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It was at this moment everyone knew.... Celestia Fucked up

This has me hooked, I'm reading this until it ends. You should consider getting an editor though, because there are quite a few spelling errors.

Hey if you know anyone who could edit for me be sure to point them in my direction.
And thanks for the positive feed back, this is my first fic and I'm planning on making it a total balls out no shame revenge fic.

You have a tendency to write sure with an h after the s, besides that this seems like a story with potential, keep up the good work

Ill keep track of this. Always love stories like this.

Tracking and favorite.

Despite the numerous linguistic mistakes, I can tell the intelligence and potential put behind this story and I'm really psyched for what will happen next.

I'm pretty much free this whole summer. If ya want I can maybe try my hand at editing? Maybe fix up the pace of the story a bit and reword some stuff around in addition.

Hey thanks for the feed back. As for your offer, I would not be opposed to it. I do need and editor cause my grammar and spelling is just awful:twilightsheepish:

Hey thanks for it a shot, I'm going to be uploading chapters as often as possible, but may slow down once I find an editor.

Lol thanks for the feedback, Its my first fic ever and I do sorely need an editor

Hey thanks its my first fic but I hope it will be one of many to come

I would, infact, highly recommend remedying the lack of punctuation, which is the most notable flaw in the writing so far.

Still, I can see much potential, which is why I will await more.

Thanks for the feedback, this is my first fic and I'm currently on the lookout for someone to edit for me. As it stands I will keep pumping out chapters, though expect editing and fine tuning in the future

Is it wrong that I want him to do everything that happens to him to celestial and the guards than give them a slow and painful death? If yes then I don't give a fuck I'm in the mood for some bloodshed! HAHAHA! :pinkiecrazy:

Oh then your gonna love this because I plan on making it a total balls out no shame revenge fic, I've already jumped down the rabbit hole there's no turning back now...

A pure and simple revenge fic................this should be fun!

"One things for shure she was a daddy's girl, something I hope will never change."

Did you a have stroke or something?

"The royal guard, more spasificly Quick Silver"

Again, stroke or nah, actually you need an editor, or you could go back and check your mistakes.

Hey no need be dick about it. It's my first fic and I am in need an editor so why not put up or shut up and be my editor?

Need an editor, badly, but the ideas themselves are good.

You done fucked up, Sunbutt!

Mmmmm, emergency rations, they keep themselves fresh.

Should take the horn too.

I am very much enjoying the story.

As an FYI there are a good number of misspelling and the like

Comment posted by Ogatasensei123 deleted Jun 10th, 2017

I am currently on the lookout for an editor to fix it up as well as refine the pungsuations, character building, imagery, etc. But thanks for the feedback and for giving snap a shot.


I have some suggestions for the chapter length and occurrence.

First of all, I'd say that about 2k - 4k chapters are a great median for chapter length, however it must be complemented with almost daily chapter updates.

Or you could go for much longer chapters with a weekly update.

I prefer the first one because it not only keeps the readers hooked on the story but it also allows you the author to take just a half hour or so out of your day dedicated to the chapter.

It is also the most popular among readers.

But the decision is up to you as the author... Awesome chapter as well with the usual spelling and punctuation mistakes...

Grammar is mostly on point though, so great job ;)

Thanks for the feedback and the advice, this is my first fic and any advice I can get I'll take. As for the update frequency I mostly just write whenever I have time, still got a life to live after all.

Ah, abusive unicorn... the other mystery meat!

I'm trying nobody has come fowerd yet to offer their services

Yo you have a good story here. Also can I be your editor? Pm me a link to anything like discord, etc. I'll do my best to help!

There is an error in the description, it irritates me.
It's at the end.

Make the chapters longer and I hope you update the shit out of this story. This story could use an editor. If you want, I can be your editor for this story.

No worries I've just gotten an editor today but thanks for the offer I'll keep you in mind for my next fic

You've got a good idea here, but definitely needs to be heavily edited. But you have my attention, will wait for more.

This story is definitely getting some traction and attention for a first fic... You're really damn lucky man. I'm happy for ya :twilightsmile:

Thanks for th feedback, I really wasn't expecting much out of this fic but it's nice to see so many enjoying it even though it needs to be edited badly, which by the way I have an editor and co-writer now thanks to XtremeDarklord

cutting off the horn of the rapist, nice move. Keep up the good work, can't wait for the next chapter

there's all ways a saying :push someone too far,pay with your blood and life/

It's spelled Queen not Qween, just so you know....

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