehe, We saw thou outside Our window and decided to say goodnight with a wee prank...”

“And thou saw it as a good opportunity to taste Our horn?”

“Aye! We were curious!” she replied with a snicker.

Luna narrowed her eyes at Celestia, who saw this and her grin turned into a grimace.

“Uh, Luna?” she began to look scared.

“We wonder what thou horn tastes as?”

“What?! N-nothing! It tastes like nothing!”

Celestia looked up in horror as her sister advanced. She tried to back away, but her older sister brought her hooves down upon her.

“Nay! Not Our horn! Cease your harassment, sister!”

Trapping the alicorn filly between her hooves, Luna nibbled the struggling ball’s horn causing Celestia to squeal and laugh aloud. Luna eventually stopped, thought to herself for a second before-

“Tastes like marshmallow!” she declared, and Celestia gasped at the insult.

“We dost not hast a marshmallow horn sister!” she howled.

“Aye, thou dost!”

And Luna began to tickle her squealing sister, laughing in merriment. Celestia forced her way out of her big sister’s grip and spent the next few minutes laughing herself as she tried to tickle Luna back. She ducked and weaved in and out of the long appendages attempting to get her own between them. When their game finally ended and their giggles subsided, both sisters cuddled up with one another on the cushion sharing warmth. As Luna began to drift off to her dreamstate once more her sister spoke.

“We love thee, Luna.”

“We love thee as well, Celestia.”