• Published 2nd Mar 2017
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Radiance - ZeroandInfinity

Anon is at the end of his rope. Just as he is about to end it all, a mysterious party intervenes. He soon finds himself in the life of an amnesiac pony with a doting sister.

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Thanks for the new chapter

Always happy to see a new chapter here!

On a side note, there may be people curious about "Zephyr's Tale", and I'm not seeing it on this site-do you mind if I post the pastebin URL?

<edited and added link after response received>

Certainly. Go right ahead. It's not on FimFiction. It's only on Pastebin. Do be forewarned about that story though. I'm not joking when I say it has affected many. Read that at your own risk. Still, it's an excellent story, and might provide a little bit of extra background to the latest chapter for those curious.

Damn, zephyr's tale still living on all these years later. I did not see this coming, though its been a good amount of time since the last chapter. The source material of course being a lot lighter and fuzzy in tone while this chapter is just straight up calling it out. :pinkiecrazy: And next chapter is going right back to mind fuck town I bet.

Can't wait to read about Anon's mind trying to reject or cope with 'egocide'. :twilightsheepish:

In Zephyr's Tale, I recall the part where Charlie was transformed into Sunflower and it seemed as if Charlie and Sunflower were entirely different people, not merely one person turning into another. They would "switch" with one another, alternating control over the body and actions while the other went unconscious or temporarily ceased to exist. When I read that, I immediately knew that it was plurality, or the state of having more than one mind or consciousness in a single brain. Pretty much separate people sharing the same brain. The case with Charlie and Sunflower looked to be a specific type pf plurality called Dissociative Identity Disorder (previously called multiple personality disorder) as DID is unique from other forms of plurality in that the different consciousnesses will not share memories with one another and may not even be aware of one another's existence, which explained why Sunflower did not remember anything that Charlie did and wasn't aware of his existence. Something about the transformation process must have generated a second consciousness in Charlie's brain, which came to be Sunflower. It mildly annoyed me when the author of Zephyr's Tale never explained this, Master himself even not knowing what it was. It makes me wonder if the author actually knew what plurality was, and if it's inclusion was intentional. Otherwise, the author described DID and plurality almost unnervingly perfectly without even knowing what it was.

Regarding egocide, it usually only happens to those who are plural, as looked to be the case with Daniel in this story whether you realized it or not. In rare cases pony hypno files have created a new consciousness (based on the specific pony the file is for) rather than replacing the user's personality, and the original person for whatever reason later fades away, as Daniel did. That doesn't usually happen though.

I remember starting to read this via pastebin what feels like years ago and thinking it could only have a bittersweet / outright depressing ending. I've not read anything else like this fic (though I'm thankfully familiar with Zephyr) and I feel like it could go anywhere at the moment! Really enjoying it and happy to see it still updating.

inb4 it's Dr Money's hypnotic rendition of the events a la Zephyr's Tale

“It’s okay Zephyr. It’s me. I’m here.”

*flips table*

I'm out :moustache:

Holy fuck, I am so glad I'm not the only one that got that tie in.. it's really well done!

Uuuugh I really hope you continue to write this mindfuckfest... it's especially fucky to me because I was in that fucked up hypnosis community for years... and the god damned pet pony shit was insane...
Lost so many friends over it.

You have my complete sympathy, and my utter surprise. I was referencing exactly what you’re referring to in terms of what transpired in the pony hypnosis communities. Ignoring my “mindfuckfest” of a story, all the wrong that was inflicted on innocent individuals was so very sick. You and I know the real truth in terms of what transpired in the shadows of those communities.

And therein lies my genuine surprise: you of all individuals reading and commenting on my story about this specific subject matter. I truly did not expect that. We’ve never directly met or communicated with one another previously, yet I am fully aware that you, your friends, and many other innocent souls have all been harmed by many malicious individuals within these communities. It breaks my heart what you and others have had to endure over the years. I side with you, as well as the many other individuals who fell victim to that madness. Rest assured, I have no further intention on mentioning specific names and events in my story or in the comments, or anywhere else in public with respect to what happened in the hypnosis communities. That is its own whole other story that is best kept private out of respect for everyone that was involved.

I am glad that you’re enjoying my story, however, and I promise you and to everyone else that’s been following this story that it is still being worked on. There’s two more major releases planned, and chapter eleven is currently in the works. Can’t say when I’ll have the chapters released, but I fully intend on finishing this story. We’re approaching the end, but there’s still quite a lot more to write~

I just read this story in one sitting, and wow, this is definitely the best TF story I've ever read! Interesting plot, mystery, well-written sentences, character development, philosophy, this story has it all. Marra needs to stop being such a dumb loser and accept that sweet sweet utilitarianism into her life tho, it's like hello, check your privilege and think of the rest of us. I'd be happy to be kidnapped and forced into Dr. Moneys' Virtual Dream Machine. But yeah, this story is a masterpiece and I can't wait for the next chapters, though I understand it's probably hard to get the motivation to do it. It must be tough putting in so much work for such a long time and barely getting any recognition. No matter what happens, just know that I really appreciate you and the story you've made, and I'm sure plenty of other readers do as well. Hope you have a great holiday 😙

Comment posted by ZeroandInfinity deleted Dec 11th, 2019

This story is so good, i cant believe i put it off for as long as i did and want to see more, it was a mindfuck i sill believe nullity is real but also know she is not. Hope you are ok wish to see the ending



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