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Writing is a new hobby that I have started doing. I honestly am not proud of my work, but I'll post it anyway since I've already posted a few chapters.


Looking for editors · 4:39am Jun 28th, 2017

Hi! PhysicsGamer here, and I just wanted to let everyone know the reason I have been rather slow in my updates; there are two reasons:
1: The only person who is helping with the editing process has had real life things to attend to.
2: I've been caught up in my studies and have been taking my time on writing.

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What? Who're you? Where am I? What a I doing with my life? Why is there a jelly bean up my ass?

I am confused by this. :applejackconfused:

*sniff sniff* Is that burning passion I smell? SOMEBODY, GET THE LIKES AND HELP ME PUT IT OUT!!

Hey thanks for the fave on MLP EG Forever! Hope you enjoy what lies ahead in the story.

No your good I have dyslexia, myself and I give myself a pat on the back for what I've accomplished so far...Lol

But yeah if you think you could breath new life into what I've already done so far I'm willing to give it a shot

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