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Let us fail

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I'm piqued! I'm excited for more!

Will the sex be pony on pony or pony on human?

So his anthro with hooves and they're anthro with hands 'n feet?

7892892 it sounds like he's a regular poner and they're some kind of biped with hands

Kek. The main character is definitely a character!

This is weird but in a good way.


Interesting story concept, extreme sexual dimorphism in ponyland.

However, you really need an editor, spelling mistakes all over.

I await the next chapters.

so mare are anthro and stallions are pony .
mares can speak because they are antro but stallions can't because their form is more animalistic , primitive.
a really cool concept i approuve continue

I'm sorry I'm confused. Is he human that got turned into anthro pony or a dog?

very interesting concept here that i haven't seen before, i look forward to seeing how this goes

Ok I get what he is now and you explained it pretty well. Can't wait for more of this to show up

This is some funny stuff here.

ROFL!!! I can't believe this! He's marring both Celestia and Luna! Wait what about Cadence?

7898821 Shields + stuff?
armour that is shiny?
mind controlled by a changeling?

7899207 I'm sorry but what are you trying to say?

7899352 the pony with the surfer dude accent
the one that tourist hit on
I'm not sure if you're being sarcastic like 'I do not acknowledge Shining Armour cause he is dumb' or if you genuinely don't know who I'm talking about but yeah.

7899427 No I just didn't under stand what you were saying. I know who Shinning Armor is. The truth is I don't even like him as a character. His doesn't have any military qualities (I would know several people in my family are in the military) and hes just a joke as a character.

Saved more then once from his little sister. He properly refused to postpone his wedding for a few days to check out the threat on Canderlot, but in staid he didn't and we all know how that turned out.

He. is. just. a joke.

I read over the story so far three times and really enjoyed it so far. Very interesting reality for sure! I am so going to read more as they come in.

Another interesting one on the list to read!

It got extra cute with the little bat pony being fed! The patting! Ah man if it gets cute I'll be uber excited!

Oh, perhaps I missed it but what exactly where they looking at from the back.... oh wait wait. I forgot he isn't bipedal!

This fic is top dollar so far, many lols were had and I'm enjoying the plotline that's going on for a change. In fact it's so good that the typos dotted occassionaly throughout do nothing to dissuade me. Damn good show my man (or woman, I dunno). You get a like, a fave, and a tracking tag, keep 'em comin'!

Reality strikes when you least expect it. So he was milliseconds from being blown up and warped off. Talk about instantly close.

7962557 warped? you might be missing the point.


Sorry if I did, still enjoying it

You listen and you listen good. You will not cancel this story. You will continue this story because if you do not, I will find you. And I will kill you. Upvote aaannnd favorite.

So the males are still quadrupeds and the ladies are anthro.

Some kinky shit up in this place

Great chapter. Love this story and can't wait next chapter.

1: Hope this gets updated more often and regularly. This is a very fascinating story.


"Well that's the wonderful thing about tiggers,"

Now that's a line I have not read or heard about in a long ass time.:derpytongue2:

A wonderful story to stumble across, please continue :fluttershbad: (obligatory emoticon is unrelated to statement)

A good story so far. Since he's agreeing to the wedding, might as well have him bring in Captain Ivy and... "The Bat".

No circumcision. The tradition is stupid in both cases.


Nope, nope, nope and fuck that.

I had to look up what the fuck a circumcision is and I have to say FUCK NO!!!!

nuh uh, nope, nein, no,nyet

Like to know why it is tradition and then still say no

Ehh no. On à human it works. But on à horse it is a horrible thing to do.

Hells to the Hell no! Have the tradition explained, but no.

I was curious so i went to google it and it turns out horses are circumcised so they dont piss on themselves.:rainbowderp:
The more you know.

It's a glorious thing when the comments unanimously agree on something. Also, fuck no.

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