• Published 4th Jul 2012
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Cinnamon in a Silver Spoon - Catrlgirl

Two Ponies you wouldn't expect become friends and change. Who knew how they would help eachother.

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Chapter 10

Twist was more surprised by the kiss than anything. It had been quick and she could tell Silver Spoon was afraid. she kind of was too.

I'm sorry, I... Uhm."

"Silver Spoon,” Twist said looking down to hide her flush. “Do you like me?” The silver coated filly could only look over her glasses and shrug as she put down the brush.

“I... I don't know. That's weird isn't it?” she said.

"Not really? It's not weird to not know. I don't know if I like you either. I don't really know you.”
The gray coated fully looked shocked.

“You don't? We've been classmates for a long time. How come you don't know me?"
Twist raised an eyebrow.

"I know you were a bully and that you don't like my friends. I know that Diamond used to copy your homework. I know you don't like dancing. I know a lot about you but that doesn't mean I know you," Twist said. “And I bet you don't know me either. You just know about me... stuff you heard from every pony but me. And most of it isn't true. Every pony thought I was dumb or sick because of the way I talked. It wasn't true. I bet a lot of ponies were saying I was soft in the head because of the way I talked. I thought you were mean and hopeless and I was wrong you can be better you can think a lot of things about some pony you don't know.” Silver Spoon thought about that. She didn't know if Twist was right but she had to admit so far the awkward filly had a better track record of being right than she did so... She had to at least give her the benefit of the doubt.

“Well, Twist, I don't know if I like you ... But I do want to get to know you.”
Twist smiled and nodded.

“I want to get to know you too.”

Sugarcube,” Applejack jack said tilting back her big iconic hat. “What're ya' doing here,” Apple Jack asked her younger sister who was sitting on the porch on a perfectly sunny late afternoon. “Shouldn't ya' be out getin' into trouble with yer friends?”

“What friends, Sis? Ever since Scoots got her Cutie Mark she's been nothing but a fatheaded jerk. I'mma not havin' anything to do with her. And Sweetie Belle ain't much better the way I see it.”

“Oh don't be that way, Applebloom. I know growin' up ain't no easy thang. But you can't go getting' rid of friends all willy nilly for stupid things. And I'll tell you a secret. If you think Scoots is bad you don't know Rainbow very well.”

“But, Sis,” Applebloom said rolling her yes.

“But nothin', Sugarcube sometimes we have to be the bigger little pony. Now go see if you can make things right with yer friends. And if not then it wasn't our. You did what was right ya' hear.”

“Yes, Apple Jack.” the little yellow filly flopped off the porch bench and scampered off towards Sweet Apple Acre's main gate. It wasn't hard to find her friends. She heard the laughter and then she heard the singing.

Pinkie Pie was bouncing outside the doors to the Bakery as Scootaloo talked to her.

“See I told ya'... I told ya'. I knew you'd get it if you just did what you were best at.” Scootaloo nodded as Pinkie grabbed her in a crushing bouncing hug. “I'm so proud of you. And I'm so happy you want me to set up your party. Any ideas?” Pinkie went very still seeming to physically restrain herself. “DO you have a theme? A venue?”

“Yeah I want the theme to be sports. You know skateboarding and scooters and skates. And I was thinking it could be in the park.”

“Hmm Good idea. I bet I could even get rainbow to do an airshow for it.” Pinkie gave the little orange filly a wink as Scoots' jaw dropped.

“Really? I don't know how much my parents can afford for this but if.. If.”

“Don't worry about it. Since we don't have to rent a venue it'll be a lot cheaper than most. And a lot bigger. Everypony can come to the party in the park.” The little pegasus was hovering in her excitement her signed helmet on her head. Then she carefully hit the ground her hooves reconnecting with her scooter.

“Hey, Scoots, planning the big party?”

“Yeah. You still coming are are you still going to be a jerk about my Cutie Mark?” Scootaloo flipped her short purple mane as she looked at her friend.

“Look, Scoot's I'm sorry. I was jealous and you being all excited and flashy wasn't helpin' none. But you're ma' friend and I should a been happy for you. No whining that I didn't get mine.” Scootaloo nodded but then she grinned and said, “And I shouldn’t have been gloating. Twilight was right I should have been helping. I bet I know what you're Cutie Mark is supposed to be. I bet I know what Sweetie's is supposed to be too. Let's go find her. ” Unfortunately for the fillies Sweetie Belle was much less easily found that Scootaloo had been. At least until they headed back to the woods bordering Sweet Apple Acres to the clubhouse.

