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New title new direction! · 4:54am Feb 8th, 2021

So here it is at least I'm finally getting off my ass and continuing my story formally known as snapped, lots of changes are going to be made any feedback is appreciated just no trolls aloud.

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Currently working on other stuff, apologies to fans of snapped. · 12:43am Apr 4th, 2018

Hey everyone sorry for not updating Snapped I got side tracked with work and I ended up starting a new story that I haven't uploaded to fimfiction yet.
I have all intentions of finishing Snapped but I need to finish this other story first because it's been burning in my mind for quite some time and if I don't finish it, it will drive me insane which is ironic because this story is about insanity.

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Bad news · 4:26am Jun 23rd, 2017

Unfortunately I won't be able to continue Snapped I am too busy with work and education.

So that being said I'm willing to let someone take over if they are willing and will not deviate from the grand design.

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Good news · 4:22am Jun 11th, 2017

Good news fellow bronies and paggasisters Snap has got an editor as of today special thanks to XtremeDarklord

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Chapter 2 of snap out now · 5:51pm Jun 10th, 2017

Hey everybrony and paggasister chapter 2 of snap is out now, but like chapter 1 still needs editing, and yes I am still looking for an editor so if anyone is interested pm me please.

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Authors who break their own forth wall · 5:24am May 20th, 2017

Hi to all authors on fimfiction, I want to start by saying I've injoyed reading stories on fimfiction for quite some time now and the creativity of everyone on this site is astonishing. That being said I have to rant about something, authors who break their own forth wall in their stories to explain shit that's happening like they expect the reader to be so lacking in the IQ department that they feel that without their Devine intervention we the readers would be lost. For myself this has

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