• Published 4th Jul 2012
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Cinnamon in a Silver Spoon - Catrlgirl

Two Ponies you wouldn't expect become friends and change. Who knew how they would help eachother.

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To say she was nervous, well that was an understatement. To say she was completely and utterly terrified that was a bit closer. Silver spoon had actually quite enjoyed her trip to Manehatten in the north. And she had had a lot of fun getting to know Fleur de Lis over the weekend. She was very nice and had even managed to get Twist and Twilight Sparkle to send her one of the magic scrolls as well. But Silver Spoon had made up her mind on the long train ride home to quiet country Ponyville. The young filly was determined to sort this out. And it would not be easy. She wasn’t surprised not to see her father there when she disembarked from the train and it rolled away in a cloud of sour smelling smoke. It was early Sunday evening and she knew her father Filigree was most likely tending his workshop. Tomorrow he would have to be fully restocked in the shop on the upstairs floor of one of the shops in the marketplace. He really did do very good work. His engraving and leaf work was some of the best in Equestria. It was how her parents had met. And it was also why her mother was so enraged that Filigree would disregard the high society and much larger business opportunities in Manehatten and Canterlot. Or anywhere that wasn’t Ponyville. Silver Spoon made her across the empty marketplace and past the big park where she had gotten the cinnamon stick that had changed everything. And instead of heading right to go home she hung a quick left and headed towards the two story brick home of Diamond Tiara and her parents.
It was a nice place, with a garden in the back that was lovingly tended by the groundsmare, Earthvine.

“Hello, Ms. Earthvine,” Silver Spoon said as she saw the old blue coated mare come around the side of the house carrying a big basket full of fresh flowers.

“Oh, well,” she said in her low slightly slurred voice. “It has been a while Silver Spoon.”

“Uhm, yes ma’am, it has.”

“Come on in. I’ll tell little Diamond and Ms. Crowning Glory that you’re here.” Silver Spoon followed the older woman in and suppressed a shudder. She was already regretting this. But she was going to get it handled. She was going to get better and she needed closure first. She smiled a little as she followed the groundskeeper into the brightly lit foyer where she placed the basket of flowers. They were the same kind of lily that was on the mares flank. Except her cutie mark was a huge yellow one with a thorny green vine wrapping around it instead of red like the oned now on the small entryway table.

“Diamond Tiara you’re friend is here. Come down and greet her,” Ms. Earthvine yelled poking her head up the stairs. “I’ll let Ms. Crowning Glory you’re here. Would you like anything, dear?”

“No, Ms. Earthvine. I won’t be here long. Just stopping by. Thank you though.”
It was merely a moment before Diamond Tiara came down the stairs and stared at Silver Spoon still loaded down with her saddle bags.

“What are YOU doing here traitor?”
“I came to talk to you, Diamond,” she said. “It’s very important.” Silver Spoon looked very nervously at the polished wood floors and took a deep breath. “I learned a lot while I was in Manehatten with my mom for the weekend. I made a new friend she’s nice.”

“So you finally came to grovel for me to forgive you so you can get away from those blank flank losers?” Diamond Tiara made her way down the stairs with a sadistic smirk. “I’m listening,” she said standing right in front of Silver Spoon. Silveer spoon pitched forward and gave Diamond Tiara a quick shocking and awkward kiss. Well more like she smashes her lips into her former friend’s awkwardly.

“I think I liked you… I mean… I think I might have had a crush on you and that’s why I ignored how mean and cruel and… and how unhappy you are with yourself. I can’t do it anymore. I ignored how you used me, cheated of off my work and took credit for my ideas. But I don’t feel that way about you any more. ”

“What? Unhappy with myself? Okay so you’re stupid and a traitor huh?” Diamond Tiara said wiping her mouth with a hoof. “The horses of the heavens really added an extra few drops of idiot when they were whipping you up, didn’t they?. Silver Spoon just sighed and Diamond Tiara threw her head haughtily. “Me? Unhappy? I have everything I’ve ever wanted and now I’m short one useless traitorous fake friend. You should feel honored I let you even hang around. Cherry Bomb always hated you. And I mostly kept you are so I didn’t have to do my homework.”

“I forgive you, Diamond Tiara but I… think I’m glad we aren’t friends anymore.”
Silver Spoon left a fuming fuming filly in her wake as she turned around to head home. Well no she had one more stop to make.

Twist looked up, her face covered in powdered sugar as there was a knock on the side door.

“Mama, someone’s here,” she said. “Should I get it?”

“Go, ahead dear,” Her mother yelled from somewhere towards the back of the small cabin home. “I’ll be right there.” Twist gleefully opened the door and saw Silver Spoon there with tears in her eyes.

“Are you okay, Silver?”

“Yeah, I just.” The Silver Spoon laughed wiping her eyes with a hoof. “You were right. I can’t make fun of the way you talk anymore. But… but what is that all over you? I can still make fun of the fact you look silly right?” Twist glared at Silver spoon.

“You realize I can close the door right?”

“Have you ever had a crush on another filly, Twist?”
The yellow earth pony jerked in sudden shock at the question. But she slowly nodded.

“Yeah. I … I talked to Apple Bloom, Sweetie Belle, and Scootaloo about it a while ago.”

“I think I had crush on Diamond Tiara and that’s why I stayed friends with her for so long even though she was so mean. Even to me most of the time. And why I never said anything and did the same things she did like be a bully.

“I'm sorry,” silver Spoon said. “I don’t think I ever apologized for how mean we were to you and your friends. Oh and for making for of the sugar on your face. What are you doing?”

"Come in,” Twist said. “Its ready anyway. I was going to give it to you tomorrow. I was making a welcome home gift for you. And a Cuteceañeara present for Scoots.”

“I was only gone a weekend. But," she said smiling. It means a lot that you would do that."

“Twist!! What in Celestia's name did you do to this kitchen!? I swear on the horses of the heaven if you don't clean up this mess right now!!.”
Twist flinched at the scolding coming from behind her somewhere. Silver Spoon covered her muzzle to stifle a giggle.

“Want some help? I mean you were making something for me… only… uhm friendly right.”

"Yeah you can hang out with me. I made you a treat. It's a cake pop. It's a lollipop made out of cake with powdered sugar on it. I learned the Recipe from Pinkie Pie. I talk to her about making candy and sweets all the time.”

Silver Spoon ran the brush through Twist's curly mane.

“You know you're really not so bad looking. I think you're mane is the reason Diamond thought you looked so weird.”

"Why? I mean it's just curly. It's not like my mane is made out of hydra heads. I don't think it's weird."

“Yeah. Not many ponies have curly manes though, I guess. I mena really curly manes like yours. My mom said a lot of Arabian Ponies do though.”
The red strands had a healthy shine as Silver Spoon brushes them out. It fell sleek and shiny to past her shoulders. It was a sweet intimate moment in the small bedroom filled with books and the bedspread covered with a cookie pattern.
Twist turned around to look up at silver Spoon and the silver coated filly leaned down kissing Twist gently and tasting a dab of powdered sugar.

"Thanks for being my friend, Twist,"
The yellow filly blinked, her face flushed from the surprise contact.

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