• Published 4th Jul 2012
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Cinnamon in a Silver Spoon - Catrlgirl

Two Ponies you wouldn't expect become friends and change. Who knew how they would help eachother.

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“I’m telling you, Silver Spoon,” Twist said heatedly. “She was hitting on me. Flirting with me and she knows we’re together.”

“I… just can’t believe that. Fluer de Lis has never even mentioned being attracted to mares. Besides why would she be into you, Twist?”


“Oh, sweetheart, don’t let me tug your tail. I just mean that like you said she knows you’re with me and I can’t imagine my friend wanting to hurt me like that.”

“So,” Twist said stopping suddenly. After a few steps Silver Spoon to look back at Twist. “So, even thought you’ve known me longer, claim to love me, and haven’t seen her in a year you won’t take my word that she hit on me?”

“Twist, it isn’t like that. Maybe it was just a misunderstanding. Fleur de Lis is from Canterlot and spends most of her time hobnobbing with celebrities.”

“What does that have to do with anything?” Silver Spoon tried to pat Twist on the head to calm her lover but the other equine just flinched away from her hoof.

“Oh, Sweetheart, I mean it’s really easy to get confused when somepony is from a whole other culture. She might not have been saying what you think she was.”

“A whole other culture?” Twist just settled a flat deadpan stare at her closest friend. “She’s from Canterlot, Silver Spoon, Canterlot. Twilight Sparkle is from there and we don’t have any trouble understanding her. And yeah, Rainbow Dash and Scootaloo are from Cloudsdale do we have ‘cultural miscommunication’ with them? She’s not from Saddle Arabia or Prance. I’m sure the social cues are pretty similar in the next city over. You know what, Silver Spoon. I think I’ll have to talk to you later,” Twist said before turning around and staling off in the opposite direction. She knew that she was headed out of her way she just didn’t care. A long roundabout trip to cool off was better than walking home with Silver Spoon right now. It was a surprise when Scootaloo caught sight of Twist stomping down the street alone.

“Hey,” Scoots yelled before she dropped into a free fall. “Hi, Twist, where’s your other half? Aren't you two ya’ know joined at the hip?”

“No,” Twist hissed as she watched her friend hover an inch or so off the ground. She was slightly distracted by the flapping of Scootaloo’s wings as she said, “We aren't that close.”

“Uhm, okay, since when? Wasn't she just kissing you at the swimming hole a few days ago?” Twist seethed silently for a moment before she replied.

“Let’s just say we’re having issues right now.”

“I'm sorry, Twist. What happened?”

“Her friend Fleur de Lis was blatantly hitting on me while we were hanging out and then when I told silver Spoon she didn't believe me.”

“Ouch. That must suck. But, to be honest,” Scootaloo said fluttering an inch backwards cautiously. “I mean I can’t blame Silver Spoon though.”


“She isn’t the best at making friends so I get why she would be reluctant to confront one. Why she would be a little defensive of her friends.” Twist had to reluctantly nod… she didn’t like it though. “So why didn’t she believe you?”

“She blatantly said I was lying when I told her Fleur made me uncomfortable. She said I was just misunderstanding her.” Scootaloo visibly winced at the harsh tone and her ear flicked in nervousness when she replied, “Give it a couple of hours so you can calm down and try again. If Fleur pulls something again then just stop talking to her. It definitely isn’t right to push yourself on anypony especially when they tell you straight up they aren’t interested.”

“It hurt that she just automatically assumed I was wrong. She didn't even say, ‘I'll talk to her make sure she knows you’re not interested. She didn’t even try to make me feel better. No! she was just YOU misunderstood, Twist. She said why would she be interested in me? Like I’m not worth some pretty snooty Canterlot mare being interested in.” Scoots let her hooves touch the ground and sighed.

“Come on let's go get you a drink, my treat. Maybe we can find somepony to help us out with this mess.”

“Find somepony.”

“Yeah I'm the last pony to ask about relationships, Twist," Scoot said shuddering slightly. “Need I remind you about Cherrybomb or Freefall. You know, or the worst of them all that jerk from Trottingham, what was his name?”

“Whiplash was his name,” Twist said smiling a little now that most of her snorting stamping rage had burnt out. “And yeah, good point. Now how about those drinks?”

“Yeah, if anypony needs a huge coffee it’s you. Extra cinnamon sugar. Come on.” Twist’s weakness for very strong coffee with a… liberal dash of cinnamon sugar powder was not a secret in town. In fact when she stepped up to the counter at her favorite coffee shop the barista was already calling her order.

“And for your friend,” he asked looking at Scootaloo hovering behind her.

“Oh, a double shot of rainbow juice with blueberry sprinkles.” Twist shuddered as Scootaloo handed over a few bits to pay for the drinks. She was embarrassed to say it but Sugarcube Corner was not her favorite coffee shop. The food was amazing as were the pastries and the atmosphere… however to coffee left a lot to be desired especially when one has a weakness for good coffee like Twist.

“How can you drink that stuff? It tastes like electricity.”

“It’s an acquired taste, Twist,” Scootaloo said grinning. “One you’d need wings to acquire I guess. Can’t say I’ve met anypony who’s not a Pegasus that likes rainbow juice. You feel any better?”

“Yeah,” Twist said as she took the cup from the counter. “I do feel a bit better. Still not happy this happened but… you know better. I don’t know if it’s going to work out with Silver if she isn’t willing to listen to me. Especially with something as important as this was ya’ know.”

“I know. But don’t go jumping ahead. It might just take a while for it to get through to her. I don’t want to see either of you hurt and you know breakups hurt.” Scootaloo took a sip of the tall rainbow juice and her expression blanched. “Trust me on that. And you've been with Silver Spoon longer than I was with any of my failures. So I’m betting it will hurt worse for you.”

“Not. Helping. Scoots.”

“Heh, Sorry. Told you I was the last pony to ask. I can totally lend you a hoof to feeling better about this though.” Twist smiled as they lazily enjoyed their drinks for a moment.

“Yeah, I think I just needed to vent.”
Silver Spoon hummed as she primped in front of the mirror in her room. The jewel handled brush made her mane shine as she ran it through the long delicately curling hair. She really wished she had the opportunity to wear it down. She shook it out watching it bounce along her neck and shoulders. A glimmering magic scroll appeared on Silver Spoon's Vanity.

“Hmm?” the note was short and simple.

Want to go on an adventure?
The young mare scrounged in her vanity for a pen or a pencil.

She heard a whistle And jumped in shock. Then she looked out her window and saw Fleur De Lis there in a rather fetching party dress and shiny hoofshoes. Her friend grinned and waved a hoof telling Silver Spoon to step back. The younger equine complied and in a burst of dazzling pink and purple magic Fleur de Lis was standing nose to nose with her friend ginning.

“I have a great idea, Silver Spoon. Put on your best dress. Oh you should leave your mane down it’s so pretty.”

“Thanks. So is anyone else going on this little adventure?”
“Nope,” she said. “Just us. Now that I’m all settled in at the inn. I want to do something fun before it gets too late.”

“Where are we going?”


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