• Published 4th Jul 2012
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Cinnamon in a Silver Spoon - Catrlgirl

Two Ponies you wouldn't expect become friends and change. Who knew how they would help eachother.

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Epilogue: Signed with a kiss

I"d like otthank everyone who followed this little story I know it isn't the greatest but it was fun to write and I really enjoyed getting your feedback.

“Are you sure about this, Precious,” Twist asked looking over her marefriend's shoulder at the intimidatingly blank scroll on the desk. Silver Spoon had gotten used to her new nickname over the last week. But she had never been as prone ot blushing as Twist anyway.

“Yeah, Twilight Sparkle said it would be a good idea,” Besides she said taking the quill in a hoof carefully. “I'd feel better about it you know. We need to apologize for ruining her trip to Ponyville and all that mess that happened.”

“Fair enough, Precious. So what should we say?”

“I say we start with 'Hi, we're sorry'.”

Dear Fleur de Lis,

How are you? Me and Twist are writing this to apologize for ruining your visit to Ponyville. We really had no intention of pulling you into our personal problems we were being to stubborn to deal with. And we know you were excited to get away from the bustle and visit us.

“Oh! Tell her I hope she can decides to visit again,” Twist said letting her head drop comfortably on Silver Spoon's shoulder. Silver Spoon nodded and went back to writing as the sun started it's decent for the evening.

Twist says she hopes you visit again so she can apologize in person and really get to know you. I hope so too. I hope you can forgive us and are willing to still call us your friends. I really don't want you to have a bad memories of us. I bet you're super busy I haven't been doing much of anything because Twist blabbed to one of her friends and it got back to my dad that I snuck out with you. So I'm housebound. Luckily my Sweetheart is keeping me company so I don't get too bored.

“Hey! Sweetie Belle can't help it that she's bad and keeping secrets. I didn't know Ms. Rarity worked so closely with your dad on her advertisements and trading cards. Besides you didn't even get in that much trouble considering.”

“Yeah, you're right. Just don't go telling any of them where me and Fleur went I don't think I'd ever be able to do anything again if my dad finds out I went clubbing in Canterlot. What else should we say?”
Twist thought about it for a moment and then she had an idea.

“Tell her thanks. We learned a lot about what we were doing wrong from her, didn't we?”

We also want to say thanks, Fleur de Lis. We want to say thanks for bringing our problems up so we could deal with them early. I can only imagine it being worse if we had kept not dealing with it. And I also want to let you know we are happy you came.
Both of the fillies signed the parchment before it vanished in a wisp of magic. Silver Spoon craned her neck to give her sweetheart a kiss

“I knew I'd feel better,” she said when she leaned away. “Do you?”

“Yeah, I think I do,” She said plopping a wet peck on Silver Spoon's nose. “Do you want to play cards with me? If I win we do what I want. You win we do what you want.”

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Comments ( 6 )

but...but i dunt want the daws to be over!..
twidash next


Twdash you say... Hmmm? I'll have to plan something I really enjoyed righting this fic I'll am planning more check

Am i missing something? Where is the real end?

OMG that pic makes it look like Twist is like TOTTALLY crushing on Silver Spoon:pinkiegasp:

I am okay with this :raritywink:

cant wait to read this fic:twilightsmile:

Well.. that.. de-escalated quickly.:unsuresweetie:
Can't help but feel I missed something here. Somehow I think another previous chapter was in order an this being the epilogue.:facehoof:

Great story though. Just seems a little rushed at the end after the major fight they had.:twilightsheepish:

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