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The show may have ended, but I'm going to keep on reading until the last writer stops writing!

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They say Fluttershy is one of the best animal carers around. And despite her demure personality, will go to great lengths to help anyone in need. These attributes are put to the test when she finds a damaged wolf in the Everfree Forest, it wants to lead her onward.

Fighting through her fear, she follows the wolf, to a clearing where something tragically beautiful awaits. Can Fluttershy help, or will the darkness be too much to handle?

Chapters (2)

Finally achieving her dream and making it to the top, to the prestigious Canterlot Symphony Orchestra, Octavia had thought it would be a dream come true. But sadly it wasn't. Her audience nearly always consists of the worst high society had to offer, with their empty words and holier-than-thou attitudes. It's never about the music now, and Octavia can feel herself slowly losing hope that it ever will be.

Can one ditzy mailpony be the saviour she needs?

Written for Jake The Army Guy's obscure shipping competition.

Chapters (1)

Darkness envelops Equestria. No one could have stopped Nightmare Moon from taking over, and with no Celestia and no hope at all the world is in a grim place. Unbeknownst to the new Empress, two colours bring a new light in her precious land of darkness.

A poem in ten parts, this story was created for Monochromatic's Rari/Twi fanfic contest, and funnily enough inspired by their work, The Enchanted Library.

Cover art was drawn by the amazing Multiversecruise.

Chapters (1)

Princess Luna and her sister stay up a little later than usual when a little curious urge uncovers something... tasty?

Chapters (1)
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