“There you are Sweetie, are you coming to my party?” The little unicorn looked down at her friends on the ground. Applebloom was already busy climbing the ladder up to the clubhouse. Scootaloo just took a deep breath and set her wings to buzzing. And barely just barely they managed to carry her to the lading where she plopped almost gracefully.

“You're getting better, Scoot's” Sweetie Belle said as she opened the door for the panting Pegasus.

“Yeah. I think it's because I stopped trying so hard. I'll be able to fly one day. But right now I know what makes me special. I'm Scootaloo the epic trick rider. I totally want to try skateboarding next. Think I'll get a skateboard as a present for my Cuteceañera?” Sweetie shrugged she had no clue though at least now she had an idea of a good present to get if she could find one this week.
“Sweetie,” Scootaloo said unable to meet her friends eyes. “I have a favor I need you to do for me,but "I … I should apologize. I was really excited about getting my Cutie Mark but that is no excise to be mean and show off when you guys helped me. It was you and Applebloom who told me I should practice my tricks. I'm sorry."

Sweetie looked up, her mouth wide open as Applebloom closed the door. "You're gonna' catch flies in ya' keep yer mouth open like that. Sweetie Belle. I swear."

"Did you just apologize?" Scoots rolled her eyes and let out a deep sight that made her mane flutter.

"Somepony had to be the bigger pony."
The little Unicorn grinned and wrapped her hooves around her friend in a hug.

"I"m sorry, too, Scoots. Now what did you want to ask me?"

"Can you sing at my Cuteceanera? You have a really nice voice and you're one of my best friends. My parents are coming and I want them to hear you sing."
Once again Sweetie Belle was gaping with her mouth open. Scoots waved a hoof in front of her friends face. And after about a minute the white unicorn nodded, still unable to speak.

“I'd be honored Scootaloo.”
“Come one let's go to the Bakery and get a snack we can decide what song you should sing. I want something super cool. The party is skating themed. I'm so excited.” The reunited trio of fillies took the streets with excitement. The bakery smelled of fresh cookies and already Applebloom could feel her mouth watering as Mrs. Cake set out a giant tray of cherry topped cupcakes. Pinkie Pie was busily placing an order down on a table. Then the bouncing pink Pony suddenly made a dramatic leap gasping in shock before streaking through the air out of the bakery. Mrs Cake took a deep steadying breath and headed back into the kitchen. What was more interesting to the Crusaders was the two fillies they could see now that their server had defied the laws of physics.
They saw Silver Spoon and Twist sitting close, so close their noses were almost touching laughing over big cups of something with a lot of frosting. The way Twist was grinning over the top of her glasses and blushing made Sweetie Belle raise a knowing eyebrow. And all three noticed the way that her mane was meticulously brushed... something that was more than unusual.

“What is it with you and cinnamon, Twist,” Silver Spoon said. You dumped like hoof-fulls into your drink.”

“It's my favorite. And the first thing I learned to make were cinnamon sticks.” Silver Spoon rolled her eyes licking the sweet chocolate dusted whipped cream topping her cup. The two of them only noticed there friend when Scootaloo stole one of the pile of donuts on the table and Silver Spoon looked up an angry look on her face. Then she recognized Scoot.

“Hi,” Everypony Twist said. “What are you doing here.”

“We came to talk about Scootaloo's party, Applebloom said grinning. “She asked Sweetie to. Sweetie Bells sent her elbow into Scoot's side as she reached for another doughnut, the one she had already swiped still firmly in her mouth.

We can move to a bigger table," Twist said. "What do you think Silver Spoon?"

"That's fine," Silver Spoon said, smiling as Sweetie Belle grabbed the plate of donuts with her pale blue magic giggling. She whispered something to Applebloom and the redheaded earth pony shook her head.

"So what were you two doing here?"

"Oh," We were just relaxing and getting a snack, Sweetie Belle. Getting to know each other." Ever since getting the retainer out he ha been a lot less soft spoken but her embarrassment made her stutter slightly. Applebloom and sweetie belle stifled giggles as they made their way to another the big table close to the middle of the room.

"Okay so what should I sing?"

